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The Cloud was vast, with abundant resources. Experts were as numerous as the clouds, but the weak were only bullied and looked down upon.

Although the sect rules clearly forbade personal fights between disciples, who could be bothered about that?

If every complaint had to be accepted, then the number of clan elder deacons would have to be expanded a hundredfold to be able to handle it.

Qin Tian, who was in the Weak faction, was not only joked around with his cultivation technique, but his living arrangements were also deliberately made difficult and he was assigned to live with a mountain villager.

Helpless, Qin Tian applied to return to his original residence.

Although it was a long journey to Immortal City, there were spirit beasts that could replace the strength of one's legs. At the same time, they could help Princess Feng Ming to continue raising and taking care of spirit beasts while she focused on cultivation.

Even though Qin Tian had entered the Celestial Sect, he knew that if he wanted to take the first step on the long road, he would still need to rely on the support and care of Princess Feng Ming.

With Qin Tian's level, he only had the qualifications to participate in morning classes every three days. He was free to come and go at any time he wanted. Regarding this, the elder who arranged the residences had no objections.

Afterwards, Guo Bao also told Qin Tian a lot of things to pay attention to, the two agreed to meet tomorrow morning class, break up.

At this moment, great black knotweed herb knew that he had boarded a pirate ship and would probably land on its head for the next four thousand miles. great black knotweed herb immediately shook his big head like a rattle and didn't want to carry Wu Tie back.

"From now on, I will give you half of my monthly salary and contribution spirit stones, Brother Hu, how about that?"

For the first time, Qin Tian started bargaining with the beast.

This black tiger's strength was tyrannical, only second to crane fairy. It was truly below the immortal bird, above the hundred beasts, and had a great chance to step into the Immortal World. Even cultivating to the Great Perfection Stage was possible, it was naturally moved by Qin Tian's chips.

The Great Black Tiger's eyes instantly went wide. It took this chance to extort more rations and a man and a beast was considered to have reached an agreement.

He also made an appointment with Guo Bao to meet up for the next morning class, and Qin Tian changed into his silk robe.

No one moved to stop him. The disciple in charge of guarding the entrance knew that he was a poor bloke who could not squeeze anything out of him.

The Great Black Tiger seemed to be infected by Qin Tian and its speed became even faster on the way back.

Qin Tian, who was still in the realm of the fourth stage of flesh sage, had a face full of frost when he returned to the animal garden.

The Great Black Tiger raised its head and puffed up its chest, like a king returning from a journey of a thousand miles, impatiently bragging about its experiences and experiences among the beasts.

Qin Tian kept the Cloud Cloak and Cultivation Method carefully and started to prepare the animal garden's Hundred Beasts Dinner.

Most of the beasts in the animal garden were descendants of immortal beasts, and there were even some that were tyrannically powerful in the mortal world. They were captured by the disciples who went out on missions, and brought back to the sect to exchange for contribution points.

And these ferocious beasts were all sent to the animal garden in batches after they were gathered, being nurtured together with young immortal beasts. All of these had great potential, Qin Tian had to take good care of them after the three meals a day, and when they matured, they would become a force that could not be ignored.

Thinking about Princess Mingfeng's carriage, animal garden's eldest sister crane fairy, according to her claim, was able to fight equally with Martial Saint Qiang of the flesh sage, so if they were to fight with their lives, Earthly Immortal Expert would have to be slightly feared.

Completing today's work meticulously, Qin Tian ignored the sweat on his forehead and impatiently took out that incomplete cultivation technique. This was the only opportunity he had at the moment, even if it was only a slim hope that Qin Tian would not give up so easily.

But at this moment, a solemn bell sound came from far away. Qin Tian was startled by the sound and raised his head to look. It was midnight.

His arms felt dry and itchy, as if something was trying to crawl out of his skin.

As the fine jet-black scales appeared, he felt a burning pain all over his body.

"Today... "It seems a little excessive …"

Qin Tian clenched his teeth and endured the great pain.

While in a hurry, Qin Tian also noticed the details of his body's transformation. The scales from before only covered his arms.

Today, it had already spread to his neck and chest. According to this trend, it wouldn't even take a few days for it to reach his five viscera.

And the pain brought by the appearance of the scales couldn't be compared to the past. As if his body was about to be torn apart, Qin Tian struggled under the moonlight and jumped into the sink.

The ice-cold, bone-piercing mountain spring water instantly weakened the bitter taste of pain. Indeed, it was impossible to cure it, as it could not delay the process of the transformation. Not long after, the giant python's tail burst out of its body with a ferocious momentum, creating a large hole in the iron stone sink.

As the water flowed by, the pain struck again. Qin Tian struggled like a carp, as if he was possessed by a demon. He slowly walked towards the forest where the beasts resided.


Qin Tian, whose eyes were bloodshot, only had one thought left in his mind. Kill!

Kill all living things in this world, kill all living beings in this world!

This monstrous killing intent was so shocking that it dispersed the world like a bird.

The tiger was the embodiment of killing and hate since ancient times, the Great Black Tiger was the first to feel the chill, following that, it saw a strange lizard like creature slowly walking towards it, its eyes were red, its steps were unsteady, like a zombie supported by its will.

"Qin Tian?"

