Seeing her expression, Nan Gong Jin was quite satisfied in his heart. He thought that her charm towards him was unstoppable. He knew that once a woman saw his face, she would definitely be enchanted.

And Hong Mei He Lv Yu, who was behind Lin Ruo Yin, looked at each other, then secretly laughed, as if she understood why her own Miss had lost control of herself in this way.

"Cough cough ?" Nan Gong Jin deliberately coughed twice.

These two coughs really woke Lin Ruo Yin up, and secretly cursed him in her heart, 'What's going on?' She actually had a crush on Nan Gong Jin?

However, she had to admit that Nan Gong Jin's face was really handsome and dazzling. If not, she wouldn't have been captivated by his charm in her previous life, and would not have even seen his face at this moment.

"This humble girl, Lin Ruo Yin, greets the Third Prince and the Third Prince is extremely fortunate." Lin Ruo Yin who had recovered from her shock quickly turned her body and greeted Yue Yang.

Nan Gong Jin was actually dumbstruck for a moment. The feeling this woman brought her was completely different than the first time she had met her.

He remembered the first time he heard her name, he only knew that she was Lin Fu Cheng's new adopted daughter. But even if he didn't say it explicitly, he knew that this woman was Lin Fu Cheng's illegitimate daughter, the Third Miss.

He had only heard that she had grown up in the countryside and had no education. He thought that she must be a country girl that had no special characteristics. Therefore, when Lin Fu Cheng was unwilling to marry his eldest daughter to him, and instead wanted to marry this countryside girl to him, he was dissatisfied, no, extremely dissatisfied.

What he had never expected was that not only was Lin Ruo Yin's appearance outstanding and temperament exceptional, she was not one bit inferior to Lin Ruo Xi. Her single song, Shui Mo Wu, shocked everyone, making him agree to this marriage.

However, Nan Gong Jin knew that he just liked this woman's face and talent. It was fine to marry her as a side concubine, but it was absolutely impossible for his to be a main concubine. He hadn't seen her for a long time.

However, when he heard about Lin Ruo Yin in the palace, he had a new opinion of this woman. She was the first person that could get Queen to speak up and protect her without showing anything.

Therefore, Nan Gong Jin knew that Lin Ruo Yin had probably already been targeted by the Queen and him, which was why he hurriedly wanted to meet her.

Now that he had seen it, he decided that he must definitely marry Lin Ruo Yin!

, who had been waiting for Nan Gong Jin to speak and stand up for a long time, naturally didn't know what he was thinking in his heart, but he was extremely dissatisfied with making him stand still like this. Glancing at the two maids behind him, he bit his lower lip and pondered for a while before raising his eyes to look at Nan Gong Jin, and asked: "Third Prince, may I ask, did this humble woman do something wrong?"

Lin Ruo Yin's words made Nan Gong Jin realize that she had actually been in a daze for a long time. She hurriedly put down the pomegranate in her hand, walked to Lin Ruo Yin's side and helped her up with an apologetic tone, "Seeing how muddle-headed this duke is, I have actually caused Miss Ruoyin to suffer."

Feeling Nan Gong Jin's hands on himself, Lin Ruo Yin only felt extremely disgusted in her heart. She removed his hands without leaving a trace, lowered her head and said, "Third Prince's words are too harsh."

Regarding Lin Ruo Yin's actions, Nan Gong Jin saw that he did not react at all. He was satisfied, at least Lin Ruo Yin did not pounce on him like the other girls, which meant that she was very smart.

"All of you, leave." Nan Gong Jin ordered his guards and Hong Mei He Lv Yu to retreat.

Hearing his words, Lin Ruo Yin started to feel uneasy. She hated the man in front of her, and only she knew how much he hated her. Soon, only the two of them would be left in the room. She was afraid that she would be unable to resist the urge to kill him and end the matter once and for all.

However, she still quickly adjusted her own mental state. What she wanted wasn't just Nan Gong Jin's life, she also wanted Lin Ruo Xi's, Lin Fu Cheng's, father and daughter's lives. If she killed Nan Gong Jin now, it would only result in him dying on his front legs while she would only end up losing her life.

No, she, Lin Ruo Yin, was not willing to die for Nan Gong Jin once again. Because he wasn't worth it.

"What are you thinking?" Nan Gong Jin lowered his head, looking at the Lin Ruo Yin who was in a daze the entire time, and asked. He didn't like it, as if she had shut him out of her world.

When Lin Ruo Yin heard the question, she lightly shook her head and a clear and cold voice came out from her thin lips, "Reporting to Third Prince, this humble woman is not thinking about anything."

For some reason, when Nan Gong Jin used such a distant tone to talk to him, Nan Gong Jin felt very uncomfortable. It was as if a ball of fire was burning in his heart, and seeing that she was still looking down and thinking deeply, Nan Gong Jin immediately reached out and pinched Lin Ruo Yin's chin.

"Hmm ?" Lin Ruo Yin let out a faint cry from the pain, and her line of sight unwittingly met Nan Gong Jin's, but quickly averted as she stared at the ground.

"Look at This King." Nan Gong Jin exerted all his strength in his hands, wanting to force Lin Ruo Yin to look up at him. He felt that enjoyed the look she gave him when she looked up.

Lin Ruo Yin didn't want to raise her head. It was because she was afraid that the hatred in her eyes would betray her, so she kept her head down. Now that she was forced into a corner by Nan Gong Jin, she couldn't care so much anymore. Her hands tried to break free from his imprisonment, and her voice was even colder than before.

What did she say? He actually said it to him? Nan Gong Jin couldn't help but sneer in his heart. Which woman in the world doesn't want to give him a hug? Yet now, she said he should act with dignity? Did she take himself too seriously?

Nan Gong Jin laughed in extreme anger and asked, "Self-respect? Lin Ruo Yin, stop acting high and mighty here. From the moment This King came in and saw your eyes, I knew that you were infatuated with This King. With his current attitude, he must be planning on taking advantage of the situation. How do you want This King to cooperate with you? Just say it directly. "

Hearing Nan Gong Jin's words, Lin Ruo Yin felt that the person in front of him was extremely shameless. Did he really think that all the women were in his pockets? It was no wonder that when she was pregnant in her previous life, she would go overboard with Lin Ruo Xi.

"Trying to capture him?" Third Prince, you are overthinking things. This humble girl does not have such thoughts. " Lin Ruo Yin didn't want to waste any more time with him, so she poured a bucket of cold water over him.

Do your daydreams!

"You!" Nan Gong Jin was truly enchanted by the girl in front of him who was still trapped in his hands. But he couldn't have been mistaken. When he entered the room, the infatuation in her eyes didn't seem fake. Why was he acting like this now?

Nan Gong Jin, who was a little too angry, flung his hands away as if he despised them, turned around, and no longer looked at Lin Ruo Yin. He took out the domineering aura of a prince, and questioned: "Lin Ruo Yin, do you know your crime?"

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