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It was noon, and Guo Bao passionately invited Qin Tian to the nearest city outside of Immortal City. The two of them had lunch at a restaurant.


Guo Bao smacked his head and just reminded: "The Spirit Nurturing Pills that Elder Fang bestowed are genuine Profound Rank Pills, and with your current cultivation realm, you might just use the power of the pills to break through two levels in a row and directly form the congealing force. If you can obtain the spirit blade before the advancement test next month, then you will definitely stand out among the new disciples, and after entering the outer sect, your pill contribution will be much higher each month."

Thinking about it, he had already been in the Cloud for a few years, but he did not receive the slightest bit of respect. He was even looked down upon in front of the new disciples, let alone passing the examination and being promoted to an outer disciple.

When Qin Tian heard this, he took out the porcelain bottle and took out the Spiritual Enhancing Pill.

This pill was the size of a thumb and had three orifices. These three orifices had a rune between them that could increase the speed at which a cultivator could absorb spiritual energy by many times.

Guo Bao's eyes almost popped out of his head when he saw the Nurturing Pills. With his contribution to the sect, exchanging them for low rank spirit stones to aid in his cultivation seemed to be too short of money, so he naturally didn't have the opportunity to obtain such a miraculous pill.

Unexpectedly, Qin Tian took out a small knife and cut down with it. The Spirit Nurturing Pills were divided into two parts and half of them were pushed towards Guo Bao.

"Senior brother Guo, since we are friends, we have to rely on each other and work hard. Wouldn't it be better for us to both be promoted to the outer sect disciples in next month's assessment?"

After Qin Tian said this, he swallowed the other half of the pill.

Although Qin Tian had a heroic spirit, he did not know much about the promotion of the outer sect disciples. Naturally, he asked for more details.

"Cloud has hundreds of thousands of entry-level disciples and outer sect disciples, there are also tens of thousands of outer sect disciples. The sect elders will definitely not ask about them one by one, and with that, the sect elders will definitely not ask about them one by one, and the result will be this season's advancement assessment test, which will be the competition in the arena. As for the selection, the rules for the test will not be the same, sometimes it will be a competition, sometimes there will be other times a mission."

"Then what's the quota?"

Qin Tian asked again.

"If it's a martial arts competition, the slots are fixed. There are more than two hundred slots."

After Guo Bao said this, he pondered for a moment and said: "If it's the mission assessment, then the promotion quota will be slightly higher. At that time, aside from the ones who completed the mission, even the disciples with excellent performances will be favored.

Guo Bao had taken more than a dozen promotions tests in a row, so he had a say in this.

When Qin Tian heard this number, he thought for a moment. He had already made up his mind to improve his strength as soon as possible.

The Cloud s were vast, and currently, there were around two to three hundred thousand outer sect disciples. Although not all of them would be participating in the promotions, they would still be ninety percent of the participants.

If he wanted to stand out among the hundreds of thousands of people, the only way was to improve himself. It would be too late for Qin Tian to make up for it with hard work, but he still had many secret techniques for him to choose.

"According to the legends, a formation set up with a demon beast core can not only quickly refine spiritual energy, but also gain some of the insights that the demon beast gained when she was alive if it was completely absorbed."

"In addition, you will also be able to improve your physique with the help of elixirs. At the same time, you will also be able to obtain an enormous amount of Spiritual Qi."

"The fastest and most succinct way is to use the spirit stones to set up the Spirit Gathering Formation."


Many ideas flashed through Qin Tian's mind, but they were all difficult to achieve. The value of demonic cores, elixir cores, and spirit stones were all beyond Qin Tian's reach.

Just look at Guo Bao. As a senior entry disciple, his family's collection was only a few dozen low rank soul stones. The benefits contribution of an outer disciple was outrageously low.

Without waiting for Qin Tian to take the initiative to ask, he explained: "Qin Tian, you are in charge of the medicinal garden and animal garden under Princess Feng Ming's name, and you also know some contribution points, which are far from the reward for the Sect's mission. Even the simplest mission will be equivalent to half a month's harvest for the medicinal garden!"


Qin Tian's eyes lit up and he continued to ask.

However, Guo Bao said that he had never accepted a mission from his sect and did not know the details. He pointed out the location for Qin Tian on the map of the Immortal City and it was indeed the Contribution Pavilion who specialized in giving out missions.

Qin Tian was burning with anger, so he bade farewell to Guo Bao and went back into the Immortal City.

It was not hard to find the Contribution Pavilion. It was a huge pavilion standing in the middle of the Immortal City, with an ancient style, carved into the walls. It was even more majestic and more dignified than the nine layers of white jade stairs.

Cultivation technique was the basis of all the sects in Celestial Sect, and it represented "Convergence"

The Contribution Pavilion was the vigorous life force of the Cloud!

