Ever since Lin Ruo Yin moved to the courtyard of the Grand Lady, she heard Lin Fu Cheng's greetings every day. But every time, Lan Xiu would tell him that the Grand Lady did not want to see him. There seemed to be an insurmountable gulf between the mother and son. The estrangement between them slowly grew, making Lin Ruo Yin happy.

"Grandma Lan Xiu." Lin Ruo Yin walked towards Grand Lady's room, and when she saw Lan Xiu guarding outside, he went forward and called out to him.

Now, because they lived in the same courtyard, Lin Ruo Yin would always come to Grand Lady to visit whenever she had nothing better to do. The servants and servants in the courtyard all liked Lin Ruo Yin very much.

"Third Miss is here. Grand Lady was still wondering if you would come over, no matter what, you didn't want to take a nap." Lan Xiu stepped forward to welcome him, and then walked down the stairs.

Lin Ruo Yin could not help but laugh as she thought of the childish wilfulness of the Grand Lady. "So are you asleep now?"

"Yes, I've gone to sleep for two hours now. I think I should wake up soon." Lan Xiu said as he raised his head to look at the sky.

Lin Ruo Yin nodded, looked inside the house, and asked: "Has father been here today?"

Hearing Lin Ruo Yin mention Lin Fu Cheng, Lan Xiu nervously placed her forefinger between her lips, made a gesture to keep quiet, and said softly: "Third Miss, do not ever bring up the old master again, Grand Lady is still angry right now."

"What's wrong? Didn't you say that you were fine a while ago? " A few days ago, when she came here, she had met Lin Fu Cheng a few times and asked to see him. However, no matter what Grand Lady said, she did not want to see him.

Thinking back, she advised Grand Lady not to be too angry, it would be bad for her body. Although she said a lot of things on the surface. But her actual purpose was to not let the Grand Lady forget about Lin Fu Cheng threatening her that day. Grand Lady was even angrier?

With an extremely anxious expression on his face, Lin Ruo Yin urged, "Senior Sister Lan Xiu, hurry up and say it, is Ancestor Grandmother angry? Are you mad? "

Seeing Lin Ruo Yin being so nervous, Lan Xiu did not dare to be negligent, and said: "I don't know why, Grand Lady was actually angered for so long this time. Furthermore, not only does she not have any intention of calming down, she even has a grudge in her heart, like a nameless fire. "

In this regard, Lan Xiu had no other choice. Although she listened to the words of the Grand Lady, she still refused the old master all day, so it was not good for her to do it.

It seemed that his plan had succeeded. Looks like in order to calm the Grand Lady, Lin Fu Cheng has to pay some sort of price. What would the price be? Lin Ruo Yin thought about a few things in his head, but felt that it was not possible. In the end, he thought of one, and just as he was about to think it through, there was a sound from inside the house.

So it was the Grand Lady who had woken up, and upon hearing a voice from outside, she asked. "Lan Xiu, who are you talking to?"

"Grand Lady, Third Miss is here." Lan Xiu hurriedly replied, then led Lin Ruo Yin into the room.

Grand Lady was sitting in front of the dressing table, with a servant girl behind her combing her hair. Lan Xiu had been doing these the entire time, but after following Grand Lady for more than thirty years, as her sight became worse, afraid that she would not be able to serve her well, she handed over some of the more detailed work to the young servant girl.

"Ancestor Grandmother, Ruoyin has come to see you." Lin Ruo Yin walked to the back of Grand Lady and naturally took the peach wood comb from the servant girl's hands, skillfully fixing Grand Lady's hair, then she combed one of her hair according to her usual bun.

Even Lan Xiu, who was standing at the side, was shocked. It was as if she did not expect her to comb her hair so skillfully.

But in reality, in his previous life, Lin Ruo Yin had specifically studied for a long time in order to curry favor with the Grand Lady. It was a pity that it had never been of any use to him. Unexpectedly, he had found a good use for it in this life.

"I really can't tell. Our Ruoyin's Little Hands are such a coincidence." Grand Lady was overjoyed, she turned around and held Lin Ruo Yin's hands as she praised.

Lin Ruo Yin laughed embarrassedly, "Ruoyin is afraid that it won't comb well, is Ancestor Grandmother satisfied?"

"Satisfied, Ancestor Grandmother loves little Ruoyin the most." When Grand Lady saw the bashful Lin Ruo Yin, he couldn't help but reach out her hands to pinch her cheeks and laughed: "Our family's Ruoyin is very smart, beautiful, gentle and virtuous. Whoever marries her in the future will be able to pick up a treasure. "

Being lectured by Grand Lady made Lin Ruo Yin's face turn even redder. Lin Ruo Yin unhappily stomped her feet, lowered her head, and said coquettishly: "Ancestor Grandmother knows how to joke around. Ruo Yin will not marry, and will accompany the Ancestor Grandmother for the rest of her life. "

"Hahaha ?" Grand Lady was amused by Lin Ruo Yin and laughed heartily. Lan Xiu also pursed her lips as she thought that Lin Ruo Yin was probably the only one who could make Grand Lady laugh right now.

Just as the two were chatting happily, a servant came in and blessed the Grand Lady and Lin Ruo Yin. She said: "Grand Lady, Master is here to seek an audience."

Upon hearing that it was Lin Fu Cheng, Grand Lady's face immediately became ugly. To the girl who came to spread the news, she said, "Go and tell him that I will never see him again."

The messenger girl stood there awkwardly. How could she dare say such things to the lord? Just when he did not know what to do, he heard Lin Ruo Yin open her mouth.

She half squatted down and said to Grand Lady: "Ancestor Grandmother, it's been almost seven days. No matter how angry you are, you should be fine now, right? Father must know that he was wrong. Please do not remember this lowly person, and meet Father. "

Hearing Lin Ruo Yin's words, the Grand Lady coldly snorted, "A person like him is not worthy of you calling him father, nor is she worthy to be my son."

couldn't help but let out a light laugh when he thought about how Grand Lady was looking at her. He hurriedly said with a smile, "Ancestor Grandmother, you're obviously trying to pout your anger at her, but actually, you're not angry at your father anymore, right? "So what if you meet him? Poor father comes by once a day, even Ruoyin's heart hurts when she looks at him."

But in the end, Lin Ruo Yin's face changed and she stopped smiling, as though she was about to cry. She looked at Grand Lady eagerly, tugged her sleeves, and said softly: "I agree to it, Ancestor Grandmother, how about it?"

Grand Lady sighed, and used a resentful tone as she scolded: "You, he treated you this way, and you're still helping him speak kindly?"

After Lin Ruo Yin heard what the Grand Lady had said, she secretly cursed in her heart. She only wanted Lin Fu Cheng to take out that thing as soon as possible. Only by obtaining that thing would she be able to take a step closer to her revenge plan.

Suppressing the joy in his heart that was about to burst out, Lin Ruo Yin continued to act coquettishly, "Ancestor Grandmother, that is Ruoyin's father after all. Seeing him suffer, Ruoyin's heart ached as well. Just once. Just once is enough. "

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