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Jia Liang was already a burly man, and Qin Tian was even more burly after his potential exploded. The two hulks fought back and forth on the stage, and was extremely happy. All the tens of thousands of disciples in the audience were staring at them.

Only the Yun and Fang Elders saw through this. Qin Tian did not know what method he used to cause the spiritual energy in his body to expand infinitely in his blood vessels. It was like a balloon.

If this continued, as long as Qin Tian still had some Qi in his Dantian and did not receive any fatal injuries, he would be able to kill Jia Liang with ease.

The two elders exchanged a strange look as a name simultaneously appeared in their hearts.

Divine General's Sect.

In the southern part of the Constant Country, there was an ancient country called the China, and the Heavenly Imperial Guardian Celestial Sect that was at the edge of the realm was called the Divine General's Sect.

Legend has it that after the disciples of Divine General's Sect had cultivated to perfection, they could summon their true gods to fight.

The two elders were extremely knowledgeable, so they naturally knew of the Divine General's Sect's sacred art. However, there was a slight difference with regards to one level, which meant that the Divine General's Sect's Spirit Possession was based on the "Spirit Power" of the Divine Sea of Consciousness.

Qin Tian was able to support his body with just his Spiritual Qi, so he was at a much higher level.

Before the two elders could communicate with each other, a change suddenly occurred on the stage. The two of them, who were initially fighting with each other, now had more than ten concave movements in front of Jia Liang's chest.

Every one of them was the size of a sandbag and were connected together. Their chests were stomped down by an inch, while Jia Liang, who had his internal organs damaged, spat out a mouthful of blood.

Just like that, the Gold Bell Iron Robe was torn apart!

"Master Qin Tian's technique is better, I acknowledge my defeat! We'll fight again in the future! "

Jia Liang was practicing his physical fitness so he naturally knew the condition of his body. He waved his hand and was about to admit defeat.

Jia Liang also understood this logic. At this moment, Qin Tian was in the limelight, so it wasn't wise for him to face the enemy head on.

However, Qin Tian did not give him the chance. Smiling sinisterly, he said, "In the future, if you force me into a corner in the future, will you give me a way out? I'm afraid not, you can't wait to kill me and go to Mo Ran to beg for mercy! "

As he spoke, Qin Tian suddenly threw out two punches. The Aura of the Gold Bell Iron Cloth had been broken. Not to mention resisting the Cauldron, even the slightly stronger fists and kicks would cause the internal injuries to worsen.

The punch landed squarely on Zhang Xuan's nose, causing blood to flow profusely from the blow.

The second punch was aimed at Jia Liang's head. If the two to three thousand jin of strength was to be smashed down, even hard metal would be shattered. Jia Liang would definitely die on the spot.

"Keep our men!"

However, at this moment, along with the voice, Elder Yun suddenly descended and teleported in a flash. He waved his hand and released a Five-Colored Gale that tightly surrounded Jia Liang's body.

Qin Tian's fist was slightly slower and it smashed onto the defensive qi barrier. Accompanied by a loud sound of shattering, the Qi barrier that Elder Yun had hastily set up cracked like a spider web.

Elder Yun continued to lecture endlessly, but instead of being talkative, he became talkative. He stuttered for a long time and did not say a word. He only commanded a few disciples to quickly carry Jia Liang away for medical treatment.


Qin Tian snorted, he wanted to pursue the matter further.

Then he thought again, I'm just a new outer disciple, if I really accidentally killed an inner sect elite, I'm afraid the punishment is merciless, before three years the life and death gamble is over the Discipline Hall.

Speaking of it, it was quite a coincidence, Qin Tian had merely the cultivation strength of flesh sage in four directions, and although he had condensed quite a bit of Spirit Qi during last night's cultivation, the consumption of the Spirit Qi required for the potential to erupt was not small. If Jia Liang could hold on for another three to five breaths of time, Qin Tian would definitely disperse and recover his Qi.

Qin Tian let out a long sigh of relief after winning the match. His bulging muscles also disappeared along with the breath, returning to his skinny body.

What followed was a wave of dizziness, accompanied by severe pain from his meridians tearing. Qin Tian was caught off guard and his vision went dark. He staggered a few steps on the podium and managed to stabilize his body, but his dizziness did not decrease at all.

In the darkness, Qin Tian felt a pair of large hands on his shoulders. Just as he was about to resist, he felt a warm current seep into his body and flow through his entire body.

As he walked through the meridians, the tearing pain immediately lessened significantly. When he arrived at his dantian, the depleted spiritual energy instantly jumped.

As Qin Tian ascended to the Divine Court, his dizziness also subsided. He shook his head to regain his clarity, but his body was still feeling a little uncomfortable.

On closer look, it was Elder Fang.

"Qin Tian, you've won this match. This Spirit Nurturing Pill is yours. Take it."

Elder Fang waved his sleeve and a porcelain bottle fell into Qin Tian's hands.

The direct disciple was heavily injured, and he even gave the winner's reward. This Elder Fang was quite a character and was unwilling to go back on his word in front of tens of thousands of disciples, so he was quite patient.

When Qin Tian was sent off the stage and welcomed over by Liu Tie, there was still a lingering effect. Fortunately, Elder Fang quickly announced the end of the morning class, so Guo Bao and Great Black Tiger quickly brought Qin Tian to the clinic.

Qin Tian only felt 70 to 80% better after consuming the soup for calming his mind and adjusting his state of mind. When he recalled the secret technique to stimulate his potential, he was extremely shocked.

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