Lin Fu Cheng could only sigh helplessly, and turned around to tell her: "Even though this matter is said to be in the past, Mother will definitely be angry, and it seems that I must do something."

"Master, I understand." With that, the First Lady took out the key from her sleeve. Anyone who had this would be able to become the head of the household.

After Grand Lady brought Lin Ruo Yin back to her own courtyard and settled her down, she started to feel tired as well. With Lan Xiu's help, she returned to her room.

Lin Ruo Yin looked at Grand Lady's elderly back, and a trace of impatience flashed across her heart, but it was quickly covered up by hatred.

Grandmother, don't blame me for that. Lin Family owes me so much, and my hatred is as deep as the seas.

"Miss, why are you unhappy?" Lv Yu saw that her Miss was sullen, and felt that it was strange.

Lin Ruo Yin shook her head, her expression unspeakably lonely. She laughed bitterly and said: "How do you feel?"

"Of course it's good. In the future, with Grand Lady supporting us, who would dare to provoke us?" Lv Yu said while grinning.

Hearing Lv Yu's words, she suddenly envied Lv Yu's simplicity. If she could be like her, would her past and present life be so painful?

"But Ancestor Grandmother isn't happy." Lin Ruo Yin said softly, it was unknown if it was for Lv Yu to hear it, or just because she had a faint feeling of guilt in her heart.

However, these emotions did not last long. She quickly told herself that all of this was because of Lin Fu Cheng and Lin Ruo Xi. When they had caused her death, did they ever think that she was their close relative? Therefore, he had to blame them.

Lv Yu wanted to say something, but Lin Ruo Yin suddenly said: "I'm tired, I want to go to sleep, all of you can leave now."

All the maidservants left the room and even closed the door. Lin Ruo Yin heard the door close, and slowly closed her eyes.

After dinner, the seemingly calm University Hall suddenly let out a burst of angry roars. The sound was coming from somewhere else, from the shed behind the kitchen.

"You knew you were coming back? Eh? He was getting bolder and bolder, and his wings were becoming harder and harder, right? "He actually dares to scheme against me?" These series of furious roars naturally came from the old cook s of the Lin Mansion.

She was not stupid, and even more so, most of Xiao Bei's astuteness was affected by her. At first, she was very anxious when she knew that she had lost the antidote pill. She didn't know how to explain it to Xiao Bei.

However, no matter how she thought about it, she felt that something wasn't right. This brat had just mentioned to her that he wanted to save her, yet this Detoxification Pill was taken away by someone. Everything was too coincidental. Furthermore, which thief would be so kind as to bring the unconscious her back to lie down?

Looking at Xiao Bei who was kneeling at his feet, old cook really wanted to grab a kitchen knife and chop him to death.

"You little brat, how can you do this? You. How do you want me to explain this to your mother? "But ?" The most important thing to you, the one that will save your life.

Xiao Bei was also aware that he was in the wrong, he did not dare talk back, and only knelt there in silence, waiting for old cook to finish venting his anger. In any case, every time he made a mistake, it would be good as long as old cook got angry. But this time, for some reason, the old cook didn't seem to be able to vent her anger no matter how much she cursed.

"Aunt, I know I was wrong, don't be angry. The situation was urgent, and if we missed it, the Third Miss would really not have been saved. " In the end, Xiao Bei could only explain. Actually, his heart ached. After being scolded by her for so long, she must be very tired ?

"Third Miss, you only know about Third Miss, how can she know about you doing this to her? Accept? You must have been possessed by a ghost! " old cook didn't want him to have any relationship with him, especially that Third Miss.

Thinking of this, she immediately added, "From now on, don't walk around in the backyard anymore. Just stay in the kitchen obediently for me."

"Yes, yes, yes!" Auntie, you can say whatever you want! "I'm so tired from kneeling. Can I ?" Xiao Bei asked tentatively.

In fact, if he was on his knees, he wouldn't feel it at all. However, because of Lin Ruo Yin's matter, they were running all over the place and did not have much time to rest. In the afternoon, he had also been beaten up by a group of people. At this moment, he was bruised all over, and he was tired and sleepy. Naturally, his physical strength could not keep up.

"Hmph, aren't you just playing hero? Kneel until the sun rises! " old cook snorted coldly, flicked her sleeves, and left.

Xiao Bei would definitely not kneel until daybreak. Seeing that old cook had left, he quickly got up and lied on the bed. It was unknown if it was because he was too tired. As soon as he touched the pillow, he fell asleep.

Not long after, old cook came back with a bottle of Golden Sore Medicine. Looking at the snoring Xiao Bei, he smiled helplessly. He went up to help him apply the medicine and covered him up with his blanket.

Xiao Bei, if your mother entrusts you to me, I will definitely take good care of you. But you.

Thinking of all the willful things he had done, she sighed slightly and gazed deeply at his sleeping visage.

As the days passed, she finally recovered fully and was able to walk out of the room.

Today, Hong Mei He Lv Yu supported Lin Ruo Yin to walk in the garden. The three of them walked to the center of the pavilion together. Lv Yu went to the kitchen to get some snacks while Hong Mei accompanied her to sit inside the pavilion.

"Can you pay my respects to the Ancestor Grandmother for the next few days?" Before Lin Ruo Yin's body recovered, Grand Lady didn't allow her to get off the bed, so she had Hong Mei greet him on her behalf every day.

"Yes. Grand Lady is still not willing to see Master and Madam. In order to calm Grand Lady down, Master punished First Lady and the two Miss, preventing them from going out. " Hong Mei told Lin Ruo Yin everything she heard today.

Forbidden foot? It was just a play! Lin Ruo Yin curled her lips, her face full of disdain, and asked: "What about Ancestor Grandmother's feelings? Are you feeling better? "

"Grand Lady is really happy to know that Miss can get off her bed, and she finally has a smile on her face. I even instructed a servant not to let Miss go out any further, if she went out, she would definitely wear warm clothes. " Hong Mei chuckled, and said: "Grand Lady sure loves Miss."

Lin Ruo Yin's heart also warmed when she heard this. After living two lives, she had seen a lot of those fake care, and only the Grand Lady could make Lin Ruo Yin feel warm from the bottom of her heart.

"Miss, Miss ?" Lv Yu rushed over to the pavilion, placed the tray with the snacks on the stone table, and panted.

Lin Ruo Yin slightly frowned, and unhappily said, "How could you be like this? What makes you so anxious? "

Lv Yu slowed her breathing and said: "Miss, do you know? That Xiao Bei was beaten up by others on the afternoon we returned to our residence. "

"What's going on?" After Lin Ruo Yin heard this, she was also somewhat surprised. Was she bullied again?

"Miss, I heard that he was the one who obstructed Master's path that day and even told him about what happened on Shuiyue Temple. The most terrifying thing was that he actually said that the Eldest Miss wanted to harm Miss. Wasn't this saying that the poison was administered by the Eldest Miss? After hearing that, the Old Master flew into a rage, and got someone to teach him a lesson. "

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