"Then what do you need a thousand year ginseng for?" Nan Gong Qian was curious, just who was it that made him sacrifice everything to barge into the palace and ask for a thousand years of ginseng from him? Could it be ?

Without waiting for Nan Gong Qian to ask, Xiao Bei told him everything. Knowing that Lin Ruo Yin was poisoned, Nan Gong Qian's heart tightened, but he did not immediately agree.

"Please bestow it upon me, Your Highness!" Xiao Bei kneeled on the ground once again, bowing with both hands.

Nan Gong Qian, however, did not speak for a long time. Xiao Bei didn't know what he was thinking. Didn't he have his eyes on Lin Ruo Yin? Didn't he say that he should agree to her poison? Why hesitate?

"If you want 1000-years-old ginseng, I can give it to you, but what do you want in exchange?" Nan Gong Qian finally opened his mouth. He never gave anything for nothing. If you want it, then take something in exchange. This was very fair.

Exchange? Xiao Bei was stunned for a moment. What could he have on him that could be exchanged for that precious thousand year ginseng? Furthermore, why couldn't he understand the's actions?

"Shouldn't saving your beloved woman be willingly? Your Highness, this lowly one does not understand. " Xiao Bei frowned.

After Nan Gong Qian heard his words, not only did he not feel that he was presumptuous, he laughed out loud, "Is there something you can't see clearly?"

"Forgive my stupidity." Xiao Bei had to admit that he was truly unable to see through her.

Not wanting to beat around the bush anymore, Nan Gong Qian turned and stared at Xiao Bei, and said seriously: "The thing I want, only you can give it to me."

Xiao Bei did not ask, but waited quietly for Nan Gong Qian's words.

"Because what I want. It's you. " Nan Gong Qian's tone suddenly changed, he was no longer joking.

Me? What can I give him? That's right, I have no ties to this world, and only have this one life ?. His Crown Prince's meaning was ? Let him die?

Xiao Bei suddenly raised his head. It was impossible for him to say that he was not shocked, as though he had never seen through this future Overlord. How was it possible for his to understand the reality of the Monarch's House?

But he wanted his life ?

"What is it? "You don't want to?" Nan Gong Qian unnaturally moved his hands behind his back. Only he knew how tightly he was gripping his back in this seemingly steady voice, and how much he cared about his answer.

Hearing Nan Gong Qian's question, Lin Ruo Yin's pale face once again appeared in front of him, along with the words that Abbot Master had said.

Forget it. His life should have been lost a long time ago. Being able to live for so long now was a blessing from the heavens. Moreover, he died for the woman in his heart, so it wasn't a loss.

"Clang!" Xiao Bei pulled out the sword he brought along with him and was about to place it on his neck.

Nan Gong Qian was shocked by the sudden turn of events, but he still immediately took action to knock the sword out of his hand. In his heart, he was extremely furious at, he stared at Xiao Bei and bellowed: "Even if you do not want to follow me, you do not need to seek death!"

After being yelled at by Nan Gong Qian, only then did Xiao Bei realize that he had misunderstood his meaning. He could not help but lower his head, and the atmosphere became extremely awkward.

"Your Highness, I ?" Xiao Bei wanted to explain himself, but before he could even begin, he was interrupted by Nan Gong Qian's furious shout.

"Enough!" Nan Gong Qian turned around and slowly closed his eyes, as if he could still see the image of the person behind him sweeping his sword towards his own neck. He impatiently waved his hand and said: "Tomorrow morning, follow me to retrieve the thousand year old ginseng."

Xiao Bei was overwhelmed by the favor, he knelt down and expressed his gratitude. After a long while, when no one spoke, he quietly raised his head and realised that the person who was standing in front of him had already disappeared.

Looking at the empty chamber, Xiao Bei was at a loss. Was he trying to wait here all night? Looks like I have really angered him quite a bit ?

"Young Hero." Xiao Bei was still thinking, when a sharp voice came from behind him. He hurriedly turned his head and saw that an elder was standing behind him, and upon seeing him turn his head, he said: "The Crown Prince has ordered for this servant to bring the young hero to his room to rest. Tomorrow morning, the Crown Prince will bring the young hero to get the things you want."

Xiao Bei's heart became complicated all of a sudden. This person was truly strange, he had just angrily left, and just as he thought he would stand here for the night, he found someone to arrange a place for him to stay.

"Then I'll be troubling Eunuch." Xiao Bei said politely.

The eunuch said no more and turned to leave, but Xiao Bei hurried to catch up. After walking for a few turns, he finally stopped at a room. The elder pushed open the door and invited Xiao Bei in.

Xiao Bei entered the house, seeing that it was very clean, and there was someone who had prepared hot water, and there was even a set of green robes on the table, he thought, seems like the Crown Prince is rather nice to people? He actually thought about it so much?

"Young Hero, please rest early." After the eunuch finished speaking, he stepped back.

When his father-in-law left, Xiao Bei walked around the room once, then took off his clothes and bathed before lying down on the bed.

Although today was supposed to be a tiring day, Xiao Bei was unable to fall asleep. His mind was suddenly filled with the thought of Lin Ruo Yin getting poisoned, then he remembered that the old cook was willing to die rather than hand over the antidote. Then he heard the weird words of the Crown Prince Highness, the more he thought, the more confused he became. How did I meet him?

Finally, the scene froze as Nan Gong Qian knocked the sword out of his hand and stared at him angrily. The more he thought about what he had said, the more confused he became. Xiao Bei thought about it for almost an entire night, until the sky was about to brighten. Not long after he fell asleep, he was woken up by the ruckus outside. Just as he was about to explode, Nan Gong Qian opened the door and walked in.

"Do you still want a thousand-year-old ginseng?"

Xiao Bei looked at the person who suddenly barged in, his mind was in a daze for a moment, then he remembered his purpose in coming to the palace. He quickly got up from the bed and knelt down to pay his respects, "Your Highness Crown Prince is blessed."

Nan Gong Qian frowned slightly, telling him to pack up quickly and wait for him outside.

Actually, Nan Gong Qian was very angry last night. He, a dignified Crown Prince, could not even keep a page? Although this attendant was not an ordinary manservant. Through him, he seemed to be able to sense a unique aura. So when he saw that Xiao Bei was actually going to commit suicide, he really wished that this person could just die in front of him.

However, he had always loved talented people, and the feeling Xiao Bei gave him was so special, which was why he wanted him to stay and be used by him.

"Your Highness, Crown Prince?" Xiao Bei had already changed his clothes, and his cyan colored long gown was extremely sticking to his body. Nan Gong Qian turned to look, and then turned and walked forward.

Xiao Bei thought about it for an entire night and still could not come up with an answer, but when he thought about how the Crown Prince had actually agreed to give him the thousand year ginseng, he felt grateful. At the same time, he felt a little apologetic, and after thinking about it again and again, he still followed Nan Gong Jin and said: "Your Highness, I have something to say."

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