"Bam!" A loud door sound interrupted Cui Ping's train of thoughts, she slowly raised her head, and upon seeing who it was, she became agitated.

Xiao Bei forcefully pushed open the door of the woodshed, and glanced at Cui Ping who was sitting cross-legged. Without saying anything further, she stepped forward and reached out her right hand to pinch her neck, and the fury in her eyes seemed to want to burn everything here.

Cui Ping knew that if he used even the slightest bit of strength, her head would be separated from her body. But not only did she not display the slightest amount of fear, she had even laughed in contempt, "The antidote? I don't know what you're talking about. "

"You're courting death!" Xiao Bei thought about how Lin Ruo Yin's life and death was uncertain, yet this woman wasn't afraid of death at all. She suddenly had the urge to kill her, and her hands gradually worked up. Looking at Cui Ping's originally white face flushed red, she didn't have any trace of pity in her heart.

Cui Ping was not afraid of death, she knew that once Lin Ruo Yin died, she would be next. She had known this ever since she promised Lin Ruo Xi to deliver the poison, but she couldn't die now. At least, she had to confirm that Lin Ruo Yin was really dead.

"I've already told you, I didn't poison you at all. Where did the antidote come from?" Cui Ping grabbed Xiao Bei's hands and tried to struggle free, but it was useless. She had no choice but to change her strategy, "I came under Second Miss's orders to send the pomegranate over, how could I dare to poison the pomegranate? That is for Grand Lady and Third Miss, even if I had ten times the guts, I wouldn't dare. "

Although Xiao Bei did not believe what she said, but seeing that she was willing to speak, he threw her off and asked: "Are you saying that you want to give up your Miss?"

"I didn't mean that!" Cui Ping quickly shook his head, thought for a while and said, "It's just that, when I came to send the pomegranate, I was unable to send it to Grand Lady and Third Miss at the same time, so I gave the Third Miss's pomegranate to her young master. You might as well ask her."

What a great move to borrow a knife to kill!

Xiao Bei laughed coldly in his heart, without showing any emotion on his face. However, if Cui Ping could see his eyes right now, he would definitely be able to realize that the shrewdness in his eyes, seemed to have seen through everything long ago.

"There are so many young masters in the monastery, where can I find the one you were talking about? Furthermore, the young master of this place has no enmity with the Third Miss, why would he poison the Third Miss? This is all nonsense. " Xiao Bei squatted in front of Cui Ping, and when their eyes met, even if Cui Ping wanted to escape, she was ultimately defeated.

Not knowing if it was due to guilt or not, Cui Ping explained in an unstable tone, "My Miss also does not have a motive to poison Third Miss."

"Everyone knows, that in the palace, Second Miss and Third Miss could be considered as incompatible as fire and water. Third Miss also tried to embarrass Second Miss in front of the crowd more than once, yet you say that Second Miss has no motive?"

Cui Ping secretly clenched her teeth, and turned her face away, preparing to not speak anymore.

Xiao Bei had already confirmed what he was thinking, so he unrestrainedly pinched Cui Ping's chin, turned her face, and said with certainty: "You are from the Eldest Miss!"

"Nonsense! Eldest Miss is not someone you can casually slander! " Cui Ping's expression suddenly turned serious, she brushed off Xiao Bei's hand and stood up with her back facing him.

Actually, Cui Ping's reaction had already proven everything. Xiao Bei also believed that she did not have the antidote on her body. Perhaps, she did not even know what kind of poison it was. Everything she did, was just for her real master ? ? Lin Ruo Xi.

Footsteps came from behind him, Cui Ping suddenly felt unresigned. Regardless of whether Lin Ruo Yin could die this time, she would definitely die. On the other hand, ever since this man rushed in and requested for help from the Grand Lady, she had already felt that he was very different.

"Who the hell are you?" At least, she let him know who she had lost to. Cui Ping thought, and turned to ask.

Xiao Bei did not want to care about Cui Ping, one foot out of the woodshed, but he stopped him in her tracks.

"No matter who you are, don't even think about it. She is a dignified Third Miss who has been selected by both the Crown Prince and the Third Prince at the same time, why would she fall for someone like you? " Cui Ping did not know why she had said all these, but when she thought about how uncomfortable it looked, she felt happy in her heart.

Although Xiao Bei had already left the woodshed, he heard every word that Cui Ping said, causing him to feel extremely confused.

He had never thought about it in detail. He, who had always been submissive in the eyes of others because he had always been unwilling to interfere in anything, why would he always forget to disguise himself when he met with the matters of the Third Miss?

It turned out that he had already fallen for her? Xiao Bei didn't know, he didn't understand all of this, he only knew that he didn't want to see the Third Miss in danger.

Xiao Bei didn't know how he arrived at Lin Ruo Yin's room, but when he stood at the door, he only saw the servants who were entering and exiting constantly busy, before he woke up.

Hurriedly stepping into the room, he heard the abbot say to Grand Lady, "This poison is produced by a poisonous flower from the Western Regions. It has no color or smell, but it can travel the meridians in the body of a poisoned person in an instant. Although the Miss's Qi was very weak, fortunately, there were still heart veins. I have already given Miss a pill which can temporarily protect his heart veins and prevent the poison from attacking his heart.

"But what? Please speak your mind. " After being frightened by the doctor just now, Grand Lady's endurance had improved a lot.

The abbot turned around and glanced at Lin Ruo Yin before sighing slightly, "However, even though this pill can protect Miss's heart veins, it still has some time effects. If there is no antidote, I'm afraid that Miss will die sooner or later."

"Is there any other way?" The Grand Lady was strongly supporting his consciousness. Although she could endure it, she was still anxious.

The abbot thought for a moment, then said: "If there is a thousand year old ginseng, together with this lowly medicine, we can give it to Miss to consume. Perhaps we can temporarily extend Miss's life, and buy more time to find the antidote."

1000-years-old ginseng? Grand Lady felt a sense of loss after hearing this. Although the Lin Family was a large family in the Imperial City, they only had a few small ginseng. These thousand years, ginseng were the most precious item in the world, worthy of the dragon's fragrance and the west region's deer antlers. How could there be a Lin Family?

"Abbot, is there no other way?" Xiao Bei interrupted and asked.

The abbot shook his head. "Unless ? there's an antidote right away. "

'Antidote? Where should I go? What antidote should I look for? ' Xiao Bei suddenly thought of something, and asked the abbot: If there is an antidote pill, can it be saved?

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