Lin Ruo Yin wanted to write more, but the person had already helped her down and covered her with a blanket. She wanted to keep him, but there was nothing she could do.

She didn't know if that person was still there. In a world that she was completely unfamiliar with, that person was the first one to give her a sense of security. Lin Ruo Yin knew that she really needed him right now and was very reliant on him.

Xiao Bei had been standing guard at the side the entire time. Seeing her frown, as if he was looking for something, and was extremely anxious, he reached his hand out to a place not far from her hand, and it was quickly held tightly. When she looked at Lin Ruo Yin again, she had already softened his expression and closed her eyes.

The warmth from his palm made her feel at ease. Lin Ruo Yin carefully described the big hand she was holding in her heart, and was sure that it was a man's hand.

Could it be him? Lin Ruo Yin guessed in her heart, but she didn't know why she would think of him. Slowly, in the darkness, she fell asleep again.

Only when he heard her even breathing, did Xiao Bei finally let go of his worry, and slowly pulled his hand away. He gazed at her once more, then turned and walked to the door.

After Hong Mei He Lv Yu woke up, she rushed over. Seeing Xiao Bei guarding outside, she asked: "How is Miss?"

"I have woken her once, but it will take some effort for you all to take care of Third Miss in her current condition." Xiao Bei had actually long since heard their footsteps, which was why he came out. She has now lost all of her seven orifices. "

"You mean the Miss she can't be heard or seen right now?" Lv Yu asked worriedly.

Xiao Bei nodded: "You can't say that, so when you serve me, you must be even more careful. She only has his sense of touch left. "

Hong Mei took a glance at the room and nodded: "Thank you for your reminder, Lv Yu and I will definitely pay attention."

With regards to Hong Mei, Xiao Bei was still quite at ease. Since they had already come, he had no reason to stay any longer. Recalling that he still had important matters to attend to, Xiao Bei bade farewell to them.

After Xiao Bei left, Hong Mei He Lv Yu entered the room. She realized that Lin Ruo Yin was already awake and that she was half lying on the bedside. Actually, she had already woken up the moment Xiao Bei's hand left her. Because she didn't have a sense of security, she couldn't sleep soundly.

"Miss?" Seeing Lin Ruo Yin's dazed eyes, Hong Mei also thought of trying to write on her palm. Miss, I am Hong Mei, and Lv Yu is also here, she is right beside me. "

Right now, it could be said that Lin Ruo Yin was like a frightened bird that could not bear the slightest amount of fear. However, after knowing that she was beside her two maids, she let her guard down and pulled Hong Mei's hand.

Knowing that the current Miss did not have a sense of security, Hong Mei let her hold on to him and turned around to instruct Lv Yu, "Go and prepare some food for Miss."

Lv Yu replied and turned to leave, but then she heard Hong Mei call out to him again. She turned and asked: "What's wrong?"

"Also inform the Grand Lady." Hong Mei said as she looked at Lin Ruo Yin.

When Lv Yu came out of the house, she first went to the kitchen to instruct the kitchen to prepare some delicious food, then she went to Grand Lady's room. Seeing Lan Xiu waiting outside, she asked Lan Xiu, "Grandma Lan Xiu, is Grand Lady still awake?"

"Yes, what do you want? could it be that Third Miss ? " Lan Xiu asked nervously.

"No, no, my Miss had awoken, so he came here specifically to inform Grand Lady." Lv Yu hurriedly said. Then, she recalled the scene from earlier and added, "However, right now, my Miss is only awake because he can't see nor hear, and he doesn't know how to speak."

After Lan Xiu heard this, she frowned and asked, "How did this happen? Have you gone to invite Abbot Master to take a look? "

It was only then that Lv Yu remembered this matter, and said: "I'll go invite them right now."

Lan Xiu nodded, and reminded her to take good care of Third Miss, then they went over when she woke up.

After Lv Yu said her goodbyes, they went to find Abbot Master. When the two of them returned to Lin Ruo Yin's house, they coincidentally bumped into Grand Lady who was visiting them, and the four of them went in together.

The Abbot Master examined Lin Ruo Yin and understood in her heart. He turned around and said to the Grand Lady: "This poison originally wanted to make the Miss lose her five senses. Fortunately, even if we saved it, the Miss was able to keep its sense of touch. It's just that the reason why Miss was able to wake up was also because of the ginseng. If the ginseng was used up and there was still no antidote, Miss would still end up dying in death. "

Lin Ruo Yin couldn't hear it right now, but she could feel the sadness in the atmosphere. She wanted to say something, but nothing came out of her mouth, so she could only give up. In her heart, she began to think about that gentle big hand. Was it true that he said that he would save her?

Grand Lady suddenly thought of Xiao Bei and asked: Where is Xiao Bei? Why didn't I see him? "

Hong Mei walked up, and replied after getting off scot-free, "I met with him just now, and she left after that. She didn't say where she went."

She naturally concealed the fact that Xiao Bei was alone with Lin Ruo Yin. After all, Lin Ruo Yin was a Golden Miss, and it would be bad if word of this got out.

Although Xiao Bei wanted to immediately get the antidote to help Lin Ruo Yin cure the poison, after he left the Shuiyue Temple, he didn't immediately return to the University Hall to find it. Instead, he found a quiet lake and sat down, thinking about how he should get his hands on the antidote.

He knew that even if he begged her, even if he used his life to threaten old cook, she wouldn't take out the antidote pill. Because she knew that it was impossible for him to truly seek death. Even if it was true, she was confident that she could stop it. Since young, his stubbornness had never defeated the old cook.

Since he couldn't use a hard method, then why not use a soft method? An image of him acting spoiled towards old cook appeared in Xiao Bei's mind, he suddenly felt that if it was really like this, old cook would bring him to the infirmary, letting the doctors see if he was suffering from some strange disease.

What should he do? old cook has never been hard and soft, what should he do? Xiao Bei pondered deeply for more than two hours, then suddenly stood up and headed towards the palace.

Because he had the order badge this time, Xiao Bei entered the palace in the middle of the day and successfully saw Nan Gong Qian.

With regards to Xiao Bei, who came to find him so quickly, Nan Gong Qian felt that it was a little strange. He put down the chess piece he was researching, stood up and walked to the hall, and saw him standing in the middle of the hall.

"Are you using my east palace as your home? Leaving early in the morning, and coming back in the evening? " Nan Gong Qian ridiculed.

Xiao Bei could be considered to be clear of Nan Gong Qian's personality, so he couldn't be too serious with him. Thus, he said: "Anyway, His Highness Crown Prince has said that we're welcome at any time.

As expected, after Nan Gong Qian heard it, he started laughing loudly. After laughing, he said in a serious tone: "Why have you come to me this time? Could it be that he wants to obtain the Heavenly Mountain Snow Lotus? "

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