Lin Ruo Yin did not understand what Nan Gong Jin meant. If she offended him because she could not satisfy him, then please forgive her for not accepting. Just as she was about to ask about it, Nan Gong Jin suddenly turned around and faced her.

"Lin Ruo Yin, this king has come several times before, and yesterday, this king once again came to request for a meeting. Get a servant to tell this duke that she's sick, so it's not appropriate for us to meet." Nan Gong Jin stared at her as if he was watching a show, wanting to see how she would deal with his sudden challenge.

After hearing his words, Lin Ruo Yin calmly asked, "Third Prince, is there a problem?"

"What's the problem?" Lin Ruo Yin, are you saying that this king is pretending to be stupid? You have deceived this king and committed such a heinous crime. Do you think that you can still escape unscathed? " In the end, Nan Gong Jin said those words with a trace of complacency, a glint flashed past his eyes, and he whispered into Lin Ruo Yin's ears: "If this king is not happy, then I'm afraid the entire academy will die with you."

She had a very special fragrance on her body, unlike any flower fragrance. He didn't feel it from far away just now, but now that he was close, this refreshing and pleasant scent made him want to get closer to her.

Lin Ruo Yin stood there without moving, but her heart was already in turmoil.

This naked threat caused all the blood in Lin Ruo Yin's body to boil. This hypocrite that she wished for nothing more than to be chopped into pieces actually used the Lin Family to threaten her? It was really funny, didn't he know that she hated the Lin Family the most? Was what he wanted to see the most was the complete destruction of the Lin Family?

Secretly clenching his hands inside his sleeves, Lin Ruo Yin used almost all of the strength in his body to barely suppress the anger that was roaming about in his body, and he slowly recovered his calm.

Only after taking a step back and maintaining a certain distance from Nan Gong Jin did Lin Ruo Yin raise her head, and her eyes, that were filled with a faint smile, shot straight at Nan Gong Jin. "Third Prince, you don't remember? I am just an adopted daughter of Lam. As long as this commoner woman can break off their father-daughter relationship at any time, they would naturally have nothing to do with the Lam. And why would it implicate University Hall? "

This move was used extremely viciously, causing Nan Gong Jin to be so angry that he vomited blood. He had originally thought that using the entire Lin Family would threaten her would make her give in.

Lin Ruo Yin, you are truly powerful!

"Pa Pa Pa!" Three loud claps sounded out in the room. Nan Gong Jin had already removed all of the coldness from his face and there was an obvious smile on it. He looked at Lin Ruo Yin with appreciation and said: "Lin Family is indeed extraordinary.

In the face of Nan Gong Jin's praise, Lin Ruo Yin did not display much of her emotions, but upon coming into contact with his line of sight, she faintly smiled.

A wife is not better than a concubine. A concubine is better than a thief. All the men in the world were the same. Women that were too easy to obtain did not know how to cherish them, just like in her previous life. They treated Nan Gong Jin like he was someone who was more important to them than their own lives.

As for Nan Gong Jin, she understood him better. The easier it was to obtain something, the less he would treasure it. Moreover, his innate desire to conquer the world made him want to conquer the strong and disobedient women even more. Naturally, his desire to do so would sink even deeper.

Thinking about it, Lin Ruo Xi had grasped this point of Nan Gong Jin in his previous life, which was why she had completely fallen into her warm and gentle homeland.

Now, Lin Ruo Yin, who knew everything, was no longer just foolishly waiting for him to love her like in her previous life. Nan Gong Jin was right, she was indeed playing tricks on him. In order to make him more infatuated with her, she couldn't leave him, and in the end, she couldn't get what she wanted, which was why he was in so much pain.

Actually, Lin Ruo Yin did not think this much in the beginning. It was just that she didn't want to face him, afraid that he would discover her hatred and so wanted to quickly get rid of it. But then, when he forced herself to look at him, she thought of this opportunity. This was far more painful and satisfying than directly stabbing him with a knife.

Thinking about it, the smile on Lin Ruo Yin's face became wider and wider, but Nan Gong Jin thought that her smile was purely because of him. He wanted to walk over and hug Lin Ruo Yin, but the moment she touched him, she dodged it.

"I wonder if the third prince is satisfied with today's trial?" Lin Ruo Yin stopped smiling and his tone became cold and distant once again.

Nan Gong Jin's hands were frozen in midair, neither moving nor stopping, it was extremely awkward. Knowing that she had misunderstood him, he couldn't help but find it funny. It was unreasonable for his to get angry and blame all on him.

However, did this mean that she was slowly opening her heart to him? When Nan Gong Jin thought of this, his heart began to heat up. He impatiently explained: "This king doesn't have any intentions of testing you; you're too sharp and sharp-tongued, and can't let anyone off. Even this king can't outtalk you, which is why I'm using my identity to suppress you."

This sweet talk was like a lifetime ago. He really didn't know how he had been coaxed around by these words. Lin Ruo Yin turned her body to the side and did not look at him. Her tone of voice slightly softened as she said: "If that's the case, then why did Third Prince come here today?"

"Naturally, I wanted to come and see you. You are my unmarried wife, but I haven't seen you in a long time. " As Nan Gong Jin spoke, he drew closer to Lin Ruo Yin. From his point of view, Lin Ruo Yin was much better than before, and naturally understood that she had already accepted him.

But how could Lin Ruo Yin let him succeed so easily? She took a slight step away from her and said, "Third Prince, although I am your fianc?e, I have yet to get married. Third Prince, please consider this for me."

"Are you worried that This King will go back on his word?" Nan Gong Jin could hear the hidden meaning in Lin Ruo Yin's words and he immediately guaranteed, "Ruoyin, don't worry. Since this duke has taken a fancy to you, I will definitely marry you and I will treat you wholeheartedly."

This sentence was so familiar that it deafened Lin Ruo Yin's ears. In his previous life, he had also said the same thing. She would definitely treat her well, but after obtaining the throne, she threw all her oaths to the back of her mind and even mercilessly killed her in the end.

Unknowingly, Lin Ruo Yin's eyes had already turned red. Upon seeing it, Nan Gong Jin even thought that she was moved, and wanted her to turn around and comfort him, but Lin Ruo Yin refused to turn around even if she was dead.

"Since that's the case, then why has the Third Prince never seen a commoner before after betrothal? And even had this commoner go to that palace? " It was unknown if it was because of the influence of his previous life that caused Lin Ruo Yin to feel wronged in her heart, and it sounded like a girl was acting coquettishly towards her beloved man.

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