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"Ma Tao, it's fortunate that you're still at the The Psychic Realm. You still can't change your restless and restless nature no matter what."

The crane haired old man wrinkled his old face, his eyes slightly droopy, seeming to be asleep, yet not fully awake.

He was disturbed from his sleep and reprimanded in a displeased mood.

After being reprimanded in public, the person called Ma Tao blushed heavily as he picked up the jade chip and handed it over to the crane haired old man.

"Shocked! Isn't he just a rookie …"

He was a deacon of the climbing ladder, with Martial Saint's cultivation level. If it was in the secular world, the old man would definitely be a grandmaster of martial arts, and he could start his own sect, but in Cloud, Martial Saint was not enough. Adding that to the fact that his skin was loose, his vital energy and blood had started to weaken, so he might as well be a young man with a strong body.

The registration was an easy task, so naturally, there was no need to be greedy.

For a dignified Cloud, how many demons would dare to charge into an immortal mountain?

Since the crane-haired old man no longer had any hope of seeking proof of immortality, he calculated that he would work for another three to five years before submitting an application to the sect. With his cultivation and status, he would be respected by tens of thousands of people once he returned to the secular world.

"Qin, you are Qin Tian?"

The crane-haired old man didn't seem to care at first, but suddenly, a sharp light flashed in his eyes.

The old man's reaction was captured by Qin Tian's eyes. He was confused. He was just a small fry, why did these people all lose their composure when they saw him?

He didn't know that the matter of him challenging Mo Ran had long since spread like wildfire.

"Sir, you recognize me?"

Qin Tian was stunned.

The crane haired old man coughed dryly to cover up his embarrassment. The light in his eyes dimmed; after all, he had previously scolded others for being impetuous. Unexpectedly, his own body also caused him to lose his composure.

"I've heard of you. Very good!"

The crane haired old man praised twice, his eyes were filled with joy: "Since you have passed the climbing ladder and did not trigger the sword array, there is no problem with your identity. Once he entered the Celestial Sect, he would enjoy eternal immortal blessings. Chasing Immortal Daos, although you can obtain the powers bestowed upon you by the heavens, ride a crane leisurely, and even live an eternal life, but when you truly chase Immortal Daos, you will understand the meaning of Immortal Daos and the immortality rate. "

The crane haired old man treated Qin Tian with a very kind attitude, as if he was a benevolent elder directing him.

"Your Holiness, I will definitely remember your teachings."

Qin Tian quickly bowed in response, but he felt something was off. After all, the other party was an expert of Martial Saint's, how could the deacon be so patient in giving him pointers?

Although Qin Tian was confused, he couldn't figure out what was so mysterious about it.

"Hmm, since you know this logic, I won't say anymore."

The crane haired elder smiled and said, "Since you have entered the Door of Immortality, the benefits to the Door of Immortality will be yours. However, in order to achieve great things, he had to transform into a Saint, or even become an Immortal, an Earthly Immortal, or even a true Immortal …. Just based on the benefits bestowed by the sect, it is far from enough, and my generation needs to accumulate great merits, completing the Celestial Sect mission, in order to obtain enough heaven and earth treasures. If we want to accumulate great merits, the most convenient way is to kill demons and eliminate devils. "

"Disciple will remember that."

Qin Tian nodded. He was very clear that fiendish demons were the natural enemy of humanity.

While Qin Tian was listening to the old man's teachings, the horse-faced man and the freckled woman all had strange expressions on their faces.

"Senior-apprentice Brother Ma, why do you think that Deacon Wan is so strange today?"

The freckled girl asked curiously.

"It's indeed strange!"

Ma Tao frowned.

"That shouldn't be possible. Logically speaking, that kid dared to call out Senior Brother Mo Ran, that's like offending Senior Brother Mo to death, and I heard that he doesn't know his limits at all. I'm afraid that the kid will only be able to live up to three years in three years' time after having an arranged battle with Senior Brother Mo."

Some disciples muttered to themselves, expressing their confusion.

"kaleidae fructus, servant?"

Ma Tao suddenly said in a strange tone, "So that's how it is."

"Senior Brother Ma Tao, what happened to you?"

"Quickly tell your junior sister."

A few of the Daoists surrounded Ma Tao and asked him questions. After all, the registration was too idle and boring.

"Everyone, just wait and see a good show!"

Ma Tao smiled mysteriously … On the other side, the crane haired old man seemed to have finished giving instructions.

"In short, Celestial Sect only looks at your achievements and contributions, ignoring everything else. Of course, the prerequisite is that you are not a demon, and you cannot betray Celestial Sect."

The crane haired old man exhorted, "Alright, I will arrange someone to bring you to receive the sect's benefits, silk robe s, and to arrange your living quarters."

"Thank you, Sir."

He had truly stepped into the gate of immortality. Qin Tian was very excited.

"Guo Bao …"

The crane hair old man's gaze swept across and locked onto a fatty. "Come here."

"Ai ai ~"

When the fat guy heard this, he quickly rushed over and waited until he was in front of the crane haired old man. Then, he immediately nodded his head. "Deacon, do you have any orders?"

"Qin Tian, he is called Guo Bao, and his flesh sage is at the seventh level, your senior brother."

The crane-haired elder introduced, "Bring him to claim his benefits!"

"Greetings, senior brother Guo."

Qin Tian quickly cupped his hands in thanks.

"I don't dare!" "I don't dare!"

Guo Bao said repeatedly.

