Chapters 99 - 99

Sure enough, after a while, the Second Wife could not hold it in anymore. She had already accumulated a deep grudge with the First Lady, and her mother's clan's power was not much weaker than the First Lady's, so there was naturally no need to be afraid of her.

"I heard that Big Sis gave the authority of the butler back to Grand Lady?" Second Wife walked to the front of First Lady with small steps and mocked in a low voice. She waved his handkerchief and laughed: "Look at me, I was wrong. How could Big Sis possibly send it back? "

At that time, no matter how hard she tried, even if she had to sacrifice everything to get the butler's authority, she could still vividly remember. Although the Second Wife didn't like to fight for power and profits, she just couldn't bear to see the First Lady fight with her.

If it was a fair and honorable fight, then he would have lost, but First Lady kept on using small tricks in the dark, how could she be convinced? Thus, after finding out that she had lost her authority as the butler, she became extremely beautiful for several days.

When Lin Ruo Xi heard the Second Wife speak of his mother in such a manner, she naturally wanted to protect her. She stood in front of the First Lady and asked, "What do you mean by that, Second Mother?"

Second Wife glanced at Lin Ruo Xi indifferently, she was extremely disgusted with her act, as though she had just seen her existence, and said: "I wonder how some people teach their daughters, to the point where they lack any manners?"

How could Lin Ruo Xi not understand the hidden meaning behind her words? Just as she was about to flare up, she was stopped by the First Lady, who smiled faintly at him but did not speak.

Second Wife felt bored and returned to her position.

Third Wife had always been standing in her position, so she was naturally happy to see everything that had happened. After all, Lin Ruo Xi was using her daughter like this. If it wasn't for her low rank and her parents not doing well, how could she bear with it?

At this time, Lin Ruo Yin arrived wearing a light pink dress. Her makeup was simple and elegant, and even her jewelry wasn't as dazzling as the others'. She only had a pair of flower hairpins, but a white jade bracelet made people unable to shift their gaze away from her.

"Ruoyin pays respects to aunt, second lady and third lady." Lin Ruo Yin walked in front of them, looking happy.

First Lady hated Lin Ruo Yin to the bones, so he naturally ignored her. The Third Wife didn't have any good impression of her and wasn't moved. On the other hand, Second Wife looked at the two around him and sneered in her heart.

"Look, Ruoyin is really sensible. These rules are definitely better than some people's." With that, the Second Wife smiled and pulled Lin Ruo Yin's hand, allowing her to stand by her side.

Lin Ruo Yin could only stand behind the three wives, unlike Lin Ruo Xi and the others, she could stand by her mother's side. But now that Second Wife had personally gone to pull her, it would be hard for First Lady and Third Wife to say anything.

Once again, Lin Ruo Xi was scolded by the Second Wife, and she felt unspeakably uncomfortable in her heart. Unfortunately, in today's occasion, she could not say anything. She could only silently swallow her anger.

Everyone was gathered on the two wives' bodies, and did not notice Hong Mei, who was behind Lin Ruo Yin, holding a red wooden box.

When the butler saw the Grand Lady with his sharp eyes, he immediately announced loudly. Everyone quieted down.

"Greetings to Grand Lady and Master." Under the lead of First Lady, everyone in Lin Family bowed their heads in greetings.

"Get up." Grand Lady put his crutches aside and spread them out.

With Lin Fu Cheng's support, the Grand Lady walked to the seat and looked at the people standing with his triangular eyes. When his gaze made contact with Lin Ruo Yin, who was standing beside Second Wife, he looked much gentler, even looking at Second Wife was the same.

No one noticed this change, other than Lin Fu Cheng who was beside Grand Lady. Her gaze involuntarily fell on Lin Ruo Yin.

"Today, I summoned everyone here because I have something important to announce to everyone. This matter, after careful deliberation, was finally decided by this old man. It's mainly because so many things have happened recently, and someone has disappointed me so much. " As he spoke, his eyes moved between the three ladies, intentionally or unintentionally. He did not stop at one of them.

Even so, First Lady and Lin Ruo Xi still felt chills down their spines, and did not dare to raise their heads.

"Therefore, I have decided to take back the authority of the butler in First Lady's hands." Grand Lady continued.

"The Grand Lady is wise." Everyone lowered their heads and said. This scene ruthlessly slapped First Lady in the face.

The Grand Lady's wandering gaze finally landed on Lin Ruo Yin, and she beckoned to her. Her tone became gentle, "Ruoyin, come to Ancestor Grandmother's side."

Lin Ruo Yin was a little hesitant upon hearing this. On the other hand, Second Wife gave her a light push. Lin Ruo Yin was pushed out of the crowd and had no choice but to walk over.

"Ancestor Grandmother..." Lin Ruo Yin called out softly.

Grand Lady held her hand, patted her seemingly in a comforting manner, and asked: "Where is the thing that Ancestor Grandmother gave you yesterday?"

Lin Ruo Yin was clever, and looked towards Hong Mei. Hong Mei took the embroidered box, walked to the two of them and knelt down respectfully: "Grand Lady, the thing is here."

"Alright, Ruoyin, now open the box and take out the things inside." Grand Lady looked deeply into Lin Ruo Yin's eyes, giving her confidence.

An unending stream of trust flowed into Lin Ruo Yin's heart. She nodded heavily and turned to open the box.

"Wait a minute!" Lin Fu Cheng suddenly spoke out, stopping Lin Ruo Yin's movements. He looked at her, then knelt in front of Grand Lady and asked seriously: "Mother, do you really want to do this?"

Others may not have guessed it, but Lin Fu Cheng understood. Something from yesterday? Isn't it the key he gave Grand Lady? And this scene was most likely what he was thinking.

At this time, the First Lady also guessed it. She was secretly shocked and involuntarily held onto Lin Ruo Xi's hand, forgetting to control her hand force.

"Mother?" Lin Ruo Xi cried out softly in pain.

First Lady did not hear him, as he was completely immersed in his own thoughts. She really could not imagine, that the authority which she had painstakingly given to the butler would actually fall into the hands of Lin Ruo Yin so easily, that little brat who was still wet behind the ears? Then from now on, what kind of status would he have in this family? Thinking of the crowd's scornful expressions and the mocking expressions from Second Wife and the Third Wife, who could not stand steadily, it was the first time a desolate feeling of helplessness emerged from the bottom of his heart.

Wasn't this the ultimate irony? What ability did that girl have? He actually dared to run over his head? Thinking about it this way, First Lady's eyes reddened. It was not because she felt wronged, but because she hated him to the bones.

"Oh? Fu Cheng, do you have a different opinion? " Grand Lady turned her head and said with an ice-cold voice.

"Mother, this is such an important matter, how can you not discuss it with me? This ? This ? That's a bit of a mess! " But Lin Fu Cheng acted as if he didn't feel his mother's attitude at all, steeled his heart and said something fierce.

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