Second Wife kneeled down, her head striking the ground as she said, "I definitely didn't do anything shameful. Furthermore, I have no children, so why make things difficult for Third Miss, what benefits does this have to me? Please be clear with the madame and give your daughter-in-law justice! "

"Mother, you cannot just listen to Second Wife's side of the story. It is Second Wife who has never shown up, and is usually doted on by the Master, and is used to fighting for the favor. Now that she has harmed Ruoyin, she has framed Ruoxi and Ruoyun, and killed three of our children in one go.

First Lady knew that she could not sit still and wait for death. She wanted to give evidence that she and her daughter had planned beforehand, so Second Wife kowtowed again and wailed, "Old madam, although my wife is not from a famous family, my parents are also from a cultured family. Ever since she was a child, she had been familiar with the Female Commandment, and was well aware of its three principles and four virtues. If a daughter-in-law could not add a title to the Lin Family, it would already be a grave mistake. Why would she dare to seek a death trap for the Lin Family's bloodline? If the madame and the old master were fooled by someone, wouldn't it be me, the wife, who was the first to be chased out of the house? Where would her wife go then? Even though my wife is foolish, she would never do such a stupid thing! "

In fact, even if the Second Wife did not say it, how could the Old Mistress not know about it? If the First Lady was talking about someone else, it would be fine. However, when it came to the smartest and most capable person in the world, it was obvious that they were trying to frame Ye Wen.

When he thought till this point, Grand Lady was truly disappointed in First Lady, and turned to look at Lin Ruo Xi, "Ruoxi, tell me."

Lin Ruo Xi knew, no matter how she replied, she was not satisfied with Grand Lady's answer, if she took out the evidence she prepared beforehand, Second Wife's charming mouth would probably not be able to win against her. Lin Ruo Xi regretted that she did not get to know the Second Wife in depth on normal days. They lived rather far away from here, and the Second Wife didn't have any children. Although they were madams, their status was still lower than Lin Ruo Xi's. He thought it would be the easiest to frame her, but after listening to her flowery words, she finally understood that she had never given birth to a girl before. The reason she was able to make the madame and her father fall for her.

But she didn't know whether to let it go or not. After all these years, her mother must have taken quite a bit of this woman's suffering, and her mother actually didn't think that she would be able to put it past. He lowered his head and stopped talking. In his heart, he could only blame his mother for being so clumsy with her words. No wonder she was constantly sought after by the Second Wife.

As for the others, they were too scared to say a word.

"Alright, since both of you are silent, let me do it." The Grand Lady was supported by Lan Xiu to sit down, and said slowly: "First Lady, if you say that it was Second Wife who did this, I'm afraid you have investigated wrongly. Second Wife has probably just found out about the matter of Ruoyin's poison. "

Second Wife immediately cried and nodded, "Old madam understands! "My wife has only just found out."

The old mistress said coldly, "You were the one who just found out." I've been keeping it under wraps. Originally, no one in this house would know that Ruoyin had been poisoned. It had only been two hours since the news had spread. It seemed that the First Lady had already made preparations beforehand for finding the poisoner. If it were not for the fact that we have to frame Second Wife, this matter would probably be related to First Lady. "

First Lady immediately sat paralyzed on the ground, her limbs ice-cold.

In fact, Grand Lady's thoughts were clearer than anyone else's. She knew very well who the ghosts were in this Lin Family. Otherwise, how could she suppress them?

Not to mention that Ruoyin was poisoned, no one knew beforehand that Second Wife had no offspring, and had always added fuel to the fire between First Lady and herself. The First Lady and the Third Wife had never been on good terms, but this time, the First Lady didn't point the spearhead at the Third Wife. After all, the servant girl was Lin Ruo Yun's.

actually missed such a good opportunity? How could the Grand Lady not see through such a big doubt? If she was slightly frightened, wouldn't she be exposing herself?

Lin Ruo Yin sneered coldly in her heart as she laid on the bed, watching this show from the beginning to the end. She already knew that this matter had something to do with Lin Ruo Xi, and that First Lady was one of her accomplices.

Seeing the Grand Lady's anger, Lin Ruo Yin knew that the Grand Lady had probably already guessed some things. She knew that this was a good opportunity to get rid of them, so she just barely managed to keep her body up.

Hong Mei who was waiting at the side saw her Miss suddenly get up, and immediately shouted out in fright, "Miss, what are you doing? Your body is so weak, quickly lie down. "

Hearing Hong Mei's shout, Grand Lady turned her head hurriedly, seeing Lin Ruo Yin getting up, she left his chair and walked over, she pressed on her shoulders and said: Ruo Yin, what are you doing now?

With a weak smile on his face, Lin Ruo Yin said softly: "Ancestor Grandmother, Ruoyin believes in this matter, it has nothing to do with Aunt and Big Sis, please don't wrongly accuse them."

Grand Lady doted on Lin Ruo Yin's understanding and was even more dissatisfied with both and First Lady. She laid Lin Ruo Yin down properly and said softly: "You don't need to worry about this matter.

"No, Ancestor Grandmother, if you don't agree to Ruoyin's request, Ruoyin will ? "Then ?" Lin Ruo Yin thought for a bit and actually wanted to get up. Hong Mei quickly went to help her, but she pushed Hong Mei away and got off the bed to kneel on the ground.

"Ruoyin, what are you doing?" Grand Lady was worried that her body would be weakened, so how could she bear such torture? But to forgive the two of them so easily, she felt that she had been too wronged.

Lin Ruo Yin slightly raised her eyes and looked at Grand Lady, begging him, "Grand Lady, our home and everything else is prosperous. Even if Big Sis and Second Sister have misunderstood me a lot, we are still blood-related sisters.

"Hiss ?" Lin Ruo Yin suddenly held her chest, feeling extremely uncomfortable. Grand Lady's face was pale white, she was extremely soft-hearted.

"Hong Mei, Lv Yu, quickly help your Miss up." Grand Lady instructed.

The two maids did not dare delay any further and quickly helped Lin Ruo Yin up to lie down on the bed.

Although Lin Ruo Xi did not look up, but hearing Lin Ruo Yin's words, she felt uncomfortable all over. Hearing these fake words, she suddenly forgot about her own situation, raised her head and pointed at Lin Ruo Yin: "Lin Ruo Yin, you don't feel good."

"How dare you!" Grand Lady shouted, "Are you still so stubborn? Now that Lin Ruo Yin is someone who was poisoned, she is actually speaking up for you guys, what about you? As the elder sister, you say that your sister is uneasy and has good intentions. Do you really think that I can't do anything to you? "

Lin Ruo Xi was so angry that she almost died. Others might not know what Lin Ruo Yin was thinking, but how could Lin Ruo Xi not know? That was her usual way of feigning pity. When did Lin Ruo Yin learn it? To be able to achieve such perfection?

Looking at Lin Ruo Xi's painful and unspeakable expression, Lin Ruo Yin felt unspeakably happy in her heart! Lin Ruo Xi, you never thought that you would actually have such a day, right? I want others to see your gentle and courteous true face!

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