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Jia Liang looked at Qin Tian, who was shorter than him, and laughed, "The trash definitely isn't talking about you, it's about Guo Bao. And the trash among the trash is you. "

Jia Liang was Elder Fang's direct disciple, and his tough personality was not much worse than Qin Tian's. Seeing that Qin Tian still dared to speak so arrogantly, he repeated it without restraint.

Qin Tian was about to open his mouth, but he was stopped by Guo Bao, "Qin Tian, forget it."

Although Jia Liang only had a cultivation level of six forces of congealing stage, he was still a tyrant. Ten or eight people bound together by Wu Tie were not even his match, and since he was the direct disciple of the elder, he once again chose to settle this matter peacefully.

"I know what I'm doing."

Qin Tian glanced at Guo Bao, then turned to face Jia Liang and said, "As Elder Fang wishes, you and I have done it once!"

Hearing Qin Tian's words, the disciples who were practicing stopped what they were doing and gathered around him. For a moment, there were hundreds of thousands of people who could not get through.

Seeing so many people, Jia Liang laughed wildly and said, "Qin Tian, don't think that kaleidae fructus will not punish you. This move of yours can make the sky tremble! This daddy here doesn't want this sort of thing, nor do you want me to bully the weak.

Instantly, the surrounding disciples exploded in an uproar.

Jia Liang was known for his tyrannical strength. In the past few years, many disciples had suffered at his hands!

Just the flesh sage of four directions was enough for Qin Tian to crush him to death with one finger, plus that trash Guo Bao, he could use an extra finger.

"Don't even talk about me bullying the weak by fighting him alone!"

Qin Tian knew that Guo Bao did not dare to accept the challenge, so he went forward to accept it and said, "If I lose, you can call me trash in the future and I'll give you my word!"

What he meant was, he wanted Jia Liang to take out his chips.

Jia Liang naturally understood this and added, "If I lose, I will stand guard at the entrance of the Immortal City for three days and three nights straight. When I see anyone, I will shout 'I am a piece of trash' and give them this bag of spirit stones."

While speaking, Jia Liang took out a bag and filled it with a lot of spirit stones.

Even though he was practicing his physical body, which was why he didn't use the spirit stone array in his cultivation, how could he think that spirit stones, which were in currency, were too much?

It was enough to see his confidence that he would definitely win.

Seeing that the situation was about to turn into a gambling match, Elder Fang pondered for a moment and did not feel that anything was amiss. He also said, "Then we will compete in this training hall. The winner will be given a Spiritual Enhancing Pill!"

The moment he said this, the entire audience went into an uproar.

"This Spirit Nurturing Pill is a Sky, Earth, Black and Yellow Profound Grade Three pellet. You can have a pellet to protect yourself by taking it. Within three days, you will be able to absorb spiritual energy at a rate several times faster than the Yellow Grade Spirit Accumulation Pellet."

"Among the new disciples, only one disciple will be rewarded with a creationism cultivation, and only the inner sect disciples can consume it as food!"

"Elder Fang is just pretending to be a public servant. He clearly knows that Jia Liang won the bet so he set the winner as the winner!"

"Not only that! "If Qin Tian defeats Liu Tie easily, we can use this as an opportunity to befriend kaleidae fructus and Mountain Opening Elder, Ma Tianhua!"


Everyone quickly analyzed the pros and cons. None of them were optimistic about Qin Tian. Jia Liang was also constantly raising his eyebrows in provocation. He was probably looking forward to a meteoric rise in cultivation.

Not long after that, the surrounding disciples spontaneously opened up a space as a stage. Guo Bao obviously wanted to dissuade Qin Tian, but seeing that he had made up his mind, he couldn't help but sigh.

The battle was about to begin.

With Qin Tian's current strength, other than being unable to condense his protective qi and congealing force, he was not too far off from cultivators with the congealing stage of the six forces. Even if he could fight with senior brother Guo Bao, he still did not dare to underestimate the inner disciple Jia Liang.

Generally speaking, because every realm after flesh sage was linked to spirit energy, inner disciples would usually use condensing spirit energy as their main path, and very rarely would they train their body.

In addition, most of the rich and powerful families that were born into the government, officials, and families couldn't handle this kind of suffering. Jia Liang was an exception; it seemed that the disciples that Elder Fang paid attention to were also from the army.

Qin Tian looked around and was about to walk to the front of the stage, but he felt someone tug on his sleeve and turned his head to look.

"Although this Senior Brother Jia Liang only has the flesh sage of six cubes, he has already stepped into it five years ago. In the past five years of practicing his physical body, with the help of Golden Bell Iron Robe and the《 Dragon Tiger Art》 that he was familiar with, his physical body should be able to withstand the next ding of strength!"

Guo Bao said carefully.

A load was a hundred Jin, a cauldron was a thousand Jin, and the strength of a dragon and elephant was more than ten thousand Jin!

Qin Tian was also shocked by this number.

Bearing the pain and releasing it was not the same concept, and thinking about it, it was only because the spirit energy in the dantian was at first that the cultivator with flesh sage could resist the cauldron with all his might.

Even if a cultivator had the power to resist the cauldron, in the absence of the defensive qi barrier, their physical defense would not be that much higher than an ordinary person's. Only when their physical body was trained horizontally, could they rely on a hard sect like the Golden Bell Cover to have such a terrifying physical defense.

Although Jia Liang was an outer sect disciple, he had stayed in the flesh sage s for five years. These five years of training had laid a solid foundation for him, and it was likely that he had long ago stopped putting the cultivators from the flesh sage s of the seven directions in his eyes.

This time, it was Elder Fang who intended to give Qin Tian this stumbling block, but he didn't know why.

"Don't worry, I won't lose."

Qin Tian smiled, but his heart was heavy.

Although it was just an ordinary competition, Qin Tian still did not want to lose. He thought that three years later, the one he wanted to challenge was Earthly Immortal Ink Dyeing, if he was blocked by a congealing stage cultivator today, he would definitely have a demonic feeling in his heart, which would be a hundred times more harmful to his future cultivation, let alone being mocked by tens of thousands of people.

With that, Qin Tian stepped onto the podium. Jia Liang, who was instructed by Elder Fang in a low voice, also jumped onto the podium and stood four to five meters away from Qin Tian.

"Even though this Jia Liang's cultivation isn't very deep, his skills in training are not fake. I remember that during last year's outer sect disciple test, he swept past three disciples who had seven sets of hallucination at the same time as him."

"Indeed! Especially that third mountain opening palm, Li Zizhong. He was also a martial artist from the outer sect, but he was not as strong as Jia Liang's Dragon Tiger Fist. "

"If Senior Brother Wen Xiang didn't use the power of the Goliath to suppress me, I'm afraid he would have taken the top spot. Just think about it, Senior Brother Xiang already has the creationism of eight directions, but that battle was fraught with danger!"

"This Qin Tian came from a servant's background. Even if Senior Brother Dongfang gave him a good fortune, a servant is still a servant. Don't mention challenging Senior Brother Mo Ran three years later, I think he will be heavily injured on the stage today!"


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