"Antidote Pill?" The abbot looked at Xiao Bei in shock, but upon seeing his appearance, he shook his head helplessly. "I heard that there are only two antidote pills in this world, and they are all in the Northern Kingdom ?"

"Abbot, I just want to ask, if there is one, can it be cured?" Xiao Bei did not want to hear about the secrets of the past, he only wanted to know the result.

The abbot, who was interrupted, did not blame him at all. He nodded and said, "The Antidote Pill can cure all poisons in the world. If there really is an antidote pill here, it can definitely save Miss's life."

Xiao Bei took note of the abbot's words, and without caring about the Grand Lady's surprised gaze, he turned and ran out.

Xiao Bei ran down the mountain and rushed back to the University Hall, then directly went to the small hut at the back of the kitchen. Seeing that the old cook was not there, she started to flip through the cabinets, but she couldn't find him no matter what.

"How come there isn't any?" Looking at the things that he had flipped over on the floor, Xiao Bei frowned and thought hard. Usually, when he couldn't use it, it would flash in front of his eyes.

When old cook walked into the house, she saw a messy floor and an agitated Xiao Bei. Inwardly puzzled, he asked, "What are you looking for?"

The moment Xiao Bei saw old cook coming back, as if he had seen the light of hope, he asked anxiously, "Aunt, did you see my antidote?"

old cook was suspicious, hshehad never mentioned it before, why would she suddenly look for it today? Did something happen to him? Thus, he quickly asked, "Why are you suddenly looking for an antidote pill? Child, what happened to you?"

"No, no. Aunt, I'm fine, I... "If you know where it is, then tell me. I need it now." Xiao Bei knew that the old cook had always been concerned about him, so he quickly explained. When he remembered that the Third Miss was still waiting for him, he became even more anxious.

old cook had watched Xiao Bei grow up, but this was the first time he looked so anxious. He remembered that he was sent to Shuiyue Temple by the Grand Lady, how did he suddenly come back? Could it be that there was an accident? Thinking back to Xiao Bei's previous situation, he asked. "Did something happen in Third Miss?"

Xiao Bei did not expect old cook to guess so he did not continue to hide the truth and told her everything that had happened. In the end, he said, "So, Aunt, quickly give me the antidote, I need it urgently."

"No way!" old cook said resolutely. It was because she saw that Xiao Bei was a little weird and was worried that he would be emotional about it, so she hid the antidote pill. She did not expect that she had guessed correctly, and she immediately cursed: "You little brat, this Antidote Pill is something your mother left for you, if you have no other choice, I'll let you use it to protect your life. Moreover, this is the only thing your mother left behind, you actually said to give it to someone else, you really are ? Do you think you're right about your mother? "

"Aunt, saving a person's life is better than creating a seven-layered pagoda. Even if my mother were here, she would definitely agree." Of course, Xiao Bei knew all this, but that person was none other than Lin Ruo Yin.

Cui Ping's words had allowed him to clearly understand some things, and he couldn't sit by and watch the Third Miss suffer an accident in front of him.

"There's nothing to discuss." "old cook rejected with absolute certainty. Even if I have to risk my life, I won't give you the antidote pill! "

Xiao Bei could not wait, and flew out. After leaving University Hall, Xiao Bei walked along the street alone, thinking about what he should do now that he had not obtained the antidote pill and that the Third Miss was in danger.

He suddenly thought of the abbot's words. If he had a thousand years ginseng, he could extend Third Miss's life. This way, he would find a chance to find the antidote pill. With this idea, Xiao Bei didn't look so dispirited anymore. Seeing that the sky was still bright, Zhang Xuan found an inn and started to eat.

After he finished eating, he went to the guest room to get some sleep. It was already the moon on the treetops when he woke up. It seemed like it was time to make a move.

He changed into his night attire and walked on the rooftop. Soon, he saw the brightly lit palace. He could not help but feel melancholy in his heart. For Lin Ruo Yin, he had actually used the martial arts that he had been hiding for many years.

Thinking back to before, no matter how many people bullied him, he was determined to not use his martial skill. But at that moment, in order to ask for medicine, he was willing to give it his all.

After nimbly dodging the patrolling guards, Xiao Bei finally found the Eastern Palace. He was in no hurry to enter. Instead, he found the right time and jumped in through the window. There was no one around him.

The eastern palace was the Crown Prince's chambers, so naturally, it was extremely luxurious. However, Xiao Bei didn't have the mood to enjoy it, and while he was secretly observing along the way, he realized that there wasn't a single palace maid or eunuch serving them inside the chambers.

"Aren't you being too bold? You actually dare to barge into my east palace at night." Nan Gong Qian's voice came from behind him, carrying a faint sense of playfulness.

Xiao Bei never thought that the person he was looking for would be right behind him, and he didn't even notice a thing, he blamed himself for being too cautious, and at the same time he kneeled down, "This lowly one greets Your Highness, Crown Prince."

Nan Gong Qian looked at the man kneeling at his feet. In fact, he had already noticed it when he was near the Eastern Palace Region, but he didn't want to alert him, and wanted to see who such a bold person was. Thus, he ordered someone to open the window, and then shut the door on both sides, giving him an opportunity to do so.

"Are you even planning to talk to me while wearing a veil?" Nan Gong Qian walked to his own throne only to see that the person had turned around and reached out to take off the veil on his face.

When Xiao Bei's face was completely exposed in front of Nan Gong Qian's eyes, even Nan Gong Qian, who had prepared in his heart, was extremely shocked. Although he felt that this black clothed man bore no ill will towards him, he didn't expect it to be him.

"Hehe, I really could not tell, that the cautious and cowardly Xiao Bei, was actually a martial arts expert? To think that you would barge into the Imperial Palace so late at night, and not even a trace of your presence or presence could be detected. " Nan Gong Qian said as he played with the teacup's lid. He didn't hide the teasing tone in his voice.

Xiao Bei raised his hands in a bow, and said with a certain tone: "Then I still have to thank Your Highness Crown Prince for your help."

smiled, placed the teacup on the table, and personally walked in front of Xiao Bei and helped him up, then asked: "Speak, what do you need me to help you with?"

To be able to come this late in the night and not hesitate to expose himself, Nan Gong Qian was sure that the person in front of him had a request. Seeing that the other party was about to kneel down again, she hurriedly supported him, "There's no need for all these formalities, speak your mind."

Xiao Bei raised his head, as he asked without arrogance in his eyes: "I would like to ask Your Highness Crown Prince, do you have a thousand years of ginseng?"

A thousand year ginseng was extremely precious, but there was definitely someone in the palace who was weak and sickly, coupled with the fact that the Emperor doted on the Crown Prince, causing him to be able to obtain a thousand year ginseng. Other than Nan Gong Qian, Xiao Bei could not think of anyone else who could give it a try.

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