When Qin Tian heard this, he was speechless. He saw that the other party was also brimming with energy and had a long breath, the other party was, after all, an expert of the flesh sage of seven forces, a disciple of the Celestial Sect, how could he be so submissive?

"As for the Demon Slaying Demon Subduing Fist, I will go to Deacon Jiang to collect it."

The crane haired old man's words caused the fat man's eyes to dim for a moment.

"Sorry for the trouble, Senior Brother Guo."

Qin Tian was sincere and had a longing for the Immortal Path in his heart.

"Disciple Qin Tian, come with me."

Guo Bao led the way with his head lowered. Qin Tian nodded his thanks to the crane haired old man. The crane haired old man waved his hand and said lightly, "Go!"

The two of them left.

"Hahahaha, he actually asked that piece of trash, Guo Bao, to accompany him to get benefits. What a joke, who doesn't know that Guo Bao is the most useless person among the new disciples."

The girl with freckles held her stomach and laughed out loud.

"One is a lowly servant, the other is a trash that anyone in the sect can bully."

As for the green-haired disciple, he was suddenly enlightened and said, "Hahahaha, these two individuals are a perfect match!"

"Senior Brother Ma Tao, I finally understand Deacon Wan's intention. He actually told that trash Guo to go find Deacon Jiang."

"So this is Deacon Wan's intention …"


Ma Tao's long face broke into a cold smile, "Deacon Jiang of the Cultivation Technique Pavilion, is famous for his ability to see the wind and steer the wind, Guo Bao brought that kid to the Cultivation Technique Pavilion, but he wasn't easily killed by Deacon Jiang. It's hard to say if he gave him a trash book, and that directly severed Qin Tian's immortal destiny. However, without batting an eyelid, he started praising kaleidae fructus. If kaleidae fructus was happy, given the reward of the Yuan Dan, maybe she would be able to break through the last natural barrier, and at the very least, be able to praise kaleidae fructus well. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. "

"Deacon Wan, you're asking for credit from kaleidae fructus!"

The Daoist men and women who were in charge of registering the books finally understood.

At this time, Qin Tian followed Guo Bao and walked along the streets of Immortal City.

Great Black Tiger followed behind the two, looking listless.

On the road, the young men and women were all young and talented. Wearing robes, they exuded with Spirit Qi, these young men and women rode on cranes leisurely, with spirit birds roaming about.

However, Qin Tian found that Guo Bao was leading him around the Immortal City, next to the edge.

"Tsk tsk!" "As expected of the Heavenly Imperial Protector Celestial Sect, his bearing is truly …"

Qin Tian looked around. Every corner of the Immortal City was new to him. There was a feeling of transcendence.

"Yes, the Immortal City region is not something that the ordinary world can compare to."

Guo Bao replied softly.

"Senior brother Guo, I wonder what I need to pay attention to?"

Along the way, Qin Tian found that Guo Bao was quiet and didn't talk much. To put it nicely, it was cautious. To put it bluntly, it was cowardly.

Fortunately, Qin Tian asked for advice from the bottom of his heart, which made Guo Bao's vigilant temperament relax a little.

"There aren't any special rules. In any case, you can't be with the demons, and in addition, you can't betray the sect. I'm guessing that Deacon Wan already told you this already."

Seeing that no one was looking at him, he lowered his voice and said, "Actually, all rules are fake. If you want to have a powerful cultivation and a solid background, you can ignore the rules. I heard that you offended Senior Brother Mo and one day, if you become a True Immortal …"

"Roar …"

Before he could finish, he was interrupted by a roar and Qin Tian was enveloped by a shadow.

"Spirit Cane of the Dog Tribes!"

Guo Bao looked up and his body trembled.

Qin Tian looked over, it was a Spiritual Beast with two heads, 4-5 meters tall, two dog-head-like heads, baring its sharp fangs.

That was especially the case since the dog's nostrils spewed out mist that was like sulfur. It was a very pungent smell.

"I heard someone just say that they're going to promote you to true Immortal Ascension?"

A mocking voice suddenly rang out from the back of the spirit beast. The youth on the dog's back had a noble temperament and a tall and straight figure. Three jade fans were placed into his coiled up hair, and on the fans, there were pearls as large as longan eyes embedded in them.

The way he looked down on Qin Tian was proud and arrogant, like Mo Ran.

Even though the aura of the young man on the spirit bird's back was long, he was only at the sixth stage of flesh sage and his realm was a rank lower than Guo Bao's.

"I really don't know what to be proud of."

Just by strength alone, even if Qin Tian wasn't demonized, he would still be able to beat him.

"So it's Junior Brother Xue Yu."

Guo Bao smiled with a very low attitude.


The young man snorted: "Who are you calling Junior Brother? However, it's a little early for you to enter the sect. Even now, you still have seven cubes of hallucination, you are simply trash. "

He manipulated the dog, leaving behind a sentence of disdain before proudly leaving, "A piece of trash, a dregs of the trash."

Guo Bao was very cowardly, he was actually mocked by Xue Yu and didn't dare to make a sound.

Junior brother Qin Tian, I know that you're not satisfied in your heart, but you can endure the calm for a while. That big brother of Xue Yu is an inner court disciple, an expert in Earthly Paradise, Xue Feng.

Guo Bao forced a smile and patted Qin Tian's shoulder lightly with his right hand.

"The Immortal Demon Realm really emphasizes the law of the jungle!"

Qin Tian pursed his lips and looked deep in his eyes. For a moment, he was deeply touched.

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