Xiao Bei shook his head, cupped his hands and said to Nan Gong Qian: "Your Highness, this time Xiao Bei came here simply, and only wants to borrow Your Highness's people."

"Lend it to someone?" Nan Gong Qian's beautiful eyebrows knitted together, he didn't really understand Xiao Bei's intention.

Xiao Bei walked to Nan Gong Qian's side, but was stopped by the guards beside Nan Gong Qian, "Impudent, Crown Prince's body, you dare to approach?"

Nan Gong Qian was extremely dissatisfied with the sudden attack of the guard beside him. It should be said that he was not satisfied with the guard in the first place, he raised his head and glanced at him, and said angrily: "If he wants to cause harm to me, even if ten of you are not his opponent, you can still leave."

There was unwillingness in the guard's eyes, but he did not dare refute Nan Gong Qian's words, and could only dejectedly leave.

Seeing the figure of the man walking away, Xiao Bei suddenly said: "Could I borrow the Crown Prince Your Highness? "How many more do you want to borrow?"

"You have to tell me why." It's not hard to borrow, but you should at least let him know why, right?

Hearing that, Xiao Bei leaned over and whispered into Nan Gong Qian's ears: "Your Highness Crown Prince, things are like this ?"

Nan Gong Qian listened to Xiao Bei's words seriously. Although he felt that it was nonsense, he felt that it was interesting and made a request, "Bring me along."

If you don't agree, then I will not lend you Nan Gong Qian, what else can Xiao Bei say? He started to ponder whether he had found the wrong person.

Xiao Bei was using the dinner at Nan Gong Qian's place. After the two finished eating, Nan Gong Qian got the guards to prepare a set of night clothes for him, and then left the palace together with the guards.

In University Hall's kitchen, old cook finished her day's work and felt extremely tired. Just as she returned to her room and was about to lie down to rest, she heard a sound from outside.

old cook, who had always been bold enough to open the door, walked out, but discovered that there was no one outside. It must be because of that brat Xiao Bei that caused her to go crazy recently. old cook thought like this as she walked back into the house. However, when she entered the house, she suddenly saw a flash of silver light and a knife was placed around her neck.

"You ? "Who are you?" Although old cook was very daring, but under the current situation, someone was holding a blade to her neck, that was something that would cost her life.

The man grabbed onto old cook's arm and asked sternly: "Speak, where is the antidote pill?"

Antidote Pill? The moment old cook heard about the Antidote Pill, she felt that something was wrong. Other than Xiao Bei, who else knew that she had this pill? She immediately became suspicious and asked: "Is Xiao Bei you? What's wrong with you? "

After the man heard this, he shouted loudly, "What Xiao Bei? I'm asking where the antidote pill is? "

"Xiao Bei, if you continue messing around, Aunt will be angry." The old cook seemed to have already determined that the one holding her back was Xiao Bei. After sweeping away her fear just now, she boldly turned around to remove that person's veil.


"Who are you? You are not Xiao Bei? " old cook looked at the strange man in front of her. He was handsome and extraordinary.

Seeing that his veil had been taken off so quickly, Nan Gong Qian felt a little awkward. This was the first time he had done such a thing, and actually had his veil taken off, what would happen if word of this got out? What face did he have? Thinking this way, he glared at the woman in front of him and asked harshly, "Where is the antidote pill?" "Quickly hand it over."

Only now did old cook realize that something was amiss. Could it be that something had happened to Xiao Bei? Thus, she probed, "How did you know about the antidote pill?"

"What do you think?" Nan Gong Qian asked.

This question confirmed old cook's thoughts. Something must have happened to Xiao Bei, so who was this person in front of him? How much do you know about Xiao Bei?

"I don't know what antidote pill it is, you found the wrong person." It was not that old cook did not save him, but she understood that as long as she took out the antidote pill, Xiao Bei would definitely be dead. She still had a sliver of hope that she could find someone to help her if she didn't take it out.

Nan Gong Qian did not expect his to be so stubborn. He whistled towards the outside and suddenly a group of black clothed people entered from the outside and started searching the house without a second word. It looked like he wanted to tear down the house.

"I'm telling you, you'd better hand over the antidote quickly. Otherwise, I'll take your life, and then we can find it." Nan Gong Qian told them not to be courteous and to look for him carefully.

old cook looked at her own house being rummaged through in a mess, and was angry enough to flare up, but when she thought about Xiao Bei's life, she raised her voice and shouted towards the outside, "Help! Help! "

Nan Gong Qian did not expect her to do this, he thought that this was the University Hall, if he really called Lin Fu Cheng here, wouldn't he be caught red-handed? Thinking about Xiao Bei's previous plan, since he never expected her to reveal the location of the antidote pill, he immediately retreated from the crowd and jumped out of the house.

On a large tree not far from the house, Xiao Bei looked at the Nan Gong Qian who was close to fleeing in panic, and felt indescribably refreshed in his heart. Seeing that they had already returned, he immediately flew down from the tree and knelt in front of Nan Gong Qian, "Your highness Crown Prince has been startled."

"Humph!" Nan Gong Qian snorted, seeing that Xiao Bei was still kneeling, he coldly told him to get up, "Everything will go according to your plan, are you sure she will definitely go?"

Xiao Bei nodded his head. In fact, he felt very guilty towards those who had cheated and cared for him. But if it was all for that man, he was happy.

Nan Gong Qian had already become interested in Xiao Bei's confidence and decided to stay behind to watch the results. Moreover, he had even more questions that he wanted to clear up in his heart.

"I remember that Detoxification Pill. It's the Elixir of the Northern Kingdom. How do you know where it is?" Nan Gong Qian asked.

Xiao Bei did not expect him to suddenly ask about this, and could not come up with a good excuse, and said: "I also knew about it by chance, coincidentally, Third Miss's life was at stake, so I came to try my luck."

"Is that so?" Obviously, Nan Gong Qian didn't believe his words, but seeing that he indeed had something hard to say, he didn't ask any further questions. Just then, a guard came over to report that he saw the old cook leaving the house.

Xiao Bei cupped his hands towards Nan Gong Qian and flew away. He secretly followed behind old cook and arrived at a garden.

Could it be that the Antidote Pill was hidden here? Xiao Bei thought for a while, then saw old cook digging the ground with her hoe. After a long time, she bent down and took out a small box from inside with difficulty.

Xiao Bei recognized the box. It was the gold box used to store the antidote pills. Lin Ruo Yin's pale white face flashed in front of her eyes. Without any further hesitation, a gust of wind from her palm swept past and old cook fell onto the ground. The box fell out from old cook's arms.

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