"Ruoyun, don't spout nonsense. That's still your little sister." Seeing Lin Ruo Yin's group suddenly appear, Lin Ruo Xi was startled, but after that she reacted quickly, and immediately berated them.

"So it was like that. Looking at how shabby her clothes are, who knows where this little beggar came from and intentionally faked his identity!" Lin Ruo Yun had originally been somewhat shocked by Lin Ruo Yin's calm and collected attitude. After all, it was her who said something bad and was in the wrong.

However, when they heard Lin Ruo Xi's reprimand, they couldn't help but raise their voices and mock him. However, they didn't mention how ugly Lin Ruo Yin was, because anyone could tell that even though Lin Ruo Yin was dressed in simple sackcloth, her temperament wasn't inferior to Lin Ruo Xi's at all.

"Ruo Yun," Lin Ruo Xi saw that when Lin Ruo Yun said this, he did not show any signs of being excited, and from start to end, kept his head down, without a single ripple, his expression could not help but change slightly. He originally wanted to ask Lin Ruo Yun to test her, but he did not see her depth.

Lin Ruo Yin could not help but sneer at the bottom of her heart, she did not hear any accusation from Lin Ruo Xi's words, the compassionate Sis did not look bad, if she was not deceived by her prideful look in her previous life, how could she have fallen to such a state?

"Is this the little sister who just entered the palace?" It's really quite beautiful. If Yun Yun doesn't know how to speak nonsense, don't take it to heart. Since you've returned, you're part of a family. Lin Ruo Xi stepped forward and held Lin Ruo Yin's hand with her white and delicate hands.

There was a gentle and amiable smile at the corner of his mouth. Other than Lin Ruo Yin, no one saw that smile in her eyes. Steward Mammy heaved a sigh of relief when he saw Lin Ruo Xi's words, and praised Lin Ruo Xi even more in her heart. If the Steward Mammy was like that, the rest of them would no longer need to explain and already treat Lin Ruo Xi like an immortal.

Lin Ruo Yin's eyes flashed with coldness. A fairy? Then, she wanted to reveal the fact that her appearance was different from others. No matter how beautiful the snake and scorpion beauty was, she was still just a snake and a scorpion.

Lin Ruo Yin shrank back at this moment, as if she wanted to pull her hand out from Lin Ruo Xi's grasp. When the crowd looked at this scene, they were a little confused, but when they looked carefully, they discovered that the two people's hands were full of blood stains, and had even lost consciousness.

All of the blood had flowed out from Lin Ruo Yin's previously injured fingertip, and the shattered wounds were once again opened. The ten fingers were connected to her heart, and Lin Ruo Yin's face was filled with fear and pain.

"Eldest Miss, Third Miss's hands are injured, you should let her go first." Along the way, Steward Mammy had naturally known that Lin Ruo Yin's hands were full of wounds. But now, it seemed that after Lin Ruo Yin had held onto her hands, the wounds had actually opened up, and even though Lin Ruo Yin wanted to struggle free, she had always been gripped tightly by Lin Ruo Xi, not willing to let go.

But at this moment, Lin Ruo Xi was in pain and she couldn't say anything. How could it be that she was holding onto Lin Ruo Yin and wasn't willing to let go? She didn't even know what had happened, but Lin Ruo Yin's hands were already covered in blood.

Hearing Steward Mammy's words, Lin Ruo Xi also understood Lin Ruo Yin's intentions. She wanted to struggle free from Lin Ruo Yin's grasp even more violently, but how could Lin Ruo Yin let go of him so easily? After all these, it was as if Lin Ruo Xi was not willing to let go.

Hearing the voices of the maids discussing how to get up, Lin Ruo Xi became anxious. After looking at the figure that appeared not too far away, Lin Ruo Xi could no longer stay calm, and used her strength to push Lin Ruo Yin away, because the figure that appeared at the corner was Grand Lady who had heard the sound, the true leader of University Hall!

But she absolutely did not expect that right at the exact moment Lin Ruo Yin was waiting for, she had simultaneously released her hand the moment Lin Ruo Xi had pushed her away. Lin Ruo Xi's strength was not small, and Lin Ruo Yin's entire body uncontrollably fell into the lotus pond behind him.

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