"Don't worry about it, as long as you serve Grand Lady well, Miss will definitely love you more." Lv Yu was always the simplest person to deal with.

Lin Ruo Yin secretly thought for a while, then asked: "How much longer until dinner?"

"There are still four hours. Hong Mei has already instructed the kitchen to prepare these dishes. Do you have any other instructions, Miss?" Hong Mei knew that tonight's dinner was very important.

"Hong Mei, do you remember the soup I made for Grand Lady last time? Go prepare the ingredients again, I will personally stew the Grand Lady's soup. " Lin Ruo Yin had a confident smile on his lips as he stood up and let Lv Yu change her clothes. Then, he walked towards the kitchen.

The stew took four hours. With the experience from the last time, Lin Ruo Yin was able to stew it easily. After the stew was done, she personally carried the other dishes back to her room and saw that Hong Mei He Lv Yu had already laid out the other dishes. She even put all of Grand Lady's favorite dishes into the right places.

"What did little girl Ruoyin make to eat?" You can smell the fragrance from far away. " Before the Grand Lady people even entered, their laughter could already be heard.

When Lin Ruo Yin heard the sound, shsheimmediately tidied up her clothes and let the two maidservants look at her hair. After there was no problem, he walked out to welcome her, and when she saw Grand Lady, he greeted her, "Ruo Ying greets Ancestor Grandmother."

Grand Lady personally went over to help Lin Ruo Yin up, held her hand in his, and walked inside the house together with her.

"Greetings Grand Lady." Hong Mei He Lv Yu also greeted on the spot.

Grand Lady liked these two pretty and smart maidservants, so she helped them up with a smile, "Get up, there is no need to be so polite. If you guys are this grand, I would think that you guys aren't welcoming me and wouldn't dare come next time. "

"Grand Lady is too serious!" Hong Mei He Lv Yu stood up with a smile. Her face was brimming with joy, causing Grand Lady to look very happy.

"Since the Ancestor Grandmother is willing to come, Ruo Yin is still happy, how can she not welcome him?" Lin Ruo Yin brought Grand Lady up to the seat of honor, and personally scooped up a bowl of hot soup, then placed it in front of Grand Lady and passionately said: "Ancestor Grandmother, Ruoyin remembers that Ancestor Grandmother said last time that she really likes to drink hot soup. Ruoyin knew that you were coming today, but she went to the kitchen to make some stew.

Of course the Grand Lady knew about this soup, it was her favorite. The last time Lin Ruo Yin brought her to her room, she had wanted to ask who did it. It was just that after a while, she had forgotten about it. Seeing that Lin Ruo Yin had brought it out tonight, she asked in shock, "This soup, was it really made by Ruoyin herself?"

Lin Ruo Yin nodded lightly, and said with a face full of anticipation: "Ancestor Grandmother, quickly drink, it's good to drink."

"Alright, I will definitely try it. If it tastes good, Ancestor Grandmother will definitely drink it all. I'm just afraid that with Ancestor Grandmother's words, Ruoyin will teach you a lesson. In the future, you'll be the only one who likes to drink this soup of yours. " The Grand Lady said as he scooped a spoonful of soup into his mouth.

"That's good, Ruoyin will stew every day for Ancestor Grandmother to drink." Seeing that the Grand Lady had drank it, Lin Ruo Yin quickly asked: "Ancestor Grandmother, how is it, is Ruoyin's stew good?"

"Yes, it tastes really good." Grand Lady drank three mouthfuls in a single breath, then turned her head to praise.

After Lin Ruo Yin heard this, she laughed even more heartily. She also picked a few dishes that other Grand Lady liked to eat and placed them on her small plate.

Looking at the food on the plate, Grand Lady intentionally glanced at Lan Xiu. Seeing her smile, she understood what was going on.

"Ruoyin, there's something I've always been very curious about, how did you know I love this hot soup?" Grand Lady still asked.

"Actually, even Ben doesn't know. When my mother was still alive, she loved to make soup, and since Ruoyin had seen so much, she learned it. It would be Ruoyin's fortune if she could get the favor of the Ancestor Grandmother. " Lin Ruo Yin said calmly. Regarding this reason, she had already thought about it when she stewed the broth today.

Grand Lady thoughtfully nodded, thinking of Lin Ruo Yin's mother, who she had never seen before. She could not help but sigh: "Your mother is a good person."

No one had ever mentioned her mother to her. She even thought that none of the people in Lin Family remembered her. Now that he heard the Grand Lady mention it, his heart couldn't help but become sad.

Noticing that Lin Ruo Yin's emotions were off, the Grand Lady reacted and gently said to Ruoyin, "Child, don't be sad."

"What Ruoyin knows about is that Ancestor Grandmother talked about Mother, and that she missed Mother a little." Lin Ruo Yin lowered her head, not allowing Grand Lady to see her expression.

Grand Lady knew that she did not want him to see her and thus, he was worried about her. While being moved by her concern, he also recalled that when she had just entered the manor, she had once said that her mother had taught her etiquette. But as far as she knew, her mother was just a brothel girl.

She was just a woman who didn't sell her body at all. No matter how cultured she was, it was impossible for her to bring up such a knowledgeable and courteous daughter.

"Ancestor Grandmother, what are you thinking?" Lin Ruo Yin saw that Grand Lady did not move her chopsticks for a long time as if she was thinking about something. She couldn't help but feel nervous.

Grand Lady thought deeper, until Lin Ruo Yin called out for her. Seeing her anxious face, Grand Lady revealed a loving smile, and said: "Nothing, I was just thinking of your mother. It wasn't an easy feat for a woman to raise a daughter all by herself in a remote place and teach her so well. I only hate that I have never met her. All these years, Pingping let her suffer. "

Lin Ruo Yin replied, her heart softened, and tears actually flowed down her face. She quickly wiped it away with a handkerchief and said softly, "Mother often mentions Father in front of Ruoyin, and she also constantly reminds Ruoyin that if she can go back home, she must be filial to the family elders."

"Your mother has always wanted you to return to the main house?" Grand Lady was surprised. She had always thought that because her son had done such a thing, she more or less hated him. That was why she had spent so much effort to train her daughter so that she could one day rise to prominence.

"Yes, mother is looking forward to the day Ruoyin returns to the main house, afraid that Ruoyin will lose face for Lin Family, so she specially invited people to teach her the rules." Lin Ruo Yin's heart did not beat nor beat around the bush. Since her mother was no longer around, there was no way to confirm her words.

Grand Lady nodded her head to express her understanding. Her impression of Lin Ruo Yin and her mother improved a level. Thinking about the main reason why she came this time, Grand Lady took out the key from her sleeve.

Lin Ruo Yin who had gone through his previous life naturally knew what this key represented. It was something that she had been trying to obtain ever since she came back to the main house.

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