Lin Ruo Yun was obviously not going to take advantage of her, and went straight to the point: "What exactly did you let Cui Ping go to Shuiyue Temple for?"

The matter regarding Shuiyue Temple had long ago been spread to the entire University Hall. When she found out that Cui Ping had died, she was extremely shocked and could faintly guess in her heart that what Lin Ruo Xi had done was definitely not a good thing.

"Do you want her to poison you? Lin Ruo Xi, you actually used my servant, what kind of intentions do you have? " Lin Ruo Yun scolded him bitterly.

Knowing that Lin Ruo Yun already knew, Lin Ruo Xi no longer hid it and directly said: "That's right, I told Cui Ping to poison it, and that was also because Cui Ping saw how fiercely she was oppressed by Lin Ruo Yin, and wanted to help you vent your anger. In the end, Cui Ping died because of you. "

If one were to say who was right and who was wrong, no one would dare to say that Lin Ruo Xi was second.

"You!" Lin Ruo Yun clearly knew that she was trying to reason with him, but he just couldn't find the words to refute her.

Lin Ruo Xi did not want to cause a ruckus, so she hurriedly said with a fawning tone: "Since you came to find me in such a hurry, I do not believe that you are here to help your family's servant."

thought that she was the one who poisoned Lin Ruo Yin, hence he came to seek her and denounce her for her crimes.

Lin Ruo Yun saw that she had noticed it, and asked worriedly: Then, what do you think we should do? I don't care, you are the one in charge of this matter, if you want to die and don't help me solve it, I will go and tell the Ancestor Grandmother, at worst, it will all be ruined. "

With regards to Lin Ruo Yun's words, Lin Ruo Xi somewhat believed them. After all, she understood this girl's temperament very well.

"Alright, I've already thought of a way. Just put your heart in your stomach." Lin Ruo Xi comforted her. Lin Ruo Yun also had nothing she could do, so he could only believe in her for now.

The two of them chatted in the room for a while longer before they went to have lunch together. Not long after, he heard the butler's loud voice, "Grand Lady is back!"

Grand Lady started to worry about Lin Ruo Yin when she got home, since she had just woken up. She was afraid that she would not be able to take all the effort, but Shuiyue Temple's conditions were not good, so she was not suitable for a good rest.

Seeing that they had already returned home, Lin Ruo Yin was in a hurry to get off the palanquin to say goodbye to the ladies. Grand Lady doted on her and quickly held her body down. She turned around and spoke to her daughter-in-law: "Please forgive us for today, go back now."

Grand Lady ordered for Lin Ruo Yin to be sent back to his own room. When the various housewives knew about the Shuiyue Temple's situation, the Grand Lady would definitely not let the matter go this easily since Lin Ruo Yin had been poisoned this time. They all gathered in Lin Ruo Yin's room at the same time.

However, since Grand Lady did not speak, they did not say anything either.

Everyone began to guess that it was because of the discord between Lin Ruo Xi and Lin Ruo Xi. But according to the scheming methods of the First Lady, it was impossible not to.

Just when everyone was guessing who it was, First Lady brought Lin Ruo Xi and cried all the way into the house. When she saw Lin Ruo Yin, he actually pounced on him with a face filled with pain, and cried out: "Poor child, who is so heartless to actually do such a thing to you?"

Seeing this fake look, Lin Ruo Yin felt a chill in her heart, but she couldn't help but pretend to be moved. She said softly, "Aunt, Ruoyin knows that Aunt is very pained, Ruoyin is fine."

Grand Lady, who was watching from the side, was extremely pleased with Lin Ruo Yin's actions and could not help but nod her head.

However, First Lady, who was leaning on Lin Ruo Yin, somehow felt a chill. Even the gentle and amiable smile that hung on Lin Ruo Yin's face, was dazzling to her.

"It's good that you're fine ?" "It's good that you're fine ?" First Lady stood up uneasily, wiping away the tears that did not exist in the first place, then turned to Grand Lady and said, "Mother, what happened to Ruoyin, we cannot let it go like this."

"Oh?" Grand Lady was a little surprised, she had originally wanted to wait for Ruoyin to recover a little before investigating, but when she heard that someone had volunteered to charge over, she calmly asked: "What do you think?"

"Your highness didn't dare, but after my wife found out about it, she quickly began investigating, and finally allowed my wife to find the person who poisoned her." First Lady swept her eyes across Second Wife and the others before pointing at Second Wife and saying, "Mother, the one who poisoned her."

Other than Grand Lady and the three wives, Lin Ruo Xi and Lin Ruo Yun were present as well. When she heard First Lady say earlier that she knew who had poisoned him, Lin Ruo Yun was a little nervous and subconsciously grabbed onto Lin Ruo Xi's arm. All of this did not escape the eyes of the Grand Lady.

"Big sister, how can you slander me like this?" Second Wife did not expect her to say that she was him. She, who had always been at odds with First Lady, immediately refuted.

"You know very well whether I am slandering you or not." First Lady didn't waste her breath and said: "Mother, you have to believe me, it was Second Wife who did it."

Grand Lady looked at Lin Ruo Yun and asked directly, "Really? Ruoyun, what do you think? "

Lin Ruo Yun did not expect Grand Lady to ask her directly, so she was panicking in her heart. Her mouth opened and closed again, but no words came out.

"Ruoyun, this Cui Ping is your servant. You said that the First Lady did not suspect, but suspected the Second Wife, what logic is that? " Grand Lady looked at Lin Ruo Yun who was already trembling in fear, then looked at First Lady, his eyes slightly narrowed, "Since you can't answer, then ask First Lady to answer."

First Lady was startled, she bit her lips and tried to think of a reason. Seeing that her mother was being made a difficult by the Grand Lady, Lin Ruo Xi wanted to speak, but she could only say "Ancestor ?" The word was interrupted.

"Ruoxi, I'm asking your mother, not you." Grand Lady knocked the ground twice with her staff. This was a sign that Grand Lady was angry, and everyone quickly kneeled down.

"You all ? All of you, do you think I'm old and useless? Are all of you trying to anger me to death? " Grand Lady was furious to the extreme. Her white hair quivered and she did not control her body well for a moment. "They are still standing, leaning on their crutches." Why couldn't First Lady answer him? Could it be that the evil ghost in my heart disturbed my mind and made a wrong judgement? " As he spoke, he let out a cold laugh.

Grand Lady swept her eyes across the kneeling crowd. She knew a lot about their thoughts and movements, but they were actually biting on dogs in front of her?

Old madam, although I am unable to do anything, my stomach is not up to standard, and I am unable to add any children to the Lin Family, but after so many years of hard work, the old lady and my elder sister are filial to me, and I am extremely loyal to the Old Master. Second Wife knelt down and kowtowed with a loud bang:

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