Great Black Tiger could vaguely make out the face of the weirdo lizard.

At this moment, more than half of Qin Tian's body was covered by the scales. It was jet-black and dense, just like the legendary beasts from ancient times. Behind him was a long tail. Sand and rocks flew everywhere, and mountains collapsed.

"Me, Drip Mother!" I was wondering why he's so close to Qin Tian, so this guy is a humanoid demon beast! "

The Great Black Tiger sighed in its heart, it gritted its teeth and suddenly crouched down.

When Qin Tian got a bit closer, the Great Black Tiger decisively attacked. The fierce tiger pouncing on its prey was truly ferocious, its aura was something that not even the experts of flesh sage or flesh sage could compare with.

Although the Great Black Tiger was one of the top experts in the Hundred animal garden s, it only had the strength of the Seven flesh sage. It was a full three stages higher than Qin Tian, who was usually in the same realm, and that was the biggest reason why it was brave and fearless.

Even though Qin Tian's walking speed was not fast, like a zombie puppet, his reaction speed was much faster than the Great Black Tiger could predict. That quick and fierce charge was easily neutralized by Qin Tian's scaly arms as soon as he arrived in front of him.

When it collided with the tiger claw, sparks flew everywhere. The Great Black Tiger landed on the ground and staggered back a few steps before barely managing to stabilize itself.

On the other hand, Qin Tian acted like nothing happened as he locked his gaze onto the Black Tiger.

Qin Tian, who had locked onto his target, became much faster. In just a split-second, he arrived in front of Black Tiger, without any moves or techniques, he just lightly patted and swept the Great Black Tiger and sent it flying more than ten meters away.

With this move, Great Black Tiger's body and mind became exhausted, and she was no longer able to fight one of them.

Seeing Qin Tian charging at him menacingly, the Great Black Tiger ran away with its tail between its legs and ran three to five miles away in the blink of an eye.

However, when it looked back, Qin Tian actually gave chase. His speed was getting faster and faster, and his eyes were filled with bloodlust and ruthlessness.

Compared to Qin Tian, who was currently like a zombie puppet, he did not have even the slightest advantage in terms of turning. Every time the Great Black Tiger was about to be caught, he only needed to turn around to create a certain distance between the two.

The Great Black Tiger was scared by that terrifying power and could only regret that its parents had given birth to less than two legs. It carried Qin Tian and ran a hundred or eight laps around the animal garden, but there was already no movement from behind.

Turning around, he didn't know when Qin Tian fell to the ground. He was motionless and had no business.

After looking from afar for a while, and seeing that Qin Tian still did not move, the Great Black Tiger summoned up its courage and went back. At this moment, Qin Tian had already returned to his normal state.

"At all times! At all times!"

The first thing Qin Tian did when he woke up was to go to the small pond where he usually got water.

The planting and rearing process was done with great care and caution. There was also a device for measuring the time of day. This circular pool had a detailed scale that could be used to calculate the time.

"As expected, in the time it takes for half an incense stick to burn, I only have half an incense stick of time this time!"

Qin Tian suddenly punched the ground.

Judging by the time, the demonification time tomorrow night would only last for a quarter of an incense stick of time. Qin Tian didn't even dare to imagine what would happen the day after tomorrow.

It could even change its appearance and become a humanoid demon beast.

It could also be possessed by demons and become an undead puppet.

In fact, something a hundred times more terrifying would happen.

However, there was one thing that he was sure of, and at that time, Qin Tian would not be able to control himself.

"How are you? You won't transform again, will you? "

The Great Black Tiger had a lingering fear as it rested its claws on Qin Tian's shoulder.

Although the man and beast had a close relationship, the Great Black Tiger was really afraid of the humanoid lizard. With such a close distance, as long as Qin Tian's transformation process was not quick, the Great Black Tiger would be able to break his neck.

"I'm fine."

Qin Tian lightly shook his head, the helplessness he had when facing the demon surfaced in his mind once again.

Standing up, Qin Tian picked up the remnant scrolls that he accidentally dropped on the ground during his transformation. In a short half incense stick of time, it seemed like a century ago, Qin Tian, who had experienced a lot of cold and warm experiences, accepted fate.

Seeing Qin Tian walk towards the hut, the Great Black Tiger followed in quick steps. It would not let him off so easily, this was related to its own future, as well as the safety of its brothers and sisters of the Hundred animal garden s.

"Are you a humanoid demon beast or not?"

The Great Black Tiger asked again.

Qin Tian didn't say anything. He held the scroll in his hand and patted off the dust and weeds on his body. He shook his head indifferently in response.

The Great Black Tiger still did not give up, and asked: "Is it because of this demonic disintegration technique that you managed to cultivate to such a state?"

"demonic disintegration?"

Qin Tian suddenly stood, and grabbed the Great Black Tiger's claws, and excitedly asked: "What demonic disintegration? You mean the name of the book? How do you know? "

The words used in this incomplete manual didn't come from human civilization, but from some kind of random symbol. Qin Tian skimmed through it during the day and found that there were only a dozen or so pages of this manual, so he was at a loss.

"Of course!"

"I do have a trace of a divine beast's bloodline, and from the day I was born I had a part of my innate ability, so naturally, this animal language could understand it."

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