"Benefits?" Xiao Bei chuckled, "You've done such a thing, what other benefits do you want? Not to mention what happens to your Eldest Miss, do you think you can still live? " Xiao Bei intentionally stopped to look at Cui Ping, and seeing that her expression changed slightly, she continued: "But, if you agree, I will think of a way to save you."

Cui Ping naturally believed the words of the man in front of her. For no other reason than that he was able to cure the Third Miss's poison, and that he was able to see through everything, she believed that this was enough.


"Impossible!" I won't let you do as you wish! Do you think I don't know what you're up to? You want to use me to thoroughly defeat the Eldest Miss so that your Third Miss will be safe and sound from now on? "You're thinking too well!" Cui Ping was not stupid, she was doing it for her master as well, but she would never betray the Eldest Miss.

Not knowing when a porcelain bottle appeared in her hand, Xiao Bei went forward and held her hand, looking at her in disbelief, "Why do you have to do this? You want to protect that person even at the cost of your own life? "

"What about you?" Cui Ping raised his head, "If you and I were to exchange, I believe you would choose to do the same."

Speaking to this point, Xiao Bei had nothing to say. As the saying goes, the most difficult person to deal with is a person who isn't afraid of death. If he could even give up his life, what else couldn't he do? Cui Ping was that kind of person, and if he, was doing it for that person, it would be the same.

Cui Ping raised the porcelain bottle and drank it all in one gulp.

Such a fate didn't mean anything to him! Xiao Bei looked down at the body lying on the ground and sighed helplessly.

Hearing the sound of footsteps coming from outside the door, Xiao Bei hurriedly hid himself in the shadows, concealing his figure.

"Creak." The woodshed was pushed open.

Lan Xiu was the first to enter and saw Cui Ping lying on the ground with blood flowing from the corner of her mouth. She turned around quickly in shock and said to the Grand Lady outside the door: "Cui ? Cui Ping is dead. "

"How did he die?" Did he starve to death? Although she was angry, she was not a heartless person. If not for the matter of Ruoyin being delayed, which made her not think of Cui Ping at all, she would have retracted her orders long ago.

"Alright... It seems like ? "He drank poison." Lan Xiu took another glance at it and discovered the porcelain bottle that had tumbled to the side. She hurriedly picked it up and gave it to Grand Lady, then said after careful consideration, "I must have known that I would definitely die, that's why I drank the poison and committed suicide out of guilt."

Grand Lady originally wanted to interrogate her and see if he could get any clues from her mouth. However, now that she was dead, all the clues had been cut off. Would this matter just end like this?

"Sigh, death is like extinguishing a lamp. Forget it, let's bury her properly." Grand Lady sighed lightly in her heart, turned around and left the woodshed.

Lan Xiu called over his followers and ordered them to dispose of Cui Ping's corpse. After the follower received the order to attack, Xiao Bei took the opportunity to sneak into the team and left without anyone noticing.

Xiao Bei, who had just walked out, was stopped in his tracks. The person who came was none other than the abbot of the Shuiyue Temple.

"Abbot Master, what can I do for you?" Xiao Bei asked calmly. His long hair fluttered in the wind, and his figure was as tall and straight as a poplar tree. His clothes fluttered in the wind, making his look really beautiful.

The abbot just stared at Xiao Bei's face and did not reply for a long time. After a long while, he said slowly, "I have something to ask." Why does Benefactor have an antidote pill? "

Xiao Bei smiled and decided to play dumb, "I do not understand what Abbot means."

"That day, Sir once asked me if I could save Third Miss with the antidote, I thought it was strange. But Sir actually found the antidote, or could it be that the antidote came from Sir?" The abbot's voice was somewhat agitated.

Xiao Bei never thought that a Detoxification Pill would actually involve so many things. To avoid causing more trouble, he didn't want to explain too much and could only say, "The antidote pill isn't mine, but I don't think I need to tell the abbot where it came from. If there's nothing else, goodbye. "

After saying what he wanted to say, Xiao Bei kept walking forward. The abbot wanted to ask him something else, but gave up in the end. He could only watch as the towering figure disappeared into the distance, the light in his eyes flickering.

"Abbot, Madam Lin said that she will be returning to the abbot's mansion in the afternoon, so she came to bid farewell to the abbot." A little nun came over and stood at the side as she spoke.

Hearing little nun's words, the abbot came back to her senses, and without further ado, turned around and left.

The matter of Grand Lady deciding to return to the residence in the afternoon had already been decided. She sent a follower to go back and greet them first, so everyone in Lin Family knew that Grand Lady and Third Miss were coming back in the afternoon.

"What?" Lin Ruo Yin actually didn't die again? " Lin Ruo Xi was furious, she smashed the things in the house with her dishevelled hair.

Seeing that, Qing He hurried forward to console her: "Miss, there are many opportunities, please do not hurt your body because of these things. Furthermore, Grand Lady will be back in the afternoon. What will happen if she finds out that you are like this? "

After hearing Qing He's words and hearing the three words "Grand Lady", Lin Ruo Xi finally quieted down. She sat by the side and said, "Go and inquire on Cui Ping's whereabouts."

She had to prepare in advance to give up on Cui Ping when she had no other choice.

"Miss, this servant has asked around. Cui Ping ? Cui Ping, she... "He's already dead." Qing He said, somewhat hurt.

Dead? Lin Ruo Xi looked up and glanced at Qing He.

Having served the Miss for so long, Qing He naturally knew what the latter was asking about. She hurriedly said, "He committed suicide out of guilt and drank poison."

She knew that Cui Ping was doing this to protect her. Thinking about how she had wanted to abandon Cui Ping, Lin Ruo Xi suddenly felt a little guilty, but he was more touched.

"Grand Lady will bury Cui Ping well, don't worry, Miss." After Qing He finished speaking, she turned around and secretly wiped tears away.

Although Cui Ping had gone to Lin Ruo Yun's side not long after he had entered the palace, Qing He still remembered the hardships that he had gone through with her that year and was naturally saddened by her sacrifice.

"What are you crying for? If you have the strength to cry, you might as well think carefully about how to deal with Lin Ruo Yin and take revenge for him. " Lin Ruo Xi stopped Qing He from crying. To her, tears were just a weapon that she pretended to be weak with.

"Eldest Miss, Second Miss is here." The maid on duty said.

Lin Ruo Xi didn't have the heart to deal with her at the moment. Just as she was about to find an excuse to go over, she suddenly heard Lin Ruo Yun's sound of him barging in.

"Go away. I have some business to discuss with my sister. What are you trying to stop me for? Do you think you can take responsibility for delaying me?" Lin Ruo Yun scolded as she pushed the door open.

Lin Ruo Xi knew that she could not avoid it, so she waved her hand and told the servants to leave, and Qing He followed along.

"What's going on? So angry? " Lin Ruo Xi scolded Lin Ruo Yun in her heart, but she looked like a good sister to him.

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