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Two people and one beast walked in the clouds of Immortal City.

Although Guo Bao was a bit cowardly, he was kind to Qin Tian along the way.

After a full hour, Guo Bao led the way and stopped in front of a towering building. It was a magnificent palace.

A dense immortal spiritual energy enveloped more than half of the tower. The round and transparent building reminded Qin Tian of the rare Jade Statue that the Southern King sent over to him at the Prefecture Lord's Mansion.

The Tripitaka Block in front of him was like a beautiful art piece magnified millions of times. If one insisted on looking for flaws in it, those broken talisman paper and chains that were thicker than an ordinary person's arm would give off a very beautiful feeling, filled with a sense of solemnity and solemnity.

The Cloud had a long history and had been in it for thousands of years. The collection of ancient techniques naturally contained precious treasures from various sects, causing many experts to covet it.

For those with great abilities, moving the mountains and filling the seas, changing the sky and changing the sun were all done in the blink of an eye. These chains and seals were all set up by the sect elders.

"Master and disciple Qin Tian, if we go past this ninety-nine eighty-one floors, we will be Cultivation Technique Pavilion s of the Cloud."

Although Guo Bao and Qin Tian had a good conversation, but many years of cowardice was buried deep in their bones, and they still seemed to be subservient and submissive.

Qin Tian nodded and immediately moved to step on the white jade stone steps. However, he was lightly pulled back by Guo Bao.

"Senior brother Guo, what can I do for you?"

Qin Tian's patience and modesty were qualities he had accumulated over the years. Even when facing Guo Bao, he didn't show the slightest bit of contempt.

"Disciple Qin Tian, you don't know this."

"The bet between you and kaleidae fructus is now known by everyone in the sect. It is expected that the deacon of Cultivation Technique Pavilion will make things difficult for you, so you should just accept this."

While speaking, Guo Bao took out a silk bag from his chest and shoved it into Qin Tian's hand.

"Is this the legendary Spirit Stone?"

Qin Tian immediately recognized the dozens of small stones in his pocket.

In the mortal world, gold, silver, and jewelry were hard currency, but they were not as valuable as these spirit stones that could help people cultivate. The worst quality spirit stones could be exchanged for over a hundred gold, but they were priceless.

A single spirit stone with good aptitude could attract experts from all over the world to fight to the death.

An outer disciple like Guo Bao had yet to break through his flesh sage and every month, he would only be able to exchange his contribution for a dozen or so low-grade spirit stones.

"There is a saying that goes' money can be divine '. That Cultivation Technique Pavilion's Deacon Jiang might be inclined to take advantage of the trend, but for the sake of filial piety, I believe he can bestow a pretty good cultivation technique."

Guo Bao smiled awkwardly, he did not know what he was thinking.

Qin Tian had been living on the edge of self-deception all year round, crawling around at the bottom. After thinking for a while, he understood Guo Bao's intentions. Besides being considerate of each other, Guo Bao could be considered a venture capital.

For Guo Bao, who was in the realm of hallucination of the seventh rank, if he were to use these tens of low grade spirit stones to cultivate, it would only be adding a few drops of water to the bowl; there would be no substantial progress.

As for investing in Qin Tian, perhaps in the future, he would be able to obtain a generous return. After all, a mortal challenging a supreme Earthly Immortal with just the courage to do so.

After clarifying all of this, Qin Tian did not refuse and kept the cloth bag into his pocket. Then, he followed Guo Bao and stepped onto the white jade steps.

Compared to the previous checkpoints, the position of Cultivation Technique Pavilion was much busier.

Not only did they have to give out cultivation techniques to the new disciples, they also had to be responsible for taking care of this huge library and recording down all the information that they had borrowed and returned, checking the flaws in it.

The news of the apocalypse naturally would not reach the ears of the disciples below. As a result, the Cloud released many missions, and even increased the rewards for contributions.

And it was also because of this that the number of disciples entering and exiting the Cultivation Technique Pavilion in recent days was a hundred times more than in the past, and most of them were flesh sage level cultivators.

Deacon Jiang was sitting at the back of the long table, furiously writing and sweating like a pig. His donkey face was flushed red and his thin lips were mumbling something, which was probably something to complain about.

Seeing this, Qin Tian and Guo Bao's heart skipped a beat. It was really a mistake to come here to pick up the cultivation technique at this time.

However, Qin Tian only had one chance after he entered the sect and it would be too late. At that time, the gains would not make up for the losses. After thinking about it again and again, Qin Tian still came to the front of the table.

"Deacon Jiang, the new disciple Guo Bao, has brought the new disciple Qin Tian. I hope that the deacon can present the cultivation technique."

Guo Bao said respectfully.

Deacon Jiang was in his early thirties, but his cultivation was only that of a creator from all directions. It was only because of the relationship between an elder in the sect that he managed to get this much money.

He also relied on his flattery and his ability to gain benefits from others' favors. He was an expert that ordinary disciples could not afford to offend.

"Guo Bao, didn't you see that I was busy?"

Deacon Jiang didn't even raise his head. He then cursed in a low voice, leaving Guo Bao there.

