When Xiao Bei brought the thousand year ginseng back to the Shuiyue Temple, the pill that Lin Ruo Yin had consumed had already reached its limit. Therefore, it could be said that Xiao Bei's arrival was truly imminent.

The host saw the thousand-year-old ginseng in his hand with a glance. Although he was surprised, he was also happy. "You actually got the thousand-year-old ginseng?"

"How is Third Miss?" Xiao Bei handed the thousand year ginseng to Hong Mei and walked over to Lin Ruo Yin's bedside.

The person on the bed looked even paler than yesterday. This made Xiao Bei's heart tighten. He heard the Grand Lady say, "The time limit for the medicinal pellet is getting lower and lower. It can only be sustained for two hours now."

It was only then that Xiao Bei noticed the Grand Lady. She sat on a chair at the end of the bed. Her face was extremely unsightly. It seemed like she had been here all night.

Unable to bear to see Grand Lady so worried, Xiao Bei half-squatted in front of her and guaranteed, "Third Miss has saved my life. Don't worry Grand Lady, I will definitely save Third Miss."

When the Grand Lady heard Xiao Bei's words, he slowly raised his eyes. After seeing the resolution in Xiao Bei's eyes, it was as if he was infected by it. He didn't know if it was because he had let down his guard, but after a whole night of sleepiness, he felt like he couldn't hold on any longer.

Xiao Bei saw through it and said to the Grand Lady: "Grand Lady must be tired since she hasn't slept for the entire night. Go and rest first, we're here."

But Grand Lady was really not at ease with Lin Ruo Yin, and she continued to shake her head.

"Grand Lady, we still need you to take charge of the situation here. You can't fall down." Lan Xiu also joined in the persuasion, she was sincerely worried about Grand Lady's body.

What Lan Xiu said made sense, and Grand Lady felt that she was truly tired. She agreed to let Lan Xiu help her back. Before leaving, she looked at Xiao Bei, "If Ruoyin wakes up, she'll definitely notify me immediately."


After Xiao Bei sent Grand Lady out, he saw that Abbot Master had already stewed the thousand year ginseng and brought it over.

"Master, it's good that I'm here." Xiao Bei took the bowl and walked into the house.

Hong Mei He Lv Yu wanted to take it over, but Xiao Bei said to them, "You guys have all been tired for the whole night, hurry up and rest as well."

"It's fine, we'll accompany the Miss." Lv Yu shook her head and refused, while Hong Mei also expressed that she would not go.

Xiao Bei felt slightly helpless, but he was also moved by the fact that there were two maids by Lin Ruo Yin's side who were so concerned about her. However, the dark circles under their eyes revealed the fact that they were very tired. Moreover, he wanted to take care of that person himself.

"If Third Miss sees your tired expressions, her heart would ache. You'd better hurry and get some sleep, rest up before replacing me. " Xiao Bei persisted.

In truth, Hong Mei He Lv Yu was really sleepy, but for a single man and woman ?

"Don't worry, I will take good care of Third Miss." Xiao Bei didn't seem to know what they really cared about, and thought that they were worried about him taking care of them.

Hong Mei glanced at Lin Ruo Yin, who was on the bed, and thought of how this man had helped him so many times, it must have been because she thought too much of it. Furthermore, he should know her limits. After all, the person lying on the bed was the Third Miss. Therefore, she pulled Lv Yu along, "Then I will have to trouble you. We'll be here soon. "

After Hong Mei He Lv Yu left, Xiao Bei brought the ginseng medicine to the bedside and placed it on a small table at the side. Then, he helped Lin Ruo Yin up and sat behind her, allowing her to lie in her embrace. Glancing at the Object with her eyes tightly closed, Xiao Bei took a bowl from the side and carefully fed it to her.

Fortunately, although Lin Ruo Yin was unconscious, swallowing wasn't a problem. Xiao Bei helped her wipe the medicinal stains off the corner of her mouth, helped her get up and lie down, and then gently covered her with a blanket.

Seeing the unconscious Lin Ruo Yin, even though her face was pale, it did not affect her beauty in the slightest. As Xiao Bei watched on, she actually became somewhat dumbstruck, and her heart became even more determined to save her.

But how should he save them? Just as Xiao Bei was trying his best to think of a way, he realised that Lin Ruo Yin's hands had moved slightly, his eyelashes fluttered, and he opened his eyes.

Xiao Bei excitedly bent over to look at her, and called out: "Third Miss? Third Miss, have you woken up? "

However, Lin Ruo Yin acted as if she did not hear him, and opened her eyes wide to look at the top of the bed, following that her body started to tremble, and an inconceivable panic appeared on her face.

"Third Miss? What's the matter with you? " Xiao Bei also noticed her abnormality, as if she could not hear his words, and her eyes were completely devoid of focus. He suddenly recalled the words that Abbot Master had said. It seemed to be true.

The boundless darkness made Lin Ruo Yin feel fear. She tried to open her mouth to call for someone, but only after opening her mouth did she realize that she could not make a single sound. She also felt that something was wrong with her and she couldn't hear a single thing. She didn't know if it was because there was no one by her side or because she had lost her hearing.

She stretched out her arms in a flurry in the air. At this moment, she could only feel a deep sense of fear. It was as if she was locked in a sealed world, unable to hear, see, or speak.

"Third Miss, I'm here." Seeing her like this, Xiao Bei hurriedly sat on the bedside and held her hands.

Lin Ruo Yin felt a pair of warm hands, and her heart was finally at ease. She wanted to ask who he was, but wasn't able to speak. While she was panicking, her palm felt itchy, as if someone was writing on it.

Fortunately, her sense of touch was still there. Lin Ruo Yin thought as she focused on the words that the finger was writing on her palm.

Seeing that Lin Ruo Yin had calmed down, Xiao Bei heaved a sigh of relief and slowly wrote two words in her hands, "Don't panic."

Lin Ruo Yin understood what he was writing and nodded her head. Then, she pulled Xiao Bei's hand and similarly wrote on her finger as she flipped it over. She asked: "What's wrong with me?"

Xiao Bei didn't know whether he should speak the truth to her, so he stopped. Lin Ruo Yin waited for a while, but before she could reply, she pulled his hand anxiously and wrote: "Am I poisoned?"

Lin Ruo Yin was not stupid. She still remembered what happened before she fainted, and after waking up, she was already like this. She more or less guessed what had happened. She stared in front of him with a forlorn expression, bit her lower lip and forced herself not to cry.

Why? Could it be that the heavens allowed her to be reborn so that she could experience the pain before her death? If that was the case, why did he still want to reincarnate her? You still want to give her hope?

Looking at Lin Ruo Yin who was desperately trying to hold back her tears, Xiao Bei's heart was stung. He slowly wrote one word after another into Lin Ruo Yin's palm, "Don't worry, I'll definitely save you."

Lin Ruo Yin understood, she did not know whether she should believe him or not, but with things having come to this, she had no choice but to believe in him.

"Who are you?" Lin Ruo Yin wrote.

Xiao Bei stared blankly at his. He tried to raise his hand a few times but still failed to make up his mind to write. In the end, he slowly replied, "Rest well."

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