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When the heavens and earth are heartless, they treat all things as ruminating dogs; when saints are heartless, they treat the people as ruminating dogs.

Between the heavens and the earth, the common people could cultivate their dao and ascend into the heavens. Naturally, the flying beasts and fierce beasts had the right to do so.

A demonic heart possessing a body was the demonic way; an infatuated mind was the demonic way.

The innate divine abilities of a divine beast was the only exception.

Before the Human Emperor descended to this world, the divine beasts did not only exist in myths and legends like they did now. The elites among them could even contend with the ancient Giant Demons.

In the Great War of Gods and Demons that followed, the gods fell and the divine beasts withered. Only after that did human experts appear out of nowhere. They were the legendary Guardian Priest.

Although divine beasts were no longer like this, their bloodlines were passed down from generation to generation. For instance, cranes and peacocks possessed a portion of the innate divine ability of the Vermillion Bird Phoenix, and the Water Flood Dragon Python also inherited the bloodline of the Azure Dragon Meng Zhang.

The Great Black Tiger claimed to have the bloodline of a Divine Beast, Qin Tian was not surprised by this, but the so-called animal language that it mentioned was indeed beyond Qin Tian's expectations.

Humans had been on the path of cultivation for millions of years, regardless of whether it was talented cultivators or powerful immortals, they had never heard of anyone who could recognize a animal language, even when using a high level Spirit Channeling Scroll.

animal language only existed before the Wilderness, above the ninth heaven.

In other words, if the Great Black Tiger's words were true, then this remnant art manual must have been passed down from the ancient Wilderness hundreds of millions of years ago.

Or, he could have fallen from the Nine Heavens Divine Realm to the mortal world.

Regardless of which possibility it was, it was enough to make Qin Tian excited.

Seeing Qin Tian scared to the point that he did not dare to say anything, the Great Black Tiger felt pleased and said: "My ancestors were the legendary White Tiger Supervisors, you must be scared, crazy!"

"Shut up!"

Qin Tian came back to his senses and shouted, "The ancestors of the tigers in this world are all supervisors, the Divine Lord! Hurry up and translate what is written here! "

The Great Black Tiger shook its head like a rattle drum, not moving at all no matter how many chips Qin Tian started.

It was only after asking that he realized that this fellow actually wanted this cultivation technique.

The Great Black Tiger's idea was very simple. Since this was written in animal language, it was very likely that it was left behind by an ancient mythical beast. It wouldn't even be Qin Tian's turn to cultivate.

Qin Tian really wanted to choke him to death, but at this moment, a hubbub came from a distance. Qin Tian didn't have time to think as he kept the book.

In just a moment, a few cranes flew into the animal garden. The leader of the cranes was a male cultivator, and the well-dressed youth was young prince An An Rugong.

The next few cranes were all young disciples as well. Only the last crane was carrying the unconscious and heavily injured one. It was actually this animal garden's eldest sister, Princess Mingfeng's crane fairy.

At this moment, crane fairy had already fainted and was riddled with injuries. The two most serious injuries were on her abdomen and wings. It was unknown what terrifying figure had injured crane fairy to the point where she was on the verge of death under the five disciples' watchful eyes.

"Qin Tian, hurry up and lend a hand!"

Princess Mingfeng instructed.

Qin Tian quickly went up to crane fairy and carried her to the grass with two male disciples. The other beasts in the forest also surrounded her after they heard the commotion. Several apes quickly brought water to wash crane fairy's wounds.

An Rugong walked over in a timely manner and gently held Princess Mingfeng's shoulder, saying, "Qingya, don't worry. Since we've returned to the sect's Immortal Mountain, there won't be much of a problem. This is the Return of Spring Pill that I exchanged for at the sect's pharmacy for yesterday."

With that, An Rugong took out a blue and white porcelain bottle from his storage ring.

The generosity of An Rugong made Qin Tian's eyebrows twitch. Although this Return of Spring Powder was of a lower grade, its value was not something ordinary. Inner disciples could only exchange for one per month.

In order to pick up girls, An Rugong had actually used such a good medicine on a Spiritual Beast. This "generosity"

The other disciples were also dumbstruck. As expected, he had to rely on his own strength to pick up girls these days.

Princess Mingfeng also knew the effects of the Return of Spring Pill. Her beautiful eyes swept over it, and Qin Tian immediately understood. He took the bottle with both of his hands and scattered the medicine all over crane fairy's wounds.

Soon, crane fairy woke up and told Qin Tian to tell Princess Feng Ming that he was fine. It was just that the corpse poison would still need some time to be treated before it could be completely removed.

"That's good, that's good …"

Princess Feng Ming heaved a sigh of relief and changed the topic of the conversation. "Qin Tian, I am talented, and in the end, it will be extremely difficult for me to get the chance to enter the Celestial Sect. I never thought that a groom like you would have such good fortune."

At the end of the day, Qin Tian was still a member of the Prince's Mansion. Wu Qingya's words didn't have the slightest intention of blaming him. Instead, it was more like mocking and sighing.

Before Qin Tian could respond, An Rugong quickly said, "I also find it strange. Countless commoners want to participate in the annual examination to join the Cloud, and the outer sect disciples are all elites among elites, that Senior Brother Dongfang Gui is one of the most outstanding inner sect disciples, bestowing good fortune to you, no one dares to gossip about you, I'm afraid that if you were to be killed by kaleidae fructus three years from now, all of your hopes would go to waste!"

An Rugong was quite tactful, but he also showed a lot of disdain.

"Aren't you just gossiping?"

Qin Tian laughed coldly and retorted, "I got my good fortune. You are cultivating your immortal dao, why are you bullying me so much?"

An Rugong was stunned by Qin Tian's words. Although he was not as dazzling as Wu Qingya among the new disciples, but he was still a new elite and had never been humiliated so rudely before.

