Chapters 98 - 98

Lin Ruo Yin knew, at this point, she had no way out, and she did not want to retreat either. Thus, she gripped the key tightly in front of Grand Lady, and revealed the demeanor and aura of a commander of a harem, "Ancestor Grandmother, don't worry, Ruoyin will definitely assist Ancestor Grandmother in the good management of this family."

Grand Lady was also shocked at that moment when Lin Ruo Yin revealed that luxurious aura. She knew that Lin Ruo Yin was definitely a genius, and it seemed that she had done the right thing on today's matter. Thinking about it, Grand Lady also let go of one thing in her mind, and continued to eat with her head lowered.

Lin Ruo Yin placed the key to the side and focused on waiting on Grand Lady for a meal. By the time the two of them finished their dinner, four hours had already passed. It was already very late in the night, and the Grand Lady did not stay much longer as they were supported by Lan Xiu back to their room.

After Grand Lady left, Lin Ruo Yin once again held the key that represented the authority of the butler in her hand.

When Hong Mei He Lv Yu came in, she saw this scene: Her Miss just stared at the key in her hands, neither happy nor sad. She seemed to be thinking about something, but also seemed to be in a daze.

The two of them looked at each other, smiled and walked into the house, and congratulated each other: "Congratulations Miss, congratulations to Miss. From today onwards, Miss will be the manager of this mansion."

Lin Ruo Yin was startled by their sudden voices, she patted her own small heart and raised her head, pretending to be angry as she bellowed: "You two girls, are you trying to scare me to death and harm Master?"

Hong Mei laughed from the side, while Lv Yu stuck out her tongue and said, "Miss, how would we dare to do that? Lv Yu and Big Sister Hong Mei are still counting on Miss."

Lin Ruo Yin laughed, and no longer teased the two of them, she became serious and said: "You two must remember this, from now on when you work, you must be even more careful and not be careless. Don't let someone grab hold of your weakness, make it difficult for me in Miss. "

Lin Ruo Yin knew that this key represented power, but it also represented that she would not live a peaceful life in the future. She herself was fine, after all she wanted revenge, but Hong Mei He Lv Yu was an innocent person, she didn't want to implicate them.

"Yes." Hong Mei He Lv Yu answered at the same time.

They did not think that their Miss was putting on airs. They knew that it was because she was worried about them and wanted to teach them a lesson.

"Hong Mei, keep the key carefully, don't lose it." Lin Ruo Yin handed the key over to Hong Mei. She put the key in a small box and hid it in a space behind a painting.

"Alright, there's nothing else. You can go now. I'm tired." Lin Ruo Yin dismissed Hong Mei He Lv Yu, then stood up and went into the room to prepare for rest.

She knew that after Grand Lady told everyone about this matter tomorrow, things would definitely not go smoothly. But she did not want to wait any longer. She wanted to obtain the power of the Lin Family.

"Lin Ruo Yin, no matter how difficult the future path is, you must continue on! "We can't stop!"

Every night, Lin Ruo Yin would tell her this once, encouraging her at the same time. At the same time, she also reminded herself not to forget those people who had brought her pain and hatred in her previous life.

She wanted them to pay a painful price for their vicious hearts and for what they had done! What she had endured, she would make them pay a hundred times more blood and tears!

The gentle sunlight shone down on the University Hall who were standing on the street. On the solemn and dignified front of the door, there were two servants meticulously guarding both sides of the street. The steward hurriedly came out and looked at the two of them. He then shouted to the one on the right, "Follow me in. The other one, guard him well."

The two servants nodded to each other. The one who was called out handed the watchman's stick to his partner and followed the butler in. The door regained its silence.

The doorman followed behind the butler and looked at the back view. He calculated in his heart that this butler was already over sixty years old. How could he walk so fast? He couldn't keep up? As expected, he had to serve his master, so he could not be careless in the slightest. He could not help but quicken his pace.

When the two of them arrived at their destination, there were already three rows of servants. The butler told him to stand at the back while he walked up and counted the people. When he realized that everyone was here, he stood aside respectfully and waited.

old cook and Xiao Bei were also called over. Seeing all the servants in the room, old cook naturally knew that there was definitely a great matter that they had to announce today.

He had always been on friendly terms with the butler, so when old cook bumped into the butler who was standing at the side, she asked: "I say, what exactly is the important matter? "You've put in so much effort today?"

The butler looked around, and then leaned towards old cook, whispering in his ear: "I heard that First Lady returned the authority of the butler to Grand Lady."

"What?" It can't be? It took a lot of effort for First Lady to obtain the authority of the butler, and it has only been half a year, and she has already returned it? " The old cook was a little surprised. Forget about everything else, just how could the power of the First Lady's mother take it back so easily?

"Wasn't it Eldest Miss who made a mistake and implicated First Lady?" Xiao Bei's hearing ability was needless to say, even more so, he was standing beside old cook, not far from the butler.

When old cook heard this, she immediately covered his mouth and apologetically smiled to the butler. "I am so sorry, a child does not know how to speak without thinking." After she finished speaking, she glared at Xiao Bei, "Shut your mouth for me, and watch me when I return not to rip your mouth apart."

However, Xiao Bei did not mind, he was just saying those words for the butler to hear. Others might not know, but he was very clear that this butler belonged to the First Lady.

Hearing Xiao Bei's words, the butler's face turned green and white for a while. However, the voices of the three of them were not very loud. In addition, the other servants had their own gossip, so not many people noticed what was happening here.

"First Lady is here." It was unknown who said that, but it interrupted the butler's uneasiness. Raising his head, he saw that First Lady and Eldest Miss were walking out from the back.

Ever since Lin Ruo Xi had murdered Lin Ruo Yin twice and been exposed as a punishment by the Grand Lady, the servants were also afraid that she was too late. They feared that if they were to accidentally offend her, they would not even know how they died. At the same time, her usual perfect image had disappeared. Most people were more afraid of her than they were of her.

However, he was still a master after all. No matter how dissatisfied he was, he could only hide it in his heart. Right now, he respectfully bowed his head to pay his respects. "This lowly servant greets First Lady and Eldest Miss."

"Get up." First Lady casually raised her hand and stood at the front with Lin Ruo Xi.

With First Lady here, the servants became more obedient and no longer whispered to each other. Very quickly, Second Wife, Third Wife and Lin Ruo Yun also arrived. After the servants paid their respects, they lowered their heads even more. This was because they knew that as long as the three madams were present at the same time, they would not be at peace.

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