So she was unhappy that he had never gone to find her, which was why he had always avoided her. After seeing her today, he had always been looking at her coldly? Nan Gong Jin's heart was actually filled with softness, and thinking about how he would live with her in the future, was not a bad thing.

Lin Ruo Yin didn't know what Nan Gong Jin was really thinking at the moment. Seeing that he didn't answer her question, he didn't have much of an intention to deal with him anymore. After all, one sentence from him caused her to recall the scenes from her previous life. The pain of the past made her mentally exhausted. She only wanted to return to the inner room to rest.

"The Third Prince has already seen my daughter. Please go back first." This is a hall, and it is always inconvenient for you to be here. " Because Lin Ruo Yin had been affected a little, her interest in revenge was not as high as before. The words that came out actually had a sense of despondency. Nan Gong Jin misunderstood that she was hurt, how could he be willing to leave?

"Since Ruoyin feels that this king isn't right, then can this king stay here today and accompany Ruoyin properly?" Nan Gong Jin refused to leave and shamelessly sat on the chair.

Lin Ruo Yin did not think that not only did he not leave, she even sat down.

"Then Third Prince can do as he pleases." Lin Ruo Yin said as she walked into the room. She was not the least bit afraid that he would do something to her, and even if he did, she would shout out that there were people in this hall who would come to her rescue.

Lin Ruo Yin had only taken two steps when she stood up and pulled her back, "Don't go yet, this king has brought you delicious pomegranate. Try it."

Looking at the pomegranate on the table, it was not bad as expected, but because Nan Gong Jin had given it to her, she did not want to eat a single one. Hiding his emotions, Lin Ruo Yin said: "This humble girl does not like pomegranate."

"How is this possible!"

This was obviously sent here by the little nun by name, if she did not like it, why would they send it over? That was why she said it so awkwardly.

"Are you still angry?" Nan Gong Jin was very happy that Lin Ruo Yin did not shake him off.

However, Lin Ruo Yin actually wanted to shake him off very much, she just felt that she had angered him enough today, so she had to at least give him some sweets, or else how was she going to complete her plan?

"Third Prince, I really don't like to eat." Lin Ruo Yin emphasized it again, but in her heart, she was actually very against the idea of Nan Gong Jin.

However, Nan Gong Jin insisted that she take a bite. It was as if his goal in coming here today was to make her eat pomegranate, and he even offered her an attractive condition in the end, "If you eat it, this duke will leave immediately."

Lin Ruo Yin was already having a headache from Nan Gong Jin, hearing him say that, she only wanted to escape quickly, so she immediately picked up half of the pomegranate, peeled a few fruits and placed it into her mouth.

"Sure..." Lin Ruo Yin wanted to ask that much, right? However, before she could finish her sentence, she felt her chest tighten and her vision began to blur.

Could it be that Nan Gong Jin had done something to the pomegranate, was he really going to do something to her? Then what should she do? Call for help? But why was it that even his throat couldn't make a sound? Moreover, there was a problem with his hearing. He could only see that Nan Gong Jin's lips were moving non-stop while talking, but he couldn't hear anything.

This ? What had happened to him?

"Ruoyin, Ruoyin, what happened to you?" "Ruoyin ?" Nan Gong Jin suddenly asked nervously. Seeing that she was unsteady on his feet, and wanted to rush over to support her, Lin Ruo Yin mercilessly pushed her away.

"No ?" Don't touch me. Go away, go away! " Lin Ruo Yin pushed aside Nan Gong Jin who wanted to support her, but in the next moment, his center of gravity became unstable, and he stepped onto the hem of his skirt. His entire body was swaying, but she himself did not feel anything.

Because Lin Ruo Yin's entire world was spinning.

"Ruoyin!" Nan Gong Jin's heartbeat suddenly quickened as he stepped forward and hugged Lin Ruo Yin. With a beauty in his arms, Nan Gong Jin didn't feel like he had gotten what he wanted. After all, the current Lin Ruo Yin was much weaker than before.

The pomegranate was poisonous!

What was going on? Why is the Nan Gong Jin in front of me so blurry? What was he talking about? Why couldn't he hear anything? He could only see his lips moving. What was he talking to me about? Furthermore, he looked very anxious and surprised. It was as though he didn't know beforehand that this poison had nothing to do with him. Just who was it ?

Lin Ruo Yin's mind spun very quickly, but before she lost her consciousness, she could only think of one question ? was she going to die so soon in this life? What was the point of rebirth?

Seeing Lin Ruo Yin slowly close her eyes, Nan Gong Jin immediately shook her body, and tried to pinch her, but to no avail. Furthermore, the unconscious Lin Ruo Yin's lips were slowly turning purple. He looked at the pomegranate beside him in shock, she had brought it with him. Now that she was poisoned by the pomegranate, how could he ?

Not daring to think further, Nan Gong Jin glanced at Lin Ruo Yin who was in his arms and placed her finger under her nose. She wanted to see if she was still breathing, but she panicked and ran out of the room right after leaving her.

Therefore, no one heard what happened inside the house. When they saw Nan Gong Jin rushing out of the house in a hurry, the three of them bowed to him and said, "Greetings Third Prince."

"Let's go." Nan Gong Jin's Three Souls were lost, and he could not care about anything else, so he summoned his own bodyguards and quickly left.

Hong Mei He Lv Yu looked at the two people who were walking behind him strangely, then looked at each other, feeling baffled.

"Big Sister Hong Mei, what's Third Prince in such a rush about?" The two maids walked into the house. Lv Yu was very curious, but she could not help but ask.

"Let's not bother about master's matters. We should take care of Miss." Hong Mei pulled Lv Yu's hand and ran back to the house.

Nan Gong Jin was in too much of a hurry to leave, so he did not close the door. Hong Mei He Lv Yu was a little suspicious after seeing him, but she did not put it to heart, and only until they entered the house and saw the unconscious Lin Ruo Yin, the two of them cried out, "Miss, Miss, what happened to you? Don't scare us! "

Hong Mei picked up Lin Ruo Yin, and then looked at the pomegranate that was rolling on the ground, as if she had understood something, and felt that something was amiss. However, she did not have enough time to think about it, and quickly said to Lv Yu: "Hurry and find someone in the hall of inns to help find a doctor, you should go to Grand Lady's room."

After Lv Yu heard this, she wiped off her tears and ran out. Hong Mei hugged Lin Ruo Yin, constantly shaking her body.

Just at the same time, in Grand Lady's room, he had already tested for poison with a silver needle, and found that the pomegranate on Grand Lady's table was not poisonous.

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