"Third Miss, we have arrived." Steward Mammy got off the carriage, and carefully opened the curtains.

"Thank you, mama. This trip back has been hard on you." Lin Ruo Yin could clearly feel the change in attitude the Steward Mammy had towards her.

Lin Ruo Yin had never planned to go against the First Lady either. How could an ordinary concubine like her, the dignified wife of a University Hall, move against him?

If she really insisted on staying in the guest courtyard, it would only mean that her reputation was rather bad for First Lady, but who would be able to remember her after a long time? She was afraid that in the following days, she would have to tread on thin ice and be restricted in every aspect. All she wanted to do was to give these powerful servants a little bit of a shock.

"Third Miss is back. Didn't they say he had gone to the guest courtyard to teach me etiquette? "Could it be..."

"Who knows? Maybe others aren't willing to teach him ?"

"Stop talking, she came over ?"

It was not that Lin Ruo Yin did not hear their discussion, but she was only smiling at them. With regards to these kind of comments, time would naturally pass away.

Just as he walked to the entrance of the University Hall, a group of servants welcomed him respectfully, saying in unison, "Welcome back to the residence, Third Miss."

The two people standing in front of the convoy also stepped forward slightly. After greeting each other, they revealed their identities as Lin Ruo Yin's personal serving girls. How could Lin Ruo Yin not know about the two of them?

The one dressed in the rose-red gown was Hong Mei, and the one dressed in the dark green dress was Lv Yu. The two of them were originally ordinary maids, so how could they stand up to such a lineup, and be even more nervous than Lin Ruo Yin.

Lin Ruo Yin saw that there was warmth in their eyes, the two of them had received her promotion, thus she was extremely loyal to her, the fact that the two of them had died a violent death caused Lin Ruo Yin to feel guilty, at this time, she was extremely happy to see the two of them again.

It was obvious that she wanted to calm the two of them down. Hong Mei He Lv Yu did not expect that the Master she had never met would be so gentle and amiable, and for a moment she was not as nervous, only shyly smiling, and followed behind Lin Ruo Yin.

"Everyone, thank you for your hard work. If there's anything wrong with Ruoyin's work right now, please forgive her," Lin Ruo Yin said calmly as she looked at the two teams, who frightened her so much that she didn't even dare to breathe in her previous life, "The sky is cold and everyone should go back first.

When the crowd saw Lin Ruo Yin's decent reaction, they could not help but be stunned. Was this really the unrefined Third Miss that was rumored to have come back from the countryside? If it wasn't for her coarse hemp clothing, they definitely wouldn't have believed it.

After disbanding the crowd, Lin Ruo Yin brought Hong Mei He Lv Yu and followed the Steward Mammy into the inner courtyard. She knew that every step they took would bring them closer to the center of power of the University Hall.

looked at the incredibly familiar scene in front of her as her heart filled with emotion. Thinking back to the first time she entered the Palace, she felt that everything was extremely novel, and she looked around with an uncountable number of jokes. However, she was not the least bit interested in seeing this kind of scenery.

"Elder sister, I heard that there's a wild girl from the countryside entering the mansion today. Is that true?" A charming voice came into Lin Ruo Yin's ears. She did not even need to listen carefully to know that the person who came was University Hall's daughter, Lin Ruo Yun.

Lin Ruo Yun had been following Lin Ruo Xi's lead since she was young, and had attacked hshe many times in her previous life. However, in the end, she was still unable to escape the fate of being used by Lin Ruo Xi, and he stupidly risked her life on her behalf.

"I heard that the wild girl is an illegitimate daughter, and her looks are also ugly. Who knows where she's a swindler who's greedy ?" The voice suddenly stopped, the girl who was speaking clearly saw Lin Ruo Yin walking out of the corner.

Steward Mammy was already displeased when he heard Lin Ruo Yun's uncouth words, but after seeing Lin Ruo Yin suddenly increase the speed of her footsteps, her expression changed. These two little ancestors wouldn't start fighting on the first day right? She looked at Lin Ruo Yin a few times, but could not see her emotions.

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