Lv Yu said in a single breath, then stared at Lin Ruo Yin's thoughtful appearance and asked: "Miss, how do you think he knew that it was the Eldest Miss who poisoned him? And he dares to say it in front of Master? "

Lin Ruo Yin was also thinking about this question, but was unable to come up with an answer. Recalling that she was the one who helped her previously, the reason why he was beaten up this time around was because of her once again. I should have gone to see him anyway.

After thinking about it, she got Hong Mei He Lv Yu to pack the snacks into a box so they wouldn't follow, and then went to the kitchen alone.

She did not know where Xiao Bei lived nor did she directly ask. Thus, she remembered that he followed the old cook into the palace, so she asked him where he lived. Very quickly, she figured out the route and carried her food box there.

The little house was a small independent courtyard, and was even weaker than Lin Ruo Yin's. In her previous life, she had no idea that there was such a place.

As he walked into the courtyard, he saw two rooms. Just when he was wondering where Xiao Bei lived, he saw a fat woman walk out, and as she walked, she told him, "Remember to apply some medicine. Don't run around if you have nothing to do, I'll be back before dinner."

"Got it." A muffled sound came from inside, it was Xiao Bei. From his voice, one could tell that he was extremely dissatisfied. Lin Ruo Yin heard and laughed lightly.

old cook turned her head around after giving instructions, seeing Lin Ruo Yin who was walking towards him, she frowned unnoticeably, returning to her usual smiling appearance, "Greetings Third Miss, why have you come to this place? "Strange and dirty, let's talk outside."

Lin Ruo Yin had read a lot of people in these two lifetimes, so she naturally saw the coldness and perfunctory attitude towards her in old cook's eyes. But she didn't know why, and why she was in such a hurry to drive him away.

"I came to see Xiao Bei." Lin Ruo Yin took out the imposing manner of the Third Miss, ignoring the old cook, he immediately shouted: "Xiao Bei? Are you in there? "

old cook's eyebrows were about to scrunch together, what was going on with this Third Miss?

How good was Xiao Bei in the house? When old cook was speaking, sshe already knew that Lin Ruo Yin had come. When he thought that she had personally come to see him, her heart filled with indescribable happiness. She hastily jumped down the bed, and saw that Lin Ruo Yin had already entered with the food box in her hands, and the old cook had also returned with her.

When Xiao Bei saw Lin Ruo Yin, his heart jumped even faster. He was also worried that he would scare her like this, so he forcefully suppressed his emotions and respectfully invited Lin Ruo Yin to sit down. "Why are you here, Third Miss?"

When Lin Ruo Yin entered the room, she saw that his face was still slightly bruised, making his originally ugly face even more ugly. But for some reason, Lin Ruo Yin felt that it was a little cute.

"I heard you were injured, so I came to see you and brought you some snacks." Lin Ruo Yin put down the food box and gestured for him to sit down as well.

"Third Miss, Xiao Bei has already eaten, are you still ?" old cook originally wanted to say that it was better for you to go back, but before he could finish, he was interrupted by Lin Ruo Yin.

"I made the chef cook this on purpose, it's not something I can eat normally." As he said that, he called for the food box and took one out to give to Xiao Bei.

old cook knew that she was secretly mocking her. Then, without thinking, she spoke out, "Third Miss is right, people like Xiao Bei and I naturally cannot eat them."

Hearing that, Lin Ruo Yin secretly glanced at old cook, worried that Xiao Bei would misunderstand, and quickly replied: "Xiao Bei, that's not what I meant."

Of course Xiao Bei could understand, it was just that he didn't know why the usually amiable old cook treated him like this. Was it because the antidote pill was in her body? Thinking about it, he frowned slightly and said to old cook: "Aunt, aren't you in a hurry to go back to the kitchen? Why aren't you going yet? "

How could she leave at this time? Furthermore, since the Third Miss was not the type of person to leave immediately, he said: "There's no big deal, there's nothing much for me to do later."

Everyone knew that old cook was the head of the kitchen and that she had some relationship with him. If she did not appear in the kitchen for a day, no one would tell them.

Lin Ruo Yin was too lazy to bother with her. She came here to ask Xiao Bei a few things, so she asked: "I heard that you were beaten up because you said that Eldest Miss poisoned me. Is that true?"

old cook glared at him fiercely from the side. Just wait and see how we're going to deal with him!

Xiao Bei seemed to have already felt the cold aura from old cook's body.

"Xiao Bei?" Lin Ruo Yin looked at him strangely.

Hearing her call his name, Xiao Bei finally reacted and replied: "Third Miss, to be honest, I won't hide this from you. Not long ago, I didn't have any objections to see Qing He. While you're gone to pay respects to the Grand Lady, I went to secretly pick the pomegranates in your courtyard. He followed curiously. Seeing that they were using mouse s to test themselves, the mouse s died after eating the pomegranate. That's why when Shuiyue Temple saw the pomegranate, he associated it with this matter and decided that it was Eldest Miss. "

Xiao Bei said it very simply, he did not reveal the matter of him going to the middle of the room to look for the antidote or instead, persuade Cui Ping.

"It's really her!" "To think that he failed in his plan and used a different method to harm me." Lin Ruo Yin secretly clenched her teeth, this Lin Ruo Xi was really a scourge.

Xiao Bei heard the hidden meaning behind his words and asked: "Could it be that the pomegranate was poisoned as well? No wonder, I always felt that it was strange, why Third Miss's pomegranate was poisonous? "

"It was her who asked the Second Sister to poison me. In a fit of anger, I poured some tea and in the end, it was absorbed by the pomegranate tree." For some reason, Lin Ruo Yin was actually able to easily say these things to Xiao Bei.

Xiao Bei lowered his head and thought, but the old cook was already unable to calm down. He thought that since there were so many enemies in Third Miss, it was best to avoid contact with Xiao Bei. As she was planning, she grabbed the two before they could say anything, and said: "Since Third Miss has finished asking, and Xiao Bei's injuries are not fully healed yet, he needs to rest. Third Miss or ? "

Only now did Lin Ruo Yin remember to not ask Xiao Bei about his own injuries. Disregarding the old cook's order to leave, he asked: "Oh right, Xiao Bei, are your injuries serious? Would you like a doctor to come and take a look? "

When Xiao Bei heard her concerned words, he felt lighthearted, and he suddenly did not want to speak the truth, "It still hurts, my leg is injured, and I haven't recovered from it yet. It's not convenient for me to walk."

This ? This, this child! old cook was so angry that she wanted to throw him out. She glared at him and decided to follow what he said, "That's right, Xiao Bei is still injured and needs to rest. I will send Third Miss out."

Lin Ruo Yin didn't know why this old cook kept chasing him away. Although she was unresigned in her heart, she didn't say anything after seeing Xiao Bei's injury, and only stood up to take her leave: "Since that's the case, Xiao Bei, you should rest properly. I'll be going back first."

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