Initially, he wanted to directly tell her what he saw in Eldest Miss's room that night. However, he didn't know why the pomegranate was poisoned and whether it had anything to do with Eldest Miss or not.

Besides, this servant was from Second Miss. Although he didn't know why she was here, it meant that Second Miss was definitely involved in this matter. In other words, instead of wasting time on the Eldest Miss, it would be better to go with the flow and push the boat faster.

"You are simply speaking nonsense. Second Miss was kind enough to send the pomegranate, why did you slander her?" Cui Ping asked while acting like she was her master.

Xiao Bei was not to be outdone, he directly asked: "Then may I ask, is this pomegranate from Third Miss's courtyard?"

Cui Ping was speechless for a moment, the number of pomegranates in the world right now was truly not many, furthermore, she did not know how the pomegranate Eldest Miss came about, she might as well admit it, "Yes, Grand Lady, I admit that this was harvested from the courtyard of Third Miss."

"Then what else do you have to say?" Xiao Bei scoffed, he did not want to waste any more time with Cui Ping, so he turned to face Grand Lady, "Grand Lady, Third Miss is on the verge of death right now, I hope that Grand Lady can quickly save Third Miss."

"Grand Lady, how can you listen to just one side of this person's story? He said that he saw someone feed the mouse a pomegranate and that the little white mouse died. He clearly said that our Miss had deliberately murdered them and even made them want to harm us? " Cui Ping was not lying when she said those words, she was risking everything to buy time.

Xiao Bei clearly knew that this servant was trying to stall for time, but he couldn't do anything about it. He really couldn't bring out any evidence to make the Grand Lady believe him.

Grand Lady was also confused by these two people. Just as she was about to speak, she heard Cui Ping speak again.

"Grand Lady, this servant knows that you have always doted on Third Miss. However, this matter concerns my Miss's reputation, so you can't be so hasty and side with him." After Cui Ping finished speaking, she lowered her head and pleaded: "In order to prove my Miss's innocence, I hope that Grand Lady will send someone here to test for poison and see if this pomegranate has any poison."

"Grand Lady, she is obviously trying to stall for time. Her intentions are obvious at a glance." Xiao Bei was willing to go all out, as long as she could save the Third Miss, offending others would definitely offend others.

Cui Ping also did not spare him, as she turned and stared intently at Xiao Bei, then asked, "My Miss, a dignified two thousand gold coins, has been wrongly accused by a servant. As his personal servant, I must seek justice for my Miss. You said that I was deliberately stalling for time, and said that my Miss poisoned him, can I say that you took the Third Miss's benefits and wrongly accused my Miss? "

"You ?" This was truly a tough nut to crack! Xiao Bei only felt that these words were from the truth, and that it completely didn't make sense to this woman.

Seeing that Xiao Bei had been rendered speechless by her, Cui Ping secretly heaved a sigh of relief in her heart, and continued to speak: "Grand Lady, today, Cui Ping is giving her all for my Miss's sake, please inspect the poison. If there's really poison Cui Ping has nothing to say, if there's no poison, I would like to request Grand Lady, for the sake of my Miss's reputation, to punish this servant."

Xiao Bei finally understood that this pomegranate was not poisonous anymore. He was 100% sure that he got it wrong, so he immediately heard Grand Lady say, "Lan Xiu, give me the silver needles."

Cui Ping heaved a sigh of relief. As long as they could stall Grand Lady, they could buy time for Lin Ruo Yin to eat the pomegranate. Based on her calculations, this pomegranate should be delivered to her place.

"Isn't Third Prince just a woman? Why are you spending so much time and effort? You came to see her in person? " The guards by Nan Gong Jin's side did not know why, but they just did not like Lin Ruo Yin. It was possible that it was because she had repeatedly rejected her master's advances. Why did she feel this woman was so arrogant?

However, Nan Gong Jin felt that this was nothing. In his opinion, the more Lin Ruo Yin did not buy his words, the more passionate she was, the more interested he was in her. She could not wait to see her, she actually used her true identity and forced her way in.

"What do you know? This is called fun. " Nan Gong Jin shot a glance at the guards behind him from the corner of his eyes, and said with a saintly tone.

Interesting? The guard looked at the sky. The dignified third prince had been repeatedly rejected by a woman, and now he still wanted to see her. Was this called fun? Well, no wonder he didn't understand.

Nan Gong Jin was too lazy to care about what his bodyguards thought, he asked the little nun in the temple, and after knowing where Lin Ruo Yin lived, he went straight there.

He didn't know why, but he felt extremely happy when he thought of how he would be able to see Lin Ruo Yin soon. It was obvious that when he first met that woman, he did not intend to marry her.

After making a few turns and walking for a long distance, Nan Gong Jin finally saw Lin Ruo Yin's courtyard. Coincidentally, a little nun walked over with a pomegranate in hand, with a flash, she arrived in front of her and asked: "Is this for Lin Ruo Yin?"

little nun had never seen any men before, let alone a handsome man like Nan Gong Jin. She immediately blushed and nodded, not saying a word.

Seeing little nun's appearance, Nan Gong Jin knew that she was enchanted by her appearance and couldn't help but think that he was indeed very charming. If Lin Ruo Yin didn't see him, then he must be embarrassed, or else he might try to capture him.

"You can go back, I'll send you off." Nan Gong Jin took half a pomegranate in his hand and was about to go to Lin Ruo Yin's room.

Seeing that the pomegranate had been stolen, little nun thought of her previous words and wanted to catch up to him to clarify things, but was stopped by the guards beside Nan Gong Jin, who said coldly: "Don't disturb my master's interest."

Although he didn't really understand what was meant, little nun knew that it was definitely not a good thing. The blush on his face immediately reached his ears, and he could only hastily run away.

Nan Gong Jin tidied up his clothes before politely knocking on the door. He then heard a gentle voice from inside, "Lv Yu, when did you learn to knock? Why aren't you coming in? "

You told me to come in. Thinking about this, Nan Gong Jin immediately pushed open the door and entered.

Lin Ruo Yin just so happened to turn her head and see that although the person at the door had his back facing the light, he immediately recognized him. But why would he come?

"Nan Gong Jin..." Lin Ruo Yin stood up in shock, her mind was blank for a moment, as she muttered to herself.

"What did you call me?" Evidently, Nan Gong Jin had heard it, but he wasn't angry. Instead, he felt that the time she called his name was very pleasant to listen to, and actually gave him a sense of joy.

Lin Ruo Yin looked at the man who suddenly barged in with half a pomegranate in each hand. He had completely forgotten what to say and how to react.

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