Upon hearing that Third Miss was leaving, Xiao Bei glared at him angrily. Really, how could this be? Seeing that Lin Ruo Yin had already turned and walked to the door, Xiao Bei suddenly knocked over a chair and pretended to fall.

Hearing movement, Lin Ruo Yin hurriedly turned her head and saw Xiao Bei fall to the ground. She hurriedly walked back to help Xiao Bei up. old cook naturally saw it too, and knew that he didn't hurt his leg at all.

Lin Ruo Yin ran over quickly and held her up, and asked worriedly: "How are you? If your legs are inconvenient, don't force yourself to send me off. "

Listening to her concern for him, Xiao Bei felt blissful. Almost all the weight on Lin Ruo Yin's body rested as he let her support him with a limp back to the bedside.

And Lin Ruo Yin, had been stunned the moment she approached him. Because, from Xiao Bei's body, she could smell the fragrance of the medicine that kept lingering around her.

Could it really be him? When he thought about his previous guesses, and the medicine fragrance on his body, Lin Ruo Yin was almost certain that this would happen, and he suddenly said: "The medicine smell on your body is so familiar, it's the same as mine."

Hearing that, Xiao Bei raised his head and met Lin Ruo Yin's eyes with anticipation. He suddenly had an urge to tell her everything.

old cook became more alert when Lin Ruo Yin asked this question. She knew the usage of the antidote pill, so she naturally knew that Xiao Bei had used his inner strength to spread the effects of the antidote pill. This was also the reason why she didn't let the two of them get close to each other.

Seeing that Xiao Bei was about to say the truth, the old cook quickly stepped forward and pushed him away, supporting him.

Then, the old cook unrestrainedly said, "Third Miss, it's not strange for Xiao Bei to have the scent of medicine on his body when he's injured. There's a difference in status, Third Miss, please don't make the two of us feel uncomfortable. "

old cook's words were truly offending. Xiao Bei wanted to speak, but old cook glared at him fiercely. Due to her gaze, he chose to shut up.

Lin Ruo Yin did not hear the answer she wanted and sighed in disappointment. She was not in the mood to argue with old cook, so she turned around and left.

Hearing this, Xiao Bei felt uncomfortable in his heart. He got up and wanted to chase after his, but was stopped by the old cook. When he turned around, he met her furious gaze.

"I'll deal with you when I get back!" After she finished speaking, she chased Lin Ruo Yin out of the door.

old cook sent Lin Ruo Yin to the door, hesitated for a moment, but still called out to her. The two of them stood in a row, separated by a person's distance.

"What else is there?" Lin Ruo Yin turned around.

After all, it would be disrespectful to say something careless while waiting. But for Xiao Bei's sake, old cook hesitated for a moment before raising his head.

"Third Miss, Xiao Bei still doesn't understand. This servant was under the care of the Grand Lady and was willing to take him to the palace to have a meal and eat, so that he could live a peaceful life and not create unnecessary troubles. From now on, I will remind Xiao Bei not to get involved with the matters of the masters. " old cook said these words gently but with a firm tone.

Lin Ruo Yin met her gaze, then squinted her eyes slightly. This woman had always been hostile towards her, and now, she had even brought out the Grand Lady to speak. Was she an enemy or a friend? Or was she just trying to protect Xiao Bei?

He had lived for two lifetimes, but he still didn't understand this woman. Lin Ruo Yin was secretly surprised, but she did not show any signs of weakness.

"The servants work for the master, shouldn't they?" Lin Ruo Yin asked with a smile, but she did not seem to be really asking this question.

old cook's heart was slightly startled, this Third Miss might not be a good person. Thinking about it, she couldn't help but frown. How did Xiao Bei provoke such a person back? He had originally thought that Xiao Bei was just hot-headed. From the looks of it, it might not be as simple as he thought.

Just as old cook was in a daze, Lin Ruo Yin had already turned and left. Looking at her retreating back, old cook sighed secretly. She hid her worries and returned to the small hut.

"Aunt, why did you not let me say anything just now?" Seeing that the old cook had returned, Xiao Bei wanted to ask more about it.

How could the child he raised with his own hands not understand his thoughts? old cook immediately extended a leg and kicked Xiao Bei's knee, causing Xiao Bei to not pay attention for a moment, and fell on his knees.

"Keep your thoughts in check, this is the Miss, you are just like a toad trying to eat a swan." old cook stated the truth coldly. She wanted to make Xiao Bei completely give up.

"Who said I must be a toad? "If it wasn't for aunty not letting me reveal myself, I would have been able to find a good job with my skills." Xiao Bei retorted.

If it was before, it would have been fine to listen to it. But right now, all of his thoughts were on Lin Ruo Yin, and she was even more unwilling to hide.

"Good job? I didn't know you had such thoughts, though. " old cook suddenly realized that the child that had always been at peace with himself had grown up. The more he thought about it, the more afraid he became, and the louder his voice became. "I wanted you to learn martial arts to strengthen your body, not to think about those useless things!"

Although Xiao Bei didn't accept it in his heart, he didn't dare disobey old cook and hurt her heart, so he could only lower his head and endure and not speak.

"Xiao Bei, listen to aunt. From now on, don't get involved, okay? It's impossible for you and Third Miss. Auntie doesn't want to see you get hurt. " old cook helped Xiao Bei up, and said with sincerity.

However, Xiao Bei shook his head as if he was possessed, and said unwillingly: "I was the one who saved her life. "Maybe, maybe after I tell her the truth, I'll be grateful ?"

"What nonsense are you talking about? "I will not allow you to tell anyone else about the antidote pill!" old cook cut him off harshly, her expression becoming extremely ugly, and her eyes suddenly turned red.

"Auntie ?" Xiao Bei was suddenly shocked by old cook, when had he ever seen old cook cry? In his heart, she had always been a very valiant existence. There was almost nothing that could hurt her.

Feeling that he had lost control of himself, old cook hurriedly wiped his eyes. His tone also became much gentler as he said to Xiao Bei: "Listen to aunt. Don't ask why, listen to the time, the aunt will tell you everything. "Don't ask anything now, just listen to aunt, okay?"

Perhaps because of being shocked by old cook, Xiao Bei no longer dared to talk back. In any case, stealing the pills was his fault. Furthermore, it wasn't a big deal if he didn't say anything about it.

"Alright, Auntie, I promise you." Xiao Bei secretly lifted his eyes to take a look. He was really not used to the current aunt ?

Seeing that Xiao Bei did not say anymore, old cook heaved a sigh of relief. She was finally relieved. She knew that for a child like Xiao Bei, once she made a promise, she would definitely keep it.

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