Lv Yu also naturally noticed that after just a single night, Miss's complexion had improved by a lot, and even reddened by quite a bit. She looked at Hong Mei with a puzzled expression. It was clear that Hong Mei did not understand either.

"Hmm ?" Just as the two servants were in a daze, Lin Ruo Yin who was on the bed moaned softly, and then slowly opened her eyes.

Ever since Lin Ruo Yin spoke, she had been carefully staring at her. Seeing Miss opening her eyes, she was extremely excited, and immediately went forward to call out: "Miss, how are you?"

Lin Ruo Yin's mind was in a bit of a mess. When she finally saw that the person beside the bed was Hong Mei He Lv Yu, she revealed a weak smile to them, "I'm fine, don't worry."

"Miss? You can talk now? Great! "Great!" Finally, Lv Yu heard the pleasant voice of the Miss again. She felt that it had been a whole year since then, and she was so excited that she shouted loudly.

Lin Ruo Yin looked at the two in front of him and memorized their smiles. She even felt relieved. At least there were people who truly cared about her. No, not only them, there was also Grand Lady, and that person ?

Don't worry, I'll save you.

It's me, he said. I've found a way to save you.

In the beginning, she didn't have much hope. She didn't expect that he would really do it. He really did save her! However, she still did not know his name.

Recalling the person who had given her warmth and peace of mind when she was at her most helpless and at a loss, Lin Ruo Yin's right hand slowly curled up into a fist.

Lin Ruo Yin wanted to ask Hong Mei He Lv Yu if she knew who that person was, but then she thought about it. That person was so close to her, so Hong Mei He Lv Yu would definitely not be by their side.

"Miss? Do you have anything you'd like to eat? We'll tell the kitchen to do it. "By the way, please come and host it. I'll show it to you." Hong Mei saw that his Miss had been absent-minded since he woke up. He did not dare to ask more, but he was worried that Miss would get hungry after waking up.

"Miss just woke up, and is mentally exhausted, not willing to speak. Look, what else do you have to ask? The Silver Ear Lotus Seed Soup is the best, detoxifying the heart and warming the stomach, we will go to the kitchen to prepare it. " Hong Mei continued to speak, then smiled at Lin Ruo Yin: "Miss, rest well, we will be right back."

One of them went to the kitchen, while the other went to find a little nun, asking her to help invite the abbot over, then hurriedly went to Grand Lady's room to report the good news.

Sure enough, when Grand Lady heard that Lin Ruo Yin had woken up, and seemed to have completely recovered, she was overjoyed. Without bothering to tidy up properly, she rushed back to Lin Ruo Yin's room with Lan Xiu's support.

"Ruoyin, my good ?" Grand Lady approached Lin Ruo Yin's room and started calling out to him. She quickly entered the room and saw that Lin Ruo Yin was indeed lying on the bed, drinking the Silver Ear Lotus Seed Soup that Hong Mei had fed to her mouth.

"Ancestor Grandmother..." Lin Ruo Yin knew immediately that the Grand Lady must have been worried sick for her sake these past few days. She heard that she had accompanied him throughout the night, even though she had not found out whether she was dead or alive. Her heart was very moved, and she was about to get off the bed to help Grand Lady.

"Don't move, don't move." Seeing that she was about to get off the bed, Grand Lady hurriedly said to stop her, "It's good that you're lying down. You, ah, you're really worried about my grandmother. From now on, you have to be careful. Don't scare me again." As he spoke, he took out a handkerchief and wiped away his tears.

Lin Ruo Yin's heart was extremely warm as she hurriedly nodded while holding back her tears. Grandma, don't cry. Ruoyin worried grandma. Ruoyin was unfilial. Ruoyin, isn't this fine, grandma is relieved. Do not let Ruoyin hurt your body, that would be Ruoyin's grave mistake. "

Just then, the Abbot Master heard what the little nun said and was extremely shocked. Seeing that Lin Ruo Yin had really recovered, she walked over and checked her pulse. When this meridian appeared, the abbot was greatly alarmed.

It was actually an antidote pill? Abbot Master couldn't help but raise his eyes to look at Lin Ruo Yin, but didn't say a word.

Being looked at like that by the Abbot Master, Lin Ruo Yin instantly felt that the atmosphere was a little weird. She was worried that her body was still strange and asked anxiously, "Abbot Master, is it that my poison has not been completely cured?"

Once those words were said, everyone started to become nervous again. Abbot Master paused for a moment, realizing that he had lost control of himself, causing everyone to panic. He smiled amiably and said: "Amitabha, Third Miss is blessed with good fortune, it should not have died, the poison has been completely detoxified."

Only then did Grand Lady relax, and couldn't help but ask: "Speaking of which, it was rather serious before, how exactly did you cure Ruoyin's poison?"

"It shouldn't be too deep, at least it hasn't entered the bone marrow. Miss had previously consumed a thousand years of ginseng, and because Miss was young, your body was healthy and healthy. That was why you were able to preserve and recover from your injuries. " The abbot was not speaking the truth, but the outer sect disciples were not used to using words, so after coming down, she did not want to stay any longer, so she left Lin Ruo Yin's room.

When the abbot walked back to his room, he thought about Xiao Bei's question about the detoxification pill. Could it be that the child actually had a detoxification pill? Then he must have a good background.

As the abbot was deep in thought, the yellow flowers outside had already drifted to the ground.

The news of Lin Ruo Yin being conscious suddenly spread throughout the Shuiyue Temple, Xiao Bei naturally received the news as well. Knowing that she was truly alright, he finally relaxed. He couldn't help but take out a handkerchief from his sleeve, which still had the scent of Lin Ruo Yin on it.

The Eldest Miss already had the intention to kill, but this matter will definitely be blamed on the Second Miss. This was not the result that Xiao Bei wanted to see, so if he wanted to break through the current situation, he still had to go meet that Cui Ping.

Arriving at the firewood house once again, Xiao Bei saw that Cui Ping, who was on the verge of death, was lying on the ground with both of her hands ruthlessly pressing on her stomach.

Grand Lady hated this woman to the core, hence she was ordered not to give her food, she was not even allowed to drink a single mouthful of water.

Xiao Bei extended a leg to lightly kick her, and saw that she only raised her head to look at him, and then turned her head back, as though she did not want to pay attention to him.

"I have come to tell you a piece of news. Third Miss has already detoxified the poison." Just as Xiao Bei finished speaking cruelly, as expected, Cui Ping raised her head and stared at him in disbelief.

"Impossible!" Cui Ping's eyes were bulging from the torture, staring at the scene, it was a little scary.

However, all of this was nothing to Xiao Bei. He squatted down and picked up her chin, his eyes pitch black and bottomless, slowly enunciating word by word, "There are some things that you think no one knows, but in truth, at least I know everything. For example ? Eldest Miss once used a mouse to test the poison of a pomegranate. "

Cui Ping's body trembled uncontrollably as she gritted her teeth and squeezed out a few words, "So what?"

"Nothing!" I just want to make a deal with you. "

"What do you want me to do?"

"Very simple, explain everything to Grand Lady." Xiao Bei's words were simple, but he knew that Cui Ping could understand them.

Hearing that, Cui Ping frowned and asked: "What benefits does that have to me?"

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