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The current Qin Tian was no longer the same as before, it was most likely the power left behind by his Demonification. Although this Great Black Tiger had the strength of seven quarters of the flesh sage, it was still caught off guard by Qin Tian's sneak attack and was pulled out by his tiger hair.

The Great Black Tiger cried out in pain as it tried to find trouble with Qin Tian, but it was slapped away by crane fairy.

"This damnable bandit official, I'm really sorry for disturbing your rest time!"

crane fairy let out her might.

Once Wu Qingya left, crane fairy was still the head of the Hundred animal garden s.

The Great Black Tiger felt wronged, and crawled up, complaining to crane fairy, "Big Sister, this Qin Tian found a manual written in the records of the animal language somewhere and insisted on practicing it himself. Also, for some reason, this fellow had transformed into a humanoid lizard just now. It had the power of an Ying Bu and had almost killed all of the hundred animal garden s with its dragon elephant strength. "

As he spoke, the Great Black Tiger revealed the wound on his abdomen.

crane fairy, who was originally tired and severely injured, regained her spirits the moment she heard those words. She lightly leaped forward and arrived in front of Qin Tian.

"Bird Person, is that true?"

crane fairy asked.

As Wu Qingya's mount, crane fairy's knowledge was naturally incomparable to that of the other beasts in the garden. crane fairy's knowledge as Wu Qingya's mount was naturally incomparable to that of the other beasts in the garden.

"How could that be!"

Qin Tian shook his head, took out the book and said: "This is the cultivation technique bestowed to me by Cultivation Technique Pavilion Deacon Jiang, recklessly saying that it knows the animal language above and not translating for me, wasting my share of good fortune!"

Qin Tian deliberately kept the previous incident a secret, and only told the part about the animal language's remnant scroll, afraid that the experienced crane fairy would guess that this was a sign of demonic qi exploding and spread the news.

crane fairy's degree of affection for Qin Tian was not inferior to Wu Qingya's. To be frank, she preferred Qin Tian, who could give her massage and meticulous care. After hearing this, crane fairy thought for a moment and flapped his wings lightly.

"Yes, it is indeed a beginner cultivation technique."

crane fairy glanced at it and said: "If you follow this cultivation technique, you will be able to have a solid foundation, move step by step, and reach the The Psychic Realm of nine cubes. "It's just that this cultivation technique is a bit strange."

"What is it?"

Qin Tian was overjoyed.

crane fairy's strength was above the Great Black Tiger and she was also the head of the Hundred animal garden s' spirit birds. Naturally, she also had the bloodline of an Primordial Divine Beast and was able to recognize the words' animal language '.

"Although this method uses Qi to build the foundation and the body to forge the body, after it is cultivated, it uses the body to resist the enemy. It is no different from our Immortal Birds and Spirit Beasts' method."

crane fairy said simply.

No matter how high or low a cultivator's level was, no matter how profound or otherwise, they were unable to escape from the "Qi Building Foundation Stage, Soul Forging Body" technique.

As for the basics, the moves and tricks were truly strange. Other than flesh sage techniques, which consumed one's vital energy and blood, the majority of them were Qi Manipulation techniques.

After mastery, one's qi would become a spirit body. With a flip of the hand, one would possess the might of heavenly thunder and the danger of earth-fire.

Even when using Qi to control the sword, the sacred art displayed was the same.

However, according to what crane fairy had said, the most powerful weapon after training was the body. No wonder the Great Black Tiger insisted that it was left behind by the Primordial Divine Beast.

Very quickly, crane fairy translated the contents of the remaining scroll into Qin Tian's hand and wrote it on the silk cloth. Qin Tian carefully kept the remaining scroll into his storage bag.

Immediately, Qin Tian swallowed two snake gall and started the most basic Qi Manipulation to reach the Foundation Establishment stage.

All the cultivators in the world tried to squeeze their brains out in order to enter the Immortal City s of their sects. On one hand, they were trying to achieve a higher achievement, and the main reason was still because of their cultivation techniques.

The cultivation techniques that were passed down in the human world were all ordinary, they all used methods that broke through the limits of the body to break through realms. They were completely not as profound as the cultivation techniques bestowed by the Celestial Sect.

While removing the impurities, he also used the most efficient way to lay down the foundation, expand the container, and forge solid meridians that could withstand even more true qi.

Qin Tian had only repeated the technique twice according to the records. His body and mind suddenly felt comfortable, and his body felt extremely relaxed.

As if it was a century ago, when Qin Tian opened his eyes, he was already sweating profusely. More than half of the impurities in his body were forced out of his body and turned into a layer of filth.

"According to this speed, I'm afraid that it won't be two months before this cultivation method becomes unsatisfying."

Qin Tian felt the changes in his body. The thick Qi that appeared out of nowhere in his dantian was clearly the symbol of the flesh sage s five cubes.

After that, Qin Tian would only need the help of spirit stones to form protective qi barrier and he would be a true expert of the flesh sage of the five forces.

Looking at the white dawn appearing on the horizon, Qin Tian washed his body with water and returned his attention to the Archaic bloodline.

For some reason, every time that true energy passed the Divine Court during its cultivation, it would be repelled, and it would take a detour around it.

After a few times, the repelling force became smaller and smaller, until it finally disappeared. Qin Tian hoped that the Archaic bloodline was digested by true qi, but this idea was a bit of a fantasy, and everything could only be verified by midnight.

