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Qin Tian walked around the yard and quickly found Brother Guo Bao.

It was not because of Qin Tian's sharp eyes. It was because the other martial brothers intentionally kept their distance from Guo Bao. He was alone, and everyone could see him at a glance.

After the two greeted each other, Qin Tian took out a praying mat and sat beside Guo Bao. Immediately, it attracted a wave of sighs and mockery.

"One servant and one trash, these two are a perfect match in a team!"

"Shh, lower your voice. Although that Qin Tian can't be seen, but the person behind him is Princess Feng Ming. She is the new disciple chosen by the Forgotten Peak's elder Ling Yun. After entering the sect, she is even more important."

"What are you afraid of!" This Qin Tian is just a servant. Not to mention us mocking and insulting him, even if we killed him in the competition arena, that Princess Feng Ming would probably not care. "


Guo Bao was used to these words, so Qin Tian didn't really think that kaleidae fructus's words were very harsh. How could Qin Tian care about the clamor of these outer sect disciples? He actually learned a lot about Princess Feng Ming from them.

Princess Feng Ming was the number one in the younger generation in Constant Country. In Celestial Sect, even though there were thousands of elite disciples in the inner sect, they were still unable to conceal their glory.

The rest of the nine peaks were occupied by the protector elders of the Cloud. The nine protectors were the symbol of the Cloud's strength, and not a single one of them were not a part of the cultivation world. After a long time, they became even more famous than the sect master who had cultivated for a thousand years, so the ethereal nine peaks became the name of the Cloud.

Each time someone passed the examination to become a new disciple, they would come to choose and take Wu Qingya as their disciple. Originally, there were many Protector Elders who wanted to take Wu Qingya as their disciple, but they did not expect that Elder Lingyun would use the order, which was only given once every three years, to bring Wu Qingya into the sect.

Although Qin Tian had just entered the Celestial Sect, he still knew that the order was the highest authority under the Celestial Sect's sect master!

Once the medallion was issued, unless the Sect Master personally came, the millions of cultivators under the Celestial Sect would be ordered by the medallion holder, regardless of identity, status, or strength.

And Wu Qingya had directly advanced to become an inner sect disciple with her flesh sage cultivation during the last assessment!

They had the same status as Earth Immortal disciples!

"I didn't expect that the princess would attract such a large amount of attention. She really doesn't disgrace the young genius' name."

"Qin Tian was amazed.

At this moment, the doors of the hall slowly opened. Amidst the solemn voice, two cultivators wearing silk robes floated out on auspicious clouds. They were both in their forties and were Earth Immortal cultivators.

The flesh sage was divided into ten directions, and there were ten stages for Earthly Immortals. However, the scope of this knowledge could not be touched by these inner and outer disciples who heard it. If an expert with the same rank as an Earthly Immortal was present, it was obvious that these two people had the celestial realm of the seventh level of the Earthly Immortal Stage.

The disciples, who were still in the midst of idle chatter, suddenly stood up when they saw these two. Qin Tian was pulled up by Guo Bao in confusion. Immediately afterwards, tens of thousands of people respectfully kowtowed to these two.

"Greetings Elder Yun, Elder Fang!"

Everyone shouted.

These two were the teaching elders of today. Although they were only two of the hundred or so elders, their strength was enough for the inner and outer disciples to bow down in worship.

The two elders only slightly waved their hands. Only then did tens of thousands of disciples dare to get up. Only with Elder Fang's gesture did these disciples dare to sit back down on the praying mat.

"Today's morning class will be taught by Elder Fang and I."

After Elder Yun finished speaking, he sat cross-legged on the auspicious cloud and began to teach.

They lectured for six whole hours. Although it was a bit unrestrained, Qin Tian still felt that he had benefited greatly from it.

There is a saying that after thirty years of hard work, one is inferior to a master teacher.

"Qin Tian."

Seeing that Elder Yun had retreated with a dry mouth, Guo Bao pulled Qin Tian's sleeve and asked: "Seeing that you are enjoying yourself, you must have gotten a lot of rewards."

After Qin Tian was asked this question, he looked around and saw that many of the disciples were not very optimistic. This made Qin Tian very happy. It seemed that his talent was also in the upper echelons of the outer sect disciples.

At the very least, he was able to perceive and absorb the things that most of the disciples did not understand.

"I understand most of it."

Qin Tian answered honestly and sighed with emotion, "If you have the teachings of an elder and a revered elder every day, you will be able to avoid a lot of obstacles on the way to becoming an immortal. It's really great."

"Come on."

Guo Bao shook his head and said, "How can this teaching elder be as strong as the protector elder? Not to mention the elites of the inner sect, but even the benefits of the outer sect disciples' elixirs are many times less than ours. If we run, they will use flying, so even if we save a lot of effort, we will be left far behind."

Qin Tian smiled and shook his head. He denied Guo Bao's thought of a salted fish.

On the podium, Elder Fang also sat down.

"This Elder Fang has an unyielding personality and loves to train his disciples. In a moment, the two of us will fight each other. We have to put in a lot of effort on the surface, or else we will be punished!"

Guo Bao said with a lingering fear.

Sure enough, Elder Fang only spoke a few words before commanding the tens of thousands of disciples to spar with each other.

Wealth was the way, power was the way, being invincible among tens of thousands of people was the way, and being immortal was also the way.

Most people searching for the Dao of Immortality were here for the carefree and unrestrained longevity. However, Elder Fang's heart was filled with the word 'battle'. Seeing the disciples practicing against each other in the training hall, Elder Fang also stood up and began his patrol.

"Strength!" Strength! It's so soft that it can't even kill a mouse! "

"Pay attention to the continuation and release of the protective aura!" "If I were an old farmer farming, I would be able to kill you with a hoe!"

"Trash!" Moth! I have wasted the benefits of the pill that my sect gave you! "


It was just as Guo Bao had said. Elder Fang was scolding and patrolling along the way. Before long, he arrived at Qin Tian's side and stopped.

"Guo Bao, you're really smart, to actually find a disciple with Shen-Yong Realm to spar with!"

Elder Fang obviously knew Guo Bao, but he didn't know Qin Tian. He said, "This little guy is quite smart. If you choose such a trash as your opponent, you might even win this match."

Saying that, Elder Fang waved for someone to come over.

This person was nine feet tall, with a broad waist and a tanned face. He was Elder Fang's favorite disciple, Jia Liang.

Elder Fang pointed at Qin Tian and Guo Bao and said, "Jia Liang, you fight with these two."

When Jia Liang heard this, he said with disdain, "Master, don't you tremble me anymore. One of these two is a famous trash, and the other one is a servant who came from a family even more useless than trash. Didn't you always teach me martial artists to love themselves …?"

If Jia Liang was whispering with others, Qin Tian didn't have to lower himself to the same level as him.

Now that Jia Liang had spoken to his face, how could Qin Tian allow him to be so presumptuous!

"Who are you calling trash?"

Qin Tian interrupted Jia Liang with a loud shout.

He immediately stepped forward and stood in front of Jia Liang.

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