Grand Lady looked at Lin Ruo Yin who was half squatting at her feet, holding out a finger and looking pitifully at her own face, her heart softened, and she finally said to the servant girl: Go and call him in.

Seeing that Grand Lady had finally let go, Lin Ruo Yin knew that staying behind would not help in the future, so she got up and took her leave, "Ancestor Grandmother, please chat with father slowly. "Remember, you're not allowed to get angry."

Grand Lady also understood Lin Ruo Yin's misgivings. After all, this matter was caused by her, so it was indeed inappropriate for her to be here. At the same time she nodded, she couldn't help but sigh at's cleverness.

Lin Fu Cheng, who had waited outside the door, did not hold much hope. Thus, when he saw that the servant girl had come, he was already prepared to leave. In the end, he heard her say that the Grand Lady invited him in.

The somewhat flattered Lin Fu Cheng, did not dare believe that this was true. Just as he was about to ask the servant girl, he saw Lin Ruo Yin walking down the stairs. Lin Fu Cheng squinted his eyes, staring straight at her, seeing her look at him, at first he was surprised, but then he slowly walked to stand in front of him.

"Rowan greets her father." Lin Ruo Yin bowed to Lin Fu Cheng, then kept his head lowered, not daring to raise it.

The moment Lin Fu Cheng saw her, for some reason, he thought of the day when she had been poisoned and then lying on the bed in a weak state. Even though he had gone over there, he had done it for the sake of the First Lady and Lin Ruo Xi. He had not expected that this little girl of hers would actually feel a little afraid to face her in such a short period of time.

Seeing that she was still maintaining her pose of greeting, Lin Fu Cheng reacted, extending his hand to personally help her up, and said: "At home, there is no need for all these formalities."

"Yes." Lin Ruo Yin replied softly, allowing everyone to hear her crying voice.

She didn't pretend to be like this, but she was truly emotional. In both of his lives, Lin Fu Cheng had never talked to her in such a gentle manner before. Of course, the first time they met was not exactly the case. After all, he had a purpose at that time.

"What's wrong?" "Raise your head." Lin Fu Cheng naturally heard the sound of his crying and thought that she was still feeling wronged about what happened that day. He couldn't help but explain in a more gentle tone, "On that day, father didn't do it on purpose, but because he saw how angry Grand Lady was, he was worried about your aunt and your sister. That's why ?"

"Daddy, there's no need to say so much. Ruoyin ? They all understood. Ruoyin had never blamed her father, really. Daddy, don't take it to heart. Just now, Ruoyin was just missing her father too much, that's why she couldn't hold it in, it won't happen again. " As he spoke till the end, Lin Ruo Yin's voice was as soft as the sound of a mosquito.

Lin Fu Cheng also knew that he was ashamed of this child, and didn't know what to say to him.

Lin Ruo Yin sneaked a glance at him, but after seeing the guilt on his face, she laughed complacently in her heart. Lin Fu Cheng, please retract your feeling of guilt, Lin Ruo Yin does not care. However, I also like to see you like this, it gives Ruoyin a sense of accomplishment, and from now on she will make him have this illusion many times more.

"Father, Ancestor Grandmother is waiting inside. Don't make her wait too long." Lin Ruo Yin broke the silence.

Only then did Lin Fu Cheng remember, and looked at Lin Ruo Yin, only to see her smiling at him. His face had an incomparable amount of trust in him, and his heart warmed as he asked: "You often come to see your Ancestor Grandmother?"

"Un, that's right. Ruoyin would have come over sooner or later to pay her respects. She is currently living in the same courtyard as Ancestor Grandmother, and she often comes over to accompany him. Even though Ancestor Grandmother is very strict, Grandma is actually very lonely, and likes us to chat with her the most. " When Lin Ruo Yin talked about Grand Lady, he smiled widely without end.

No wonder her mother was so fond of Ruoyin. This little girl had a heart of her own, she would often come to accompany her mother. Thinking of the sudden change in his mind, he asked, "Did you say something good today?"

Hearing that, Lin Ruo Yin hurriedly shook her head and explained, "No, no, actually, Ancestor Grandmother has already forgiven Father a long time ago. When Daddy goes in later, he must not make Ancestor Grandmother angry again. Although there is no enmity between mother and son, it is not good to have more. "

Lin Fu Cheng looked at Lin Ruo Yin who had a mischievous expression, and couldn't help but smile as he spoke such serious words. Remembering that he was here today to seek forgiveness, he quickly let Ruoyin go back to her room to rest before entering Grand Lady's room.

Looking at Lin Fu Cheng's back figure, Lin Ruo Yin confidently muttered to himself: "I will definitely get this authority of the butler."

With that, Lin Ruo Yin returned to her own room. Feeling a little tired, she let Hong Mei He Lv Yu go out and guard. She put on her clothes and lied on the bed, wanting to rest.

As for Lin Fu Cheng, he anxiously and anxiously walked into Grand Lady's room. Seeing that his mother was sitting in a high position, he quickly lifted his clothes and kneeled on the ground.

"My dear mother, please accept the respect of your unfilial son." Lin Fu Cheng said loudly, and did not kowtow in the slightest.

With regards to all of this, the Grand Lady was quite satisfied. However, she felt somewhat unhappy that he had actually come in so late. She asked, "If you're not willing to enter this old woman's room at such a late hour, there's no need to force yourself."

After hearing this, Lin Fu Cheng knew that his mother had misunderstood, and anxiously explained, "This is definitely not what my son intended. I just saw my daughter, Ruoyin, before I came in. I haven't seen her for a while, so I was late talking to her. "

When the Grand Lady heard him say that it was because of Ruoyin, he felt a lot more at ease. With a straight face, he lectured, "You actually know that you have such a daughter? "Let me tell you, if it wasn't for Ruoyin desperately speaking up for you today, I really wouldn't want to see you."

Lin Fu Cheng was startled, then suddenly thought of something, Lin Ruo Yin anxiously tried to defend himself, thinking that the child was afraid of him overthinking, so he decided to clear it up? Suddenly, he had a thought and sincerely said, "That's right, Ruoyin is indeed a good child."

Although she was speaking softly, Grand Lady still heard her. He felt gratified in his heart, but he did not want to forgive his son so easily. He then asked: "I heard that there's still Ruoyun who has been confined in that courtyard?"

"Yes, when my son returned that day, he banned the First Lady's mother and daughter, as well as Ruoyun and the others. He even punished them to copy the 'Female Commandment'. Mother, look ?" Lin Fu Cheng asked tentatively, wanting to please the Grand Lady.

Grand Lady merely snorted and said, "Although this matter did not blow up, everyone is well aware of what happened. Such a huge mistake, and you're only punishing them by restricting their movements? "Ah, child, you are truly biased towards them. What do you think I should say about this kind of punishment?"

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