He reprimanded Qin Tian because he wanted to establish himself as the captain of the team, and also because he wanted to have more common topics to discuss with Wu Qingya to improve his feelings.

"Rumor has it that you're a newborn calf that isn't afraid of a tiger, and now that I've seen you today, you're right!"

An Rugong was quite calm and replied with a sneer, "Don't think that you can truly step into the Immortal Path after obtaining a stroke of good fortune. Today, I will teach you the rule of 'master-servant division' again!"

"Hmph, young prince, your hand is really stretching too far!"

Qin Tian sighed and laughed: "I am under the jurisdiction of the Southlevel Crown Prince's manor, so it is not your turn to give me pointers! Furthermore, I am already a disciple of the Cloud, even in your Andu Duke Palace, your father, King Andu, must respect me as his distinguished guest.

"I didn't expect your cultivation to be so low, your tone is actually quite strong!"

An Rugong shouted.

As he spoke, he drew out his treasured sword with a clang. The three foot long blade was incredibly fast, and the blade was even wrapped in a layer of congealing force that could be seen with the naked eye.

Qin Tian could be considered to have mastered half of his martial arts path. Thus, he reacted in time. He dodged to the side and the sword flew past his chest.

Qin Tian secretly let out a sigh of relief, but in that instant, the congealing force on the tip of the blade exploded. A powerful wave of spiritual energy surged towards him, quickly splitting into tens of thousands of pieces.

Originally, An Rugong wanted to borrow Qin Tian's "soft persimmon".

He had come to establish his might, but unexpectedly, his dignity was swept away and his killing intent surged!

Qin Tian was not his match at the moment, so if he hit him hard, it would be the end of him.

Wu Qingya's face turned cold. She waved her hand and released a blue coloured astral energy. Her speed was much faster than An Rugong's and she was the first to block the attack in front of Qin Tian.

The thousands of congealing force s that had been split into countless numbers were all blocked by the True Divine Spirit Qi, creating crackling sounds. Every time they clashed, the spiritual energy would produce extraordinary fluctuations that could be blocked by the True Divine Spirit Body, and within two to three breaths of time, all of these congealing force s were blocked.


Wu Qingyajue's face was covered with a layer of coldness. She shouted, "An Rugong, Qin Tian is a member of my Wu family. As the saying goes, when you hit a dog, you have to look at the owner. If you touch him, it's like you're touching me!"

In terms of position, Wu Qingya would be slightly better off if she was the direct disciple of the Protector Elder. In terms of background, the An Du Duke of An Rugong had won a point, and furthermore, An Rugong had admired Wu Qingya for a long time.

This time, he stopped. Embarrassed, he thought of something and said, "Qingya, this is not my intention. I am just trying to educate your servant. This child is arrogant. If he dared to call out Earthly Immortal Ink Dyeing's name, she will definitely have some ill intentions towards you one day!"

An Rugong chose the best explanation.

"I never thought that young prince An would have such a vile and despicable mark!"

Seeing that An Rugong had put on his hat again, Qin Tian immediately retorted, "You used your creationism cultivation level to suppress my Shen-Yong Realm, and now you even fabricated a crime for me. You are so petty, you must have no fate with the Immortal Path in this life!"

Pausing, Qin Tian turned to Wu Qingya and continued, "Princess, even though Qin Tian had a stroke of good fortune, the princess will not leave me until she abandons me! "If I am lucky enough to defeat Earthly Immortal Ink Dyeing three years from now and leave her with this broken body, then I can use it as a part of the princess' plan to help her achieve great success in her cultivation!"

Wu Qingya and An Rugong were in the same squad and could be considered to be close to each other on a daily basis.

To be able to block the attack for him at such a crucial moment, he must have a strong personality. Qin Tian was not disloyal to begin with, so he had to show his loyalty in order to fight back.

He turned to Qin Tian and said, "Senior Brother Dongfang bestowed a fortune to you, which is also to grant me, Wu Qingya, a fortune. You don't need to look down on yourself; when you have the opportunity, you must diligently train, and when there is a chance, I will personally settle this matter for you. Senior brother Mo Ran, you have to give me some face!"

"No need!"

Qin Tian was neither humble nor haughty as he refused, "Since I have made a life-and-death gamble with Mo Ran, I shall abide by it. Princess, I appreciate your kindness, Qin Tian!"

When Wu Qingya heard this, she was slightly surprised. The others were also surprised. An Rugong wanted to laugh, but he suppressed it due to the awkwardness just now.

"An Rugong, today you shamed me, humiliated me, and killed me. In the future, you will repay me a hundredfold! This is a gift! "

Qin Tian thought in his heart and clenched his fists.

After receiving all the orders, everyone rode on their cranes and left. They were heading towards the direction of the sect's Immortal City s. It was likely that they were returning to deliver their mission.

Only then did Qin Tian let out a long breath. He carefully checked crane fairy's injuries and sprinkled some of the remaining Return of Spring Powder on the Great Black Tiger's stomach.

Although the fierce beast and spirit birds cultivated like humans, before transforming into human forms, the only weapon they had was their own body. Their recovery speed was many times faster than an ordinary person, and injuries like the Great Black Tiger's could recover in a few days without any medicine.

On the other hand, crane fairy's situation was more serious. Before the Return of Spring Pill was cast, her wounds were already filled with rotting flesh and faintly emitted a corpse smell. It was likely that the mission Princess Mingfeng and the others had accepted was related to zombies.

After everything was settled, Qin Tian would naturally not let the Great Black Tiger go easily. After bargaining a bit, Qin Tian finally made his move against this stubborn, stone-like person.

"Swimming Spirit Serpent Steps!" "Black Tiger Zombie!"

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