Hearing Grand Lady's words, Lin Fu Cheng naturally knew that his mother was dissatisfied, and extremely dissatisfied. Therefore, he took out the key that he had prepared a long time ago, which represented the authority of a butler. He handed it over with both hands and said: "Mother, Qing Er truly knows her wrongs. Knowing that she no longer has the face to manage the family, she entrusted her son to her mother to give the key to her. She hoped that she would be able to take control of the family again. "

Seeing the key, the Grand Lady was a little surprised. It should be known that when the First Lady took this bunch of keys from her, it took a lot of effort to get what she wanted. Now, she actually took it out just like that, she really did not expect it.

"Do you mean, or does she mean?" Grand Lady did not believe that the woman would do such a thing, hence she asked directly.

Lin Fu Cheng who was asked about the central matter was startled, he did not expect it to be seen through, but just as he was about to explain, he heard the sound of a cup falling to the ground.

In this moment of surprise, the Grand Lady already knew the answer. She broke the teacup beside her hand and said to Lin Fu Cheng who was kneeling on the ground: "You underestimate your mother. Do you think that the reason your mother is doing this is to regain the authority as a butler in our house?"

This questioning caused Lin Fu Cheng to be frightened, because he was worried that the Grand Lady had misunderstood him. His face flushed red from anxiety, and he explained in a flustered manner: "Mother, your son did not think like that, it's true. Your son truly feels that Qing Er does not have the ability to manage this house properly, so he can only trouble Mother to step in. "

Regarding these words of Lin Fu Cheng, Grand Lady did not want to hear it. Staring at the key in his hand, he said tiredly, "Mother is old and tired. I can't bear to shoulder such a heavy responsibility."

Knowing that these were only the angry words that the Grand Lady had said, Lin Fu Cheng kneeled and walked forward two steps, shoved the key into the Grand Lady's hands, and said with certainty: "Mother is merciful, and has seen many things. Your son believes that your mother can definitely help your son manage this family. "

"Do you really think so? No matter what Mother does, will you support her? " The Grand Lady probed him and thought of a plan in his heart.

Lin Fu Cheng knew that this was just a test. In order to coax the Grand Lady, he nodded his head fiercely, "Yes, no matter what mother does, son will definitely say anything."

Grand Lady looked at the key, then looked at Lin Fu Cheng, and finally held the key in his hand. He seemed to be talking to him, but also seemed to be talking to himself, "This is what you said, don't regret it when the time comes."

"Your son will never regret it!" "Mother, if you accept the key, does it mean that you have forgiven your son?"

Grand Lady took a deep breath, put away the key in her sleeve, and said slowly: "In this world, which mother is really angry with her son? I can understand First Lady's way of thinking and actions, so I will exempt her from punishment. However, Ruoxi and Ruoyun, these two girls, actually dared to poison it. Their courage is truly too great, no matter what. "

"Yes, son understands." Your son will definitely be disciplined by the Yan family. " Lin Fu Cheng was helped up by the Grand Lady. To this old lady, he felt that he was even more tiring than dealing with the emperor and all the officials in the imperial court.

But in Grand Lady's heart, she had another plan. After thinking about it carefully, she felt that it was possible, so she said to Lin Fu Cheng who was beside him: "Tomorrow, after breakfast, gather all the people in the residence. I have something to announce."

Lin Fu Cheng thought that the Grand Lady wanted to announce that she was back in charge of the Lin Mansion, so he agreed without any hesitation and left the courtyard of the Grand Lady to take care of it.

Only after Lin Fu Cheng left did Lan Xiu walk forward. When Grand Lady took the key, she noticed a flash of light in her eyes and felt that things were not that simple. Unable to resist her curiosity, she asked softly, "Grand Lady, are you really going to take charge of the family matters again?"

"What do you think?" The Grand Lady did not answer his question, but seeing that Lan Xiu did not answer with her head lowered, he smiled and said: "Go speak with Ruoyin, I'll go over for dinner tonight."

"Yes." After receiving the order, Lan Xiu rejected the other servant's help and personally went to Lin Ruo Yin's room.

"Isn't this Grandma Lan Xiu? Why are you here at this time? " Seeing Lan Xiu slowly walking over, Hong Mei quickly went down the stairs to greet him.

Lan Xiu smiled and asked: "Where is your Miss?"

Hearing that Lan Xiu was asking about Miss, Hong Mei's first thought was that there was something wrong with Grand Lady, and she asked anxiously: "Is there a problem with Grand Lady? My Miss is tired after returning and is currently resting. Hong Mei will go call her now. " As she spoke, she turned around to head back.

"Ai, no rush." Lan Xiu called out to the anxious Hong Mei, took a glance at the closed door, and then slowly said: "No rush, no rush, after your Miss wakes up, tell her, her Grand Lady is going to come over for dinner."

Seeing that Lan Xiu did not intend to disturb her, Hong Mei's thoughts moved slightly, and she said: "Senior Sister Lan Xiu has been serving beside Grand Lady all year round, so she must know what Grand Lady likes to eat.

Hong Mei was very satisfied with her courtesy. When they thought about how Hong Mei He Lv Yu had been selected from the low level maids, they never expected that the Third Miss would teach them this well in such a short period of time. Lan Xiu smiled and said a few dishes that Grand Lady liked to eat, then turned and went back.

An hour later, Lin Ruo Yin woke up and called Hong Mei He Lv Yu in.

"Miss, just now, Senior Lan Xiu came over. She said that Grand Lady is coming over for dinner later." Hong Mei told Lin Ruo Yin everything, and Lv Yu handed over a piece of paper.

Hearing that the Grand Lady was coming, Lin Ruo Yin was surprised. Then, he lowered his head to look at the slip of paper in her hand, raised his head and asked: "Lv Yu, what is this?"

"It was Sister Hong Mei who asked about the menu from Senior Sister Lan Xiu. I heard that these dishes are Grand Lady's favorite food." Lv Yu would never fight for merits, because her Miss knew that she did not have that kind of brain.

Lin Ruo Yin looked at Hong Mei gratefully. She never thought that this girl would actually think of this. Hong Mei felt embarrassed and changed the topic, "Miss, why do you think we should have dinner here?"

Hong Mei didn't understand even after thinking for a long time. However, just because Hong Mei didn't understand didn't mean that she didn't know. If Lin Ruo Yin guessed right, she would definitely reap some rewards tonight.

Thinking about it this way, a smile appeared on Lin Ruo Yin's face that was hard to detect. Lin Family, the day of your downfall and the destruction of your family has only just begun.

? ?.

Notice: Strawberry after 6: 00 tonight, please prepare the watermelon seeds bench mineral water support!

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