She knew that as long as she could obtain the Grand Lady's trust, she would definitely get this key one day. Looking at it now, this wish of his was truly too great. It was not in vain have she schemed for today, schemed for so long, and even initiated a relationship between the Grand Lady and Lin Ruo Xi, forcing the mother and daughter to a dead end.

However, no matter how excited he was, and no matter how impatient he was, Lin Ruo Yin knew that this was the most important moment. Even if he made the slightest mistake, he would still lose all of them.

Thus, when she saw Grand Lady take out the key, she showed a clueless curiosity.

"Ancestor Grandmother, what is this?" After all, in this life, Lin Ruo Yin should not know this family's property.

Grand Lady saw that she looked like a curious baby so she smiled and said: "Ruoyin, this is a good thing. With it, he would have the authority as the butler of the Lin Family. "Before, it was always at your aunt's place, but now I've asked for it."

"Ah?" "That powerful?" Lin Ruo Yin expressed her astonishment, and then said anxiously: "Then Ancestor Grandmother, quickly put it away, or else if it falls, it would be extremely difficult."

Lin Ruo Yin's performance was just right, so Grand Lady had no way of doubting it. Seeing that she was really anxious, the Grand Lady nodded her head in satisfaction and said to Lin Ruo Yin: "I do want to see the key, but it's not me, but you."

"Me?" Lin Ruo Yin pointed at her own face in disbelief, then looked like she was shocked, and quickly waved her hands, "Ancestor Grandmother, this is out of the question. Ruoyin is so muddleheaded, what if we lose it?"

Seeing that she had thought that he wanted her help to keep it, he could not help but find it funny. Grand Lady extended his hand and grabbed the key, then placed it into Lin Ruo Yin's hands without saying anything further, saying seriously and seriously: "I do not want you to hold it for me, but for you, to take care of this house from now on."

When the results of his hard work finally came to fruition, the excitement in Lin Ruo Yin's heart was not as strong as it seemed. On the contrary, she was at a loss.

When her gaze touched the key in her hand, the desire in her heart made her involuntarily touch it with her other hand. However, when he touched it, he immediately placed the key on the table as if he was electrocuted.

She was close to being bewitched by it, and then fell into the abyss beyond redemption. Fortunately, fortunately ? She rejoiced in her heart.

"Ancestor Grandmother, Ruoyin cannot accept it." Lin Ruo Yin adjusted her state of mind, she believed that the key would fall into her hands eventually, so she could not be hasty.

The changes in Lin Ruo Yin's expression were completely captured by the Grand Lady. She knew that no one could stop the magic brought by the key, but Lin Ruo Yin had grabbed hold of her at the last moment, which made her feel very gratified.

"Ruoyin, since this Ancestor Grandmother is willing to give you the key, then this Ancestor Grandmother believes that you have the ability." Grand Lady spoke with a serious tone before shifting her gaze back to the key, "Do you know how many people are coveting this key?"

Lin Ruo Yin obviously knew. However, she could not let others see that she knew, so she anxiously asked, "Ancestor Grandmother, since you said that, why not take it yourself? "You still want to make things difficult for Ruoyin?"

After saying all these, Lin Ruo Yin purposely put on a look of being wronged. It was as if someone had bullied her.

"Difficult?" This was clearly protecting her! The Grand Lady thought in her heart as she looked at Lin Ruo Yin with a puzzled expression.

Lin Ruo Yin bit her lower lip. The meaning was obvious, she did not dare say anything. Grand Lady naturally saw through it, and encouraged her: "If you have something to say, then say it boldly. There are no outsiders here, so it doesn't matter if you speak wrongly."

"Since Ancestor Grandmother wants Ruoyin to speak, then Ruoyin will speak." Lin Ruo Yin stopped, organized her thoughts, then said: "Ancestor Grandmother, you said it yourself, there are many people coveting this key. Even if Ancestor Grandmother didn't accept it, there would still be an aunt, a second lady, and a third lady. Furthermore, there were two older sisters above Ruoyin, so Ruoyin couldn't possibly have been the one to receive it. If they had to give Ruoyin just because of the love the Ancestor Grandmother had for Ruoyin, then wouldn't Ruoyin become the target of public criticism? Besides, Ruoyin was young and wild, and didn't know how to rule a family. "Tell me, isn't this just making things difficult for Ruoyin?"

After Lin Ruo Yin finished her words, she expressed her own meaning very clearly. She believed that the Grand Lady must have understood her meaning. She was also betting that from the moment Grand Lady entered the room, she had never sincerely wanted to give the key to her, that everything was just a test.

The truth was that Lin Ruo Yin's guess was right, Grand Lady only had this idea in mind at the beginning. But she wasn't sure if she had made the right decision. Therefore, she had to test Lin Ruo Yin.

Not only did Lin Ruo Yin guess it, she also made the right bet. After she finished speaking, Grand Lady was even more satisfied with her. In her heart, she also decided to hand over the authority of the butler to Lin Ruo Yin no matter what.

"Ruoyin, how could this Ancestor Grandmother not know what you're thinking? But think about it, in such a large University Hall, if you want to have a place to stand, you must have a certain amount of power. No matter what, the three madam have a family background, and with Ruoxi and Ruoyun having their protection, there will naturally not be any problems, but what about you? " Grand Lady opened up the question, kneaded it, and placed it in front of Lin Ruo Yin.

"Don't Ruo Yin still have her own Ancestor Grandmother?" Lin Ruo Yin asked naively. In her heart, however, she was moved by Grand Lady's words. She was really thinking for her own sake, which was why she was planning things for herself.

Hearing that, Grand Lady laughed. Helpless to her naivety, she explained: "If I really can protect you, can I still cause so many things to happen to you? But if you become the person in charge of this family, you can somewhat scare them off. "

"But... "But ?" Lin Ruo Yin knew that if she continued with this, it would be a bit unreasonable, so she changed the topic, "Ruo Yin is worried that she might not do well, when the time comes, it will cause Ancestor Grandmother to lose face."

So this little girl was actually worried about this? Grand Lady smiled and patted the back of Lin Ruo Yin's head affectionately: "Since Ancestor Grandmother can give you the key, then it means that only you have the ability. Furthermore, Ancestor Grandmother will teach you as well, don't be afraid Ruoyin. "

"I'm just afraid that Ruoyin is too stupid to learn." Although Lin Ruo Yin was still refusing, her words once again gave Grand Lady hope.

Grand Lady seemed to no longer have any patience. She grabbed the key again and placed it into Lin Ruo Yin's hands, and said resolutely: "Ancestor Grandmother has already decided, the person in charge of Lin Family will be you, Ruoyin!"

"Even if something happens, you will still have the Ancestor Grandmother backing you up. Don't be afraid." Seeing that Lin Ruo Yin was still a little worried, Grand Lady added another dose of Calming Pellet.

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