Xiao Bei flew over to her side and picked up the golden box. He opened it under the moonlight and saw the round pills inside. He placed it under his nose and smelled it. After confirming that this was the antidote pill, he put the box into his arms, picked up old cook and flew back to her house.

After settling down the old cook, Xiao Bei knelt in front of the old cook's bed and kowtowed three times, then said: "Aunt, Xiao Bei is unfilial, and actually did such a thing to you. But Xiao Bei really had no other choice, she knew that you wouldn't take the initiative to take out the antidote, but I must save Third Miss as well, that's why I came up with this plan. After Xiao Bei saves Third Miss, I will come to ask for your forgiveness. "

With that, Xiao Bei got up and walked over to the bedside, arranged old cook's blanket, and then left the room.

What he did not know was that, all of his movements, were all seen by Nan Gong Qian outside the window. He squinted his eyes and stared at the old cook on the bed, then recalled the Xiao Bei who was stuttering just now. The corner of his mouth hooked up into a faint smile, as if he had thought of something, but didn't seem to have thought of anything.

"Your Highness, this Xiao Bei is obviously deceiving you, you plan to ?"

Nan Gong Qian waved his hand to stop the guard's words. In his heart, he truly did not hold any hope for the guard's intelligence, and coldly said: "How about you let me, the Crown Prince, handle it?"

"This subordinate would not dare." The guard awkwardly retreated, then followed Nan Gong Qian and left the University Hall.

Xiao Bei finally got the antidote, and without stopping, he ran into the Shuiyue Temple and rushed into Lin Ruo Yin's room. Because it was already late at night, Grand Lady returned to her room, and because Hong Mei He Lv Yu was too tired, she fell asleep on the table outside. Even Xiao Bei did not hear anything when he pushed open the door, but he still pointed at their sleeping quarters.

He crept all the way to Lin Ruo Yin's bedside. When he saw her closed eyes, he thought she was asleep. But in truth, Lin Ruo Yin couldn't sleep at all. She only closed his eyes because she did not want the Grand Lady and the others to worry.

Lin Ruo Yin had been awake the entire time, so the moment Xiao Bei walked to her side, she felt that familiar yet foreign aura, which actually gave her a sense of security. Suddenly opening her eyes, she opened his mouth to ask if it was him, but then she realized that he couldn't see or speak.

Xiao Bei was shocked by the sudden awakening of Lin Ruo Yin. At the beginning, he was a little worried, but after seeing the faint smile on her face, he calmed down and walked over to grab her hand. He wrote: "It's me, I've found a way to save you."

After understanding the content of his words, Lin Ruo Yin became even happier as he held Xiao Bei's hand, as if he wanted to quickly obtain the antidote. Xiao Bei naturally understood her thoughts, thus he poured a cup of water and placed it in her hands, before taking out the Antidote Pill and placing it in her hands as well.

Lin Ruo Yin understood what he meant, and placed the detoxification pill into her mouth, drank a mouthful of water, and then swallowed the pill down. Xiao Bei watched her movements, and from the moment he was sure that she had swallowed the medicine and quickly pressed on her acupoints, Lin Ruo Yin fell into his embrace.

The antidote required a strong inner force to dispel, but Lin Ruo Yin didn't have any inner force at all, so she could only rely on others to help her. Xiao Bei did not dare to delay for even a second. She immediately channeled her inner force into Lin Ruo Yin's body to catalyze the detoxification pill she had just eaten, maximizing its effect.

It wasn't until the sky was about to brighten that Xiao Bei finally dispersed the antidote pills. He himself was a little tired from using too much inner force, but he still remembered to gently settle Lin Ruo Yin down.

After carefully taking a look at Lin Ruo Yin's complexion, she could tell that her rosy complexion was slowly recovering, and Xiao Bei could finally relax. Looking at Lin Ruo Yin who was still in deep sleep, Xiao Bei couldn't help but hold her hand, rubbing it beside her cheek. She remembered everything that had happened with her, and lightly called out her name, "Ruoyin, Ruoyin ?"

The person on the bed still did not have any reaction. Xiao Bei then continued to speak with relief: "Did you know? This antidote is the only thing my mother left me, and I treasure it. Now that you have consumed it, I will take it as if you have received my mother's remnants and agree to be her daughter-in-law. "

Saying that, Xiao Bei laughed at himself, "But what qualifications do I have? You are a high and mighty Miss, but I am just a servant, how can I be worthy of you? Maybe it was all wishful thinking on my part. But as long as you are okay and can always appear in my sight, I will be satisfied. "

Following that, Xiao Bei said a lot of things, from the first time they met until now, he told Lin Ruo Yin everything without missing anything, and did not care that the other party did not respond at all. When he said something interesting, he laughed it out by himself.

When the first ray of sunlight shone in, Xiao Bei had no choice but to leave. Although he was reluctant to part with it, he knew that he couldn't stay here any longer.

Before he left, he saw the close-fitting handkerchief in Lin Ruo Yin's sleeve. After hesitating for a while, he reached for the handkerchief and carefully examined it. He found that he was reluctant to let go, so he hid it in her sleeve in the end.

"Ruoyin, when you wake up, you will be my Third Miss again." Xiao Bei muttered to himself, then turned around and left.

Walking out of Lin Ruo Yin's house, she welcomed the brilliant sunlight. Xiao Bei suddenly thought of what Nan Gong Qian had said. If they wanted to become outstanding, they had to find him.

Xiao Bei touched his bosom with his right hand. There, he found the handkerchief that he had just obtained from Lin Ruo Yin, as well as the order badge that Nan Gong Qian had given him. Perhaps, he thought, a single nod would change his life.

There had never been a moment where Xiao Bei could wish for success so much. He had always been with the flow, unwilling to change his life, but ever since he had that person in his heart, he also wanted to see and become a man who could stand by her side.

Under the golden sunlight, Xiao Bei faced the sun on his back. The arrival of a new day seemed to repeat the events of yesterday, but it also seemed like everything had quietly changed.

The sunlight shone into the house, Hong Mei He Lv Yu woke up one after the other. The two of them looked at each other, then Lv Yu asked curiously: "Sister Hong Mei, don't you think that this sleep was especially good?"

Hong Mei touched her neck. Although she was uncomfortable, her body was still energetic, which made him feel weird. She nodded and said, "That's right, and why are we sleeping so heavily?"

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Miss... Hurry up and go check on the Miss. " Lv Yu suddenly shouted loudly. Hong Mei suddenly became clear-headed and followed Lv Yu inside.

Fortunately, Lin Ruo Yin was still lying on the bed. Only then did the two maidservants relax. However, they felt that something wasn't quite right. Hong Mei looked carefully and finally understood.

"Lv Yu, look at Miss's complexion, has it improved a lot?" She touched Lv Yu's arm.

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