Nan Gong Qian stopped in his tracks, turned around and looked at him, then asked: "What do you want to say?"

"This lowly one is deeply grateful that Your Highness Crown Prince is willing to offer such a gift. In the future, if there is anything that His Highness Crown Prince needs from this lowly one, this little one will definitely die a miserable death. " Xiao Bei was not willing to owe him too much. The only thing he could do was to help him do some things when he needed to.

Now it was Nan Gong Qian's turn to be puzzled. This person had changed too quickly. He would rather die than be his last night, but today, he suddenly thought things through.

"How did you suddenly come to an understanding?" Nan Gong Qian asked with a smile.

"The Crown Prince has saved this lowly one's life, this is how it should be." With the words spoken, Xiao Bei was no longer hesitant to speak. Anyway, he had already exposed himself in front of him.

A favor for saving his life? Nan Gong Qian said as he played with him once more, "I have saved Lin Ruo Yin's life, why would I want you to return the favor?"

This ? Xiao Bei really didn't know how to respond to that.

Nan Gong Qian liked to see Xiao Bei in such a difficult situation, who told him to lie to him before? However, the most important thing right now was how to get the thousand-year-old ginseng.

When Nan Gong Qian brought Xiao Bei in front of Mu Ling Wei, Xiao Bei was a little surprised. He then heard Nan Gong Qian say, "I had long given a thousand year old ginseng to Ling Wei, so if it was a thousand year old ginseng, Ling Wei must be willing."

Xiao Bei was really complaining incessantly. Ignoring the fact that he had already offended this Mu Ling Wei, just based on her relationship with him, it would be weird if she could do it. However, since they had already reached this point, they had to give it a try no matter what.

Mu Ling Wei had long known their goal in coming here. Originally, the thousand years old ginseng was Nan Gong Qian's, so it was understandable that he wanted it back now. However, when she heard that the thousand years old ginseng was going to be used to save Lin Ruo Yin, she was unwilling.

"Crown Prince Big Brother, you will not give me a thousand years of ginseng." Mu Ling Wei very straightforwardly stated her decision, and then, looked at Xiao Bei. "Why are you in the Imperial Palace? Can someone like you casually enter this palace? "

"Ling Wei!" Nan Gong Qian was extremely dissatisfied with Mu Ling Wei's attitude. No matter what, Xiao Bei had his eyes on her, and it wasn't easy for him to subdue her now, he couldn't let her do anything bad.

"Humph!" Mu Ling Wei never had any status in front of Nan Gong Qian, and in her eyes, Nan Gong Qian was her cousin. Even if others were afraid of him because he was a Crown Prince, she wasn't afraid of him.

Regarding Mu Ling Wei's willfulness, Nan Gong Qian would never care about it. However, this time, her life was in danger, so she could not continue messing around. He then said in a strong tone, "Bring me the thousand year ginseng."

"If Crown Prince Big Brother wants to save Lin Ruo Yin, Ling Wei will not give it up no matter what." Mu Ling Wei still kept the fact that Nan Gong Qian was interested in Lin Ruo Yin in her heart. Although there were no further rumors, seeing Nan Gong Qian anxiously ask for her to be saved by the thousand year old ginseng made her feel wronged, and her eyes couldn't help but turn red.

She didn't understand. She liked him so much, how could he treat her like this for another woman? The more Mu Ling Wei thought about it, the more wronged she became, but she couldn't make things difficult for Nan Gong Qian either. She shifted her gaze to Xiao Bei's sword, causing the palace maid to take out a red whip, pointed at Xiao Bei and said: "You want a thousand year old ginseng, right? "Alright, if you win, I'll give it to you."

Without giving Xiao Bei the chance to reply, he directly raised her whip and aimed it at Xiao Bei's body. Her moves were very ruthless, but Xiao Bei stayed on the defensive and did not attack, treating it as playing with her.

Seeing Xiao Bei like that, Mu Ling Wei became even more angry, her small face started to flush red, and she started to attack mercilessly, saying: "Why don't you retaliate? Are you looking down on me? Do you still want the thousand year Ginseng to save Lin Ruo Yin? If we go back too late, she might just die! "

Nan Gong Qian was already trembling in fear when he saw this. He knew about Xiao Bei's martial arts and he also knew that he would not be serious towards Ling Wei.

Now that he heard her provocative words, he knew how close Xiao Bei was to him. Seeing that her gaze was different from before, he anxiously saw that Xiao Bei had wrapped himself around the whip in his hand.

As he pulled, Mu Ling Wei used all of his strength. When Xiao Bei let go at this moment, he did not pay attention to a single thing and immediately retreated, but when his eyes looked like they were about to slam into the corner of the table, Nan Gong Qian shot forward like an arrow and hugged her to his chest, bringing her far away from the table.

Mu Ling Wei originally thought that she was dead for sure this time, but she didn't expect that the pain she was expecting wouldn't come. Instead, she fell into a warm embrace.

"What are you crazy about? Don't you know how dangerous it was? How dare you challenge others to a duel? " Once he was in a safe place, Nan Gong Qian couldn't help but think of her.

But it was very strange, Mu Ling Wei didn't feel sad at all, instead she was very happy. Seeing her like that, Nan Gong Qian could not help but have a headache, and asked worriedly: "Are you hurt anywhere?"

"No!" Mu Ling Wei said while grinning. She then turned around and said to Xiao Bei: "This lady is willing to admit defeat, take the thousand year ginseng." With that, she gave a look to the palace maid behind him.

Nan Gong Qian really did not know what to say about her.

Very quickly, the palace maid brought the thousand year ginseng over. Mu Ling Wei nodded her head and the palace maid gave it to Xiao Bei. Xiao Bei received the thousand year ginseng and was about to thank the two of them when he heard Mu Ling Wei say: "You won it yourself, there's no need to thank me."

Xiao Bei didn't know what to do for a moment, and said with a smile: "Ling Wei has always been a hard mouthed person with a soft heart. She's been in a bad mood lately, so just treat it as playing a game with her. Let's go, I'll send you out. "

The corners of Mu Ling Wei's mouth curled up slightly as she watched Nan Gong Qian and Xiao Bei leave. Why did she suddenly change her mind? That was because he felt that Nan Gong Qian had hugged her extremely tightly. If he did not have any feelings for her, how could he be so nervous about her? As long as her Crown Prince Big Brother cared about her, forget about the thousand year ginseng, even if she had to take her life, she would not hesitate at all.

Nan Gong Qian sent Xiao Bei out of the palace safely, and before the entrance of the palace, he gave Xiao Bei a badge, and said: "If you want to see me next time, I don't need to barge into the palace, I can just directly bring the order badge."

"Thank you, Your Highness Crown Prince." Xiao Bei received the order badge with both of his hands, caressing the patterns on it, he kept it carefully.

Seeing him value so much, Nan Gong Qian was very satisfied and laughed: "I still have to say that. If you ever want to make a name for yourself, come find me and I will wait for you. Now, quickly go and save them. "

"Yes." Xiao Bei didn't give Nan Gong Qian any promise, he only turned and galloped away.

Nan Gong Qian looked at Xiao Bei's hurried back figure with a deep look in his eyes. It was unknown what he was thinking about.

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