Guo Bao was also a frequent visitor in the Cultivation Technique Pavilion. It was not because he was diligent in his studies, with his contribution salary, he could not support reading. He was just frequently called over to do errand work, and was half acquainted with Deacon Jiang.

When Guo Bao heard this, he was also quite helpless and indicated to Qin Tian with his mouth.

Qin Tian immediately understood and took out the bag. He handed it over with both hands and said, "Deacon Jiang has done his duty and worked hard. This is junior's small intention. Please accept it."

After hearing the word "filial piety", Deacon Jiang suddenly raised his head, and almost snatched the cloth bag from Qin Tian's hands.

Unfortunately, the smile on his face quickly froze. The offering that Qin Tian took out was a little too light, it was a pity to give it up.

"Better than nothing."

Deacon Jiang muttered to himself as he looked Qin Tian up and down, "Hmm, not bad. He's a plastic talent …"

As he spoke, he got up to get the beginner cultivation technique.

At this moment, Deacon Jiang suddenly remembered in his heart. Wasn't this Qin Tian the kid that was rumored to challenge kaleidae fructus recently?

Thinking of this, Deacon Jiang looked at it a few more times before finally walking towards a bookshelf in the corner.

Most likely, the new budding disciples would be able to obtain a suitable primary cultivation technique, build a good foundation, and accumulate their contribution and salary. Only then would they be able to come into contact with a more profound and profound secret.

The shelves that Deacon Jiang was picking out were filled with old books, most of them were about feeding, cooking, and other boring books. There were also some useless books that needed to be cleared out of the Cultivation Technique Pavilion regularly.

Just as Ma Tao had guessed, Deacon Jiang was joking around at this crucial moment. He wanted to use this method to break Qin Tian's cultivation path, hoping to befriend kaleidae fructus.

However, Deacon Jiang was still a public official, so he couldn't overdo it. In addition, he received Qin Tian's respect, so he still chose seriously.

In the end, Deacon Jiang took out an incomplete book and talked about the contents on the dozen pages. It was a fantasy story that was difficult to understand.

"This is the most profound of the elementary techniques." I can see that your bones are quite surprised. If you want to compare the time and effort, cultivating this technique is definitely the most suitable. "

Deacon Jiang unquestionably handed the broken book to Qin Tian. Then, he took out a thick booklet and quickly wrote a few words.

Qin Tian was eager to learn and quickly flipped through a few pages. He discovered that what was written on the books were not words but strange and messy symbols. Immediately, he knew that Deacon Jiang had schemed for a bit.

It seemed that the influence Earthly Immortal Ink Dyeing had in Cloud was not as simple as Qin Tian had imagined.

Maybe Mo Ran didn't have the heart to suppress them, but there were still a lot of people willing to help the two or three hundred thousand disciples in Celestial Sect.

"Cough, cough."

Guo Bao revealed a troubled expression and probingly asked: "Deacon Jiang, my junior brother has dull natural talent. He would not have any good fortune in obtaining this kind of mystical cultivation technique. Could you exchange it for an ordinary one?" In the past, you gave me a pretty good copy of the [Mojito Art], and I would like to ask if you have a copy of it? "

The Spirit Stones that Qin Tian had given out were under the sponsorship of Guo Bao. If he could get this piece of book with no reason, then he would never be able to raise his head again in this lifetime.

"Are you in charge here or am I? With such unique eyes of yours, why don't the elders of the sect let you sit in this seat and take charge of the administration? "

Deacon Jiang felt guilty and said in an evil tone, "Take the martial arts technique and leave quickly. Don't you see that I'm busy right now?"

Saying that, he once again bent down and completely ignored the two people's pleas.

Qin Tian shook his head helplessly. It seemed that he still had to request for a reward from Ming Feng Monarch for the cultivation technique. Immediately, Qin Tian pulled Guo Bao and left the Cultivation Technique Pavilion.

Guo Bao was also helpless towards this. However, he felt fortunate. It seemed that in the near future, he would be able to take down the hat of the weak. He would no longer need to be ranked last.

He didn't know if it was a blessing or a disaster.

Afterwards, Guo Bao led Qin Tian to claim the benefits of other sects, including the most basic storage bag, silk robe and a month's worth of stomach pills.

These were all standard benefits for a new disciple, and of course it was also the lowest standard. storage bag s did not have to say much, this kind of lowest level equipment could be mass-produced with the Cloud's strength.

The silk robe, on the other hand, was the symbol of the Cloud. It was weaved using Sky Worm Silk, mixed with medicinal herbs, ores, and spiritual energy.

The disciples of the flesh sage were written in black and yellow, and each cloud on the silk robe represented a certain region of strength.

When one's strength broke through the peak of the flesh sage and stepped into the Earthly Immortal Stage, the cloak would be replaced with a yellow calligraphy immortal robe. Not to mention that it was even more graceful and elegant, the silk immortal robe could only absorb seven or eight talismans at most, which could be counted as a precious protective magic item.

With Guo Bao's strength, he was able to easily refine it. Although it wasn't as miraculous as the Fasting Pill, it was still able to sustain his appetite for half a day. Every disciple was able to get 100 pills every month.

Only when his strength was recognized, would he be qualified to enjoy the feast and get rid of this tasteless pill.

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