Within the animal garden, there were still a few young Spirit Monkeys jumping up and down. Qin Tian closed his mouth and thought for a moment before writing a note and handing it to the Spirit Monkeys along with the two nuts.

"Little Eight, send this slip of paper to the medicine garden."

Qin Tian advised.

Most of these hundred animal garden s had spirit monkeys, there were about ten of them. Qin Tian didn't have the heart to name them one by one and used numbers to name them.

When the spirit monkey saw that the nut's tongue was about to pop out, it took the note and skipped off into the night.

Qin Tian tilted his head and thought for a moment. Then, he sat on the bed with his legs crossed and started to cultivate as if he was savoring the taste of the marrow.

Not long after, Qin Tian slowly woke up. He didn't feel tired at all, just a bit hungry in his stomach.

After taking a pill, he pushed open the door. A few servants were already waiting outside. They were all the haughty slaves that were with Wu Mu. After being saved by Qin Tian that day, they all swore an unshakeable oath to their deaths.

Although Qin Tian did not completely take Wu Mu seriously, he still accepted the dozens of followers and let them manage the medicine garden that Wu Mu was in charge of.

Previously, he had asked Little Eight to send a note to Hoyono to organize the medicinal herbs produced in the medicinal field. Qin Tian wanted to bring the materials and go to the Immortal City to exchange for spirit stones.

Qin Tian's actions were called moving money privately, so he had to cut off both hands before at the Duke Palaces. Therefore, he instructed the Hoyono to keep this a secret.

"Master Qin."

Bai Lang nodded his head and bowed, not daring to hold a grudge against the fact that he had lost an arm, "This is the list of ingredients that have been produced recently. Bai Lang nodded his head and bowed, not daring to hold a grudge for the fact that he had lost an arm," This is the list of ingredients that have been produced recently.

Bai Lang had done this kind of thing many times back at the Duke's Mansion. It was just that the benefits he obtained from lying were all given to Wu Mu. Now, his target had become Qin Tian.

"All the production in the past few days has been here?"

Qin Tian glanced at the cloth bag behind Bai Lang, there were quite a few of them.

In the Celestial Realm, spiritual energy was abundant, and all living things were nourished. Medicinal plants grew at a very good speed, and in a few months, they would be able to produce a good harvest. In this environment, medicinal plants that were thousands of years old could only grow in half a year.

"Yes sir!"

Bai Lang nodded.

"Take half of it back with you. If the princess were to interrogate me, all she had to do was to say that the medicinal ingredients would be reduced. The heavens were generous, and the princess would be merciful. She probably wouldn't blame me."

Saying that, Qin Tian kept half of it back into the storage bag.

After pausing for a moment, Qin Tian continued, "Even though you guys have no chance of reaching the Immortal Dao, you must not slack in your cultivation. In the future, when you return home, you can also receive the respect of tens of thousands of people."

Qin Tian's words were full of deceit. He thought, "Which one of these slaves didn't bully others by relying on power and interest? How could they cultivate to such a state of mind?"

But to Bai Lang and the others, it sounded encouraging and encouraging. They all swore to follow Qin Tian's lead, praying that Qin Tian would be bestowed with good fortune after he ascended the immortal path.

After getting rid of these slaves, Qin Tian carefully fed all the beasts in the garden. Apparently, Great Black Tiger still bore a grudge against Qin Tian, and only after Qin Tian had promised him one fat goose a day, did Qin Tian sit on his back happily.

The Great Black Tiger's injuries had not yet healed, and its running speed was not as fast as yesterday's, but it was still as fast as lightning.

Qin Tian had yet to cultivate his defensive qi, but the Zhen Qi he had cultivated yesterday was as flexible as his limbs. It automatically formed a layer of defense and slowed down the impact of the Qi.

"This demonic disintegration technique is indeed mysterious. Just the state of the five flesh sage is enough to allow one to form a true Immortal's Dharma!"

Qin Tian was amazed.

Generally speaking, those below the level of flesh sage, even if they were peak experts of Martial Saint, their own strength would be unstable, they would not be able to handle things easily, and they would have to deliberately mobilize their strength when fighting. The time and opportunity wasted would often determine the outcome of a battle to the death.

Therefore, the distance between Martial Saint's peak and the Earthly Paradise Realm was not based on the level of strength nor the amount of spirit energy, but rather, the grasp of power.

And it was this threshold that blocked more than half of the flesh sage experts outside, unable to advance even one step in their entire lives.

The demonic disintegration technique seemed to be an exception. According to this method, the Qi produced by cultivating was a part of the real body.

After walking for six hours, a man and a tiger finally came to a stop in front of the Mountain Defense Immortal Cage.

Entering the Immortal Curtain, even though Qin Tian didn't know the way, he deliberately followed the outer sect disciple on the ground and soon found a training hall.

This hall was majestic and magnificent, occupying about a quarter of the entire Immortal City. It was many times larger than any of the Guardian Elders in the entire ethereal nine peaks, but its construction and spiritual energy was not even half of someone's entrance.

However, to these new disciples, this sort of cultivation environment was already extremely enjoyable for them.

The four corners of the vast training hall were burning with jade-green spice. While concentrating one's energy, one could at the same time speed up the circulation of spiritual energy in the area so that the listening disciples could absorb even more spiritual energy in a short period of time.

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