At that time, Lin Fu Cheng was just a poor guy, but he was favored by the young First Lady. Unfortunately, because of the great disparity in their family background, they were not allowed to interact with each other.

However, Qing Er believed that one day he would stick her neck out and follow him without any complaints, not sparing any hesitation to break all ties with his family. Their wedding was simple enough for just the two of them. Afterwards, it was always the Miss who helped him wash her hands and make the broth. She washed his clothes and served him.

Finally, he was admitted to the top scorer and married her. In these early years, they lived a very blissful life. It was only because she could not give birth to a son, but because the Grand Lady was on fire from Lin Family, she allowed Lin Fu Cheng to marry a concubine. After that, even though he had married two concubines and was even entangled with the other girls, deep in his heart, he still leaned towards her, and thus loved their daughter, Lin Ruo Xi, even more.

Furthermore, Lin Ruo Xi was the eldest daughter, so to this day, Lin Fu Cheng still remembered her heart throbbing when she was a father. How could he not love her the most?

At this time, he saw the two of them kneeling on the ground, while Lan Xiu who was standing beside them had already requested for punishment, and was slightly angered in his heart, as a lot of words came out of his mouth.

"Mother, why are you making things so difficult for your son's wife and daughter? They are also your family. " Lin Fu Cheng had never contradicted the Grand Lady before, and in front of so many people with others.

Grand Lady also knew their feelings, and First Lady had always been filial to him after entering the door, but she didn't know when it had changed. Ever since she let her son take in a concubine? She didn't know and felt guilty, so as long as she didn't overdo it, she would turn a blind eye.

But now, she was truly going too far. Lin Ruo Yin's poison was clearly caused by the guilty conscience of the mother and daughter duo. For such a simple matter, she did not believe that her son would be unable to see through it, otherwise it would be impossible for him to become a great scholar from a small county.

"Fu Cheng, you said that they are your wife and daughter, your relatives. What about Ruoyin and I? In your eyes, what are we? You've been here for so long, have you ever cared about Ruoyin's health? "I was just protecting them, do you still remember that Ruoyin is also your daughter?" Grand Lady said unhappily.

Only then did Lin Fu Cheng remember about Lin Ruo Yin. Looking at Lin Ruo Yin who was lying on the bed, her face was pale white, and she seemed to be extremely weak. With a tinge of guilt in her heart, she walked over to the bed.

Seeing Lin Fu Cheng coming over, Lin Ruo Yin suppressed the act of wanting to stand up, and the instant he raised his eyes, they were already filled with tears, "Father, Ruoyin is so afraid, afraid that she will never see father again."

In the end, Lin Fu Cheng was not a stone-hearted person. He reached out his hand to support her shoulder and said: "It's really been hard on you, where else are you feeling uncomfortable with? Have you gone to get a doctor? "

"Ruoyin is fine." Lin Ruo Yin shook his head, her expression extremely sorrowful. She could not help but lower his head and slowly said: "Father, Ruoyin also believes that this matter has nothing to do with Aunt and Big Sis. You must advise Ancestor Grandmother not to touch the family laws."

Lin Fu Cheng heard Lin Ruo Yin's words, and seeing that she did not seem to be lying, he nodded his head emotionally: "Alright, Ruoyin is indeed father's good daughter."

When Lin Ruo Xi heard this, he felt so uncomfortable and wanted to refute it. However, she was suppressed by a glare from First Lady and could only move her mouth and say nothing.

Grand Lady did not listen to them and said to Lan Xiu: "What are you waiting for? Do you want me to do it myself? "

Lan Xiu hesitated to take a look at Lin Fu Cheng. Grand Lady had noticed, and felt that his authority had been ignored, causing him to become even more angry. Now that I have even used the family's law, do I have to look down on others? "

"Calm down Grand Lady!"

Everyone kneeled, even Lin Fu Cheng was no exception.

"Mother, if you really want to punish, punish your son. It was because of your son's lack of discipline that such a thing happened. Your son is willing to accept this mistake. " Lin Fu Cheng immediately said this to the Grand Lady after he knelt down.

Upon hearing this, First Lady quickly kneeled and took two steps forward, and said to Grand Lady: "Mother, everything was my daughter-in-law's fault, it has nothing to do with my husband. I hope that Mother does not punish my husband, and any daughter-in-law that does will accept it, my daughter-in-law will not teach my daughter."

"Enough, shut up." Lin Fu Cheng stopped First Lady and said: "If mother wants to punish, punish me."

Good! Good! Very good! Grand Lady looked at Lin Fu Cheng. She had truly given birth to a good son. Wasn't it because he was her only son that she couldn't bear to do such a thing? Grand Lady was so angry that he laughed instead. But Lin Fu Cheng had a hard time. She really couldn't bear to see her son use family law.

"Fu Cheng, since you want to protect them like this, then I have nothing to say. But remember, if anything happens to Yin in the future, I will not let this go easily. " With that, he walked over to Lin Ruo Yin's bedside.

Lin Ruo Yin never thought that the Grand Lady would not hesitate to get into an argument with Lin Fu Cheng over him. It had to be known that in her previous life, they had a very good relationship.

"Ancestor Grandmother..." Lin Ruo Yin looked at Grand Lady with worry, as if she had aged another ten years. She couldn't bear it any longer, so she cried as she held Grand Lady's hand.

Grand Lady actually thought that she was afraid because of the current situation. She patted the back of her hand, and with a kind smile on her face, she said: "Ruoyin, are you willing to stay with Grandma?"

What did that mean? Was she going to live in her own yard? Was he afraid that there would be some kind of danger and he had to protect himself?

"Of course Ruoyin is willing." Lin Ruo Yin said happily. Now, she was completely certain that she had obtained the trust and protection of the Grand Lady.

The Grand Lady was very happy, she turned and ordered Lan Xiu and the two maids standing beside him, "Help the Third Miss pack up and move to my courtyard from today onwards, and stay next to me. I would like to see who dares to be so reckless. "

Hong Mei He Lv Yu was the happiest, hence she quickly organized her belongings and followed the Grand Lady.

After they left, Lin Fu Cheng finally let out a sigh of relief. First Lady told the others to hurry back while he walked over to his side.

"Master, thank you." First Lady really did not know what else to say. It was clearly her and her daughter's fault, but now they wanted to make a difference between them. However, she did not regret it, because that was her daughter.

Lin Fu Cheng was obviously a little tired. Holding First Lady's hand which was holding his arm, she softly said: "It's nothing, I owed you this in the first place."

"Master, what do you mean? Between husband and wife, there is no such thing as a debt. If you have to blame me, blame me for not being able to give birth to a son. " The First Lady said, somewhat unwilling. If not for this reason, she definitely wouldn't have agreed to let Lin Fu Cheng take in a concubine.

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