Xiao Bei did not believe that something was wrong, but he could not tell what was weird.

"Grand Lady, this man slandered my Miss, I ask for Grand Lady's punishment." Cui Ping pointed to Xiao Bei beside him. He hadn't forgotten that the matter regarding Eldest Miss had failed because of this man. If he could get Grand Lady to kick him out of the University Hall this time, it would be helping him get rid of a huge problem.

Grand Lady was very disappointed with Xiao Bei this time as well. She never thought that he would actually come up with such a joke. If this were to spread out, how could she still have any face left?

"Xiao Bei, what do you have to say for yourself?" Grand Lady asked in a stern voice.

As matters stood, what more could Xiao Bei say? The moment when the pomegranate tested that there was no poison, he was already at a loss for words.

"Xiao Bei has nothing to say, but Grand Lady will deal with him." After he finished speaking, Xiao Bei kowtowed as if he had resigned to his fate. At the instant he kowtowed, he remembered the old cook's repeated warnings and was reminded not to bother with matters in the manor again. However, it was too late to regret it now.

When Cui Ping heard the words of the Grand Lady and Xiao Bei, she was very pleased and suggested, "Grand Lady, since this person has already confessed, why not kick him out of the University Hall?"

Hearing Cui Ping's words, Grand Lady frowned. Although Xiao Bei did go a little overboard this time and was a little confused, but to chase him out, it was really ?

"Grand Lady, not good, Grand Lady, not good ?" Outside, Lv Yu's cries sounded.

Xiao Bei suddenly raised his head, and looked at Grand Lady. Cui Ping then lowered her eyelids, and thought, could it be that Lin Ruo Yin had been poisoned?

Lv Yu ran in and looked around the room. She did not care, and directly knelt at the feet of Madam Xu and cried: "Grand Lady, you save my Miss, for some reason, my Miss suddenly fainted, and her lips turned purple. Seems like she was poisoned."

"What?" Grand Lady was surprised but at the same time shocked.

At this moment, Xiao Bei finally understood. He pointed at Cui Ping and said to Grand Lady: "Grand Lady, this matter must be related to this servant, but no matter what, right now, saving Third Miss is more important."

"Men, lock this maid up in the woodshed and wait for his orders." Grand Lady angrily ordered someone to capture Cui Ping, then he rushed toward Lin Ruo Yin's house with and Lv Yu.

Along the way to Lin Ruo Yin's courtyard, Grand Lady's heart had been hanging in midair. She truly regretted not listening to Xiao Bei's words and had actually poisoned Ruoyin!

As for Xiao Bei, he also hated himself for being slow in reaction, and couldn't come to a conclusion sooner. The pomegranate that he had given to Grand Lady had no poison, and thus, he had asked someone else to send a piece of the poisonous pomegranate to Third Miss. The reason why he was so agitated just now was to stall for time.

How could he be so stupid? He couldn't even think of such a simple question? But in truth, Xiao Bei was not stupid, he was just concerned with her.

When the three of them rushed to Lin Ruo Yin's room, Grand Lady saw half of the pomegranate that was rolling on the ground. A few fruits had already been peeled off from it.

"Lan Xiu, take out the silver needles and try them out. See if there's any poison." After Grand Lady finished giving orders, they entered the inner room.

In the private room, the doctor had already invited him, and was taking Lin Ruo Yin's pulse, when suddenly, his hands relaxed, and his expression changed to one of shock. Grand Lady was the first to notice it and became nervous as well. "Doctor, how ? "How is it?"

The doctor stood up and walked to the front of Grand Lady, cupped his hands and said: "Madam, this Miss ?. Already. "Breath."

"What?" "Nonsense!" Hearing the doctor's words, Lv Yu threw herself onto Lin Ruo Yin's body and started crying, "Miss, Miss, how can you be like this? Two days ago, you said that you would bring Lv Yu and Big Sister Hong Mei out for a stroll, why aren't you up now?"

After Hong Mei heard this, his tears also flowed freely, but they were a bit better than Lv Yu's. Seeing the sadness on Grand Lady's face, she hurriedly went forward and pulled Lv Yu up, saying softly, "Alright, Grand Lady is here, don't be like this."

Hearing Hong Mei's words, Lv Yu nodded, dried her tears and stood by Hong Mei's side.

Grand Lady still had not recovered from the doctor's words. This ? This was truly unbelievable. She was a good person, why did she suddenly ? That's it?

"Grand Lady, we've already tested it just now. That pomegranate is indeed poisonous." When Lan Xiu came in from outside, and saw that Grand Lady's eyes were filled with grief, and that there were faint tears in her eyes, and then looked at the two servants standing by the side of the bed, she more or less guessed a little.

"No, Doctor, come over here and listen. Miss's heart is still beating." Xiao Bei said in surprise.

Without knowing when, Xiao Bei had actually walked to Lin Ruo Yin's bedside, took a breath, checked his pulse, and finally bent over Lin Ruo Yin's chest to listen for a long time. Only then did he calm down, and stood up to tell the doctor.

After the doctor heard Xiao Bei's words, he also bent down towards Lin Ruo Yin's chest. After listening for a long time, his furrowed eyebrows suddenly relaxed, and he said to Grand Lady: "Old madam, although Miss does not have a pulse or breath, but if you listen carefully, Miss still has a weak heartbeat. Forgive this lowly one's incompetence, but I really don't know how to treat it. "

Hearing that Lin Ruo Yin was still alive, Grand Lady immediately cheered up. The doctor did not know how to treat her, but she knew that there was one person who could treat her. Therefore, he turned around and instructed Lan Xiu: "Quick, quickly go find the host and tell them that I have something to ask of you."

After Lan Xiu heard this, she hurriedly turned around and ran out.

Everyone was happy that Lin Ruo Yin still had a heartbeat. No one noticed that at this time, Xiao Bei looked at Lin Ruo Yin deeply and sneaked out of the room.

Just as Xiao Bei left, the host came. When Grand Lady saw her, she hurriedly went forward to welcome her, and brought her to the bedside. She said in a weak tone, "Please be the host and master to save this old one's granddaughter. This old one is forever grateful."

The host quickly supported Grand Lady and said, "Let me take a look first."

Taking advantage of the moment when everyone's thoughts were on Lin Ruo Yin, Xiao Bei sneaked out of the room, casually asked a little nun and found the exact location of the woodshed, without saying a word, he immediately rushed to the woodshed where Cui Ping was imprisoned.

In the dark and messy woodshed, Cui Ping sat cross-legged, no fear of being locked up on her face. On the contrary, if one were to look closely, they would be able to see a faint smile at the corner of her mouth.

Lin Ruo Yin, I have finally fulfilled Eldest Miss's wish, and very soon, you will disappear from this world.

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