In the vast Contribution Pavilion, there were many different kinds of disciples. There were outer sect rookies, inner sect elites, and even entry level elites. Some of them were even mixed with inner sect disciples and clan deacons.

All of these cultivators had high and low cultivation bases, forming groups of three to five, but they were all the same. All of them were full of energy, and their eyes were sharp, as if they were full of ambition, completely different from the outer sect disciples that Qin Tian had met in the past few days.

"Presumably, these cultivators who are brave enough to challenge are the backbone of my Cloud!"

Qin Tian was excited and looked around. There were jade slips and bamboo tubes hanging densely on the four walls. He casually picked one up and a serious voice sounded in his head.

"The Yellow Rank mission exterminated the sand bandits, west of Constant Country, the sand bandits rampaging …"

This sound must have been inputted by a certain elder in charge of giving out missions. Next, it was about the specific location and content of the missions. After Qin Tian patiently listened, the final contribution reward was divided into two.

"Clearing out the bandit's nest will result in 500 contribution points. Collect the Desert Tiger Scorpion venom and exchange for 2 points each."

Qin Tian muttered to himself and thought, "This reward is really rich."

Qin Tian was in charge of the medicinal garden and the animal garden under Princess Feng Ming's name. His monthly income was around three to four thousand contribution points, and bandits in the secular world might be strong for mortals, so any cultivator with six congealing stage could easily exterminate them.

However, Qin Tian did not plan to accept this mission, so he carefully hung the bamboo tube back on the wall. The desert to the west of the Constant Country was hundreds of thousands of miles away from the Celestial Sect, so it would take a lot of time to go back and forth.

Qin Tian looked around and also looked at a few files. Most of the tasks on the first floor were for local disasters, or to collect and investigate. Although the reward points weren't little, it wouldn't be worth it during those few days.

At this moment, seven cultivators walked in from outside. These seven people were all wise and powerful, and as soon as they entered, someone recognized them.

"Isn't that the 'Cloud's Seven Heroes' among the inner sect disciples? I heard that the day before yesterday, they took on an extremely dangerous mission.

"I've also heard of that mission, it's a recently risen sect called the Cyan Fox Sect, which has a peak flesh sage of the Cyan Fox Lady, with a treacherous personality, and the fox race is one of the best, many of the disciples didn't dare to accept it!"

"He must have made a ton of money."


This was also known as the "seven prodigies of Cloud".

The seven disciples hurried up to the second floor under the admiring gazes of the crowd. Qin Tian also followed after them after pondering for a while. There were also a few outer court disciples accompanying them.

As expected, the second floor was much more quiet, and the amount of tasks issued was very little. Qin Tian also came to the conclusion that these tasks were much more difficult than the ones downstairs and the corresponding rewards were also a bit more generous.

At this time, a young man dressed in plain clothes, with not a single piece of ornamental jewelry, walked up to them. His cultivation was at the flesh sage Six Directions, and he looked like he was Contribution Pavilion's deacon disciple.

"Junior apprentice-brother."

This person had just arrived in front of Qin Tian. He opened his mouth but didn't say anything. After a long while, he said, "Junior Brother, your cultivation is still shallow. It's better not to accept missions on this level. Let's check it out downstairs."

"Senior brother, what do you mean?"

Qin Tian was a bit confused.

"Junior apprentice-brother doesn't know."

The man was rather enthusiastic and explained: "All of the missions on the first floor of Contribution Pavilion are basic, the second floor's missions mostly to exterminate the Demons, in recent days, the Demons have been rampant, and the Demonic Way Demonic Cultivator has caused trouble everywhere, so many of the disciples that joined the sect have been injured or even lost their lives."

"So that's how it is."

Qin Tian nodded thoughtfully and asked again, "What about the third floor?"

"The third floor is the place where large scale missions are issued. My Cloud is called one of the Tian Yuan Continent's The Four Great Immortal Sects, and is also the head of the sect. Naturally, he takes on the heavy responsibility of exterminating evil and protecting the Dao, so he will continuously issue large scale missions and gather all of the sect's disciples to attack the demon territory."

That person explained in detail.

This continent called Tian Yuan was actually tens of times larger than Qin Tian had imagined. In the past, Qin Tian only knew that Constant Country and a few other surrounding countries were enemies, but he didn't know that in the distant continent, there were more countries and more Celestial Sect.

Including the Cloud s, there were four sects that were publicly recognized as top sects by cultivators. They were the Celestial Sect in the north, the Mount Shu Sword Sect in the east, the Valley of Hundred Flowers in the west, and the ten martial arts sects in the center of the continent.

Outside of the ranks, the smaller sects would issue larger missions, encouraging their disciples to explore, invade demon territory, or enter the eight forbidden grounds of Tian Yuan Continent to explore, in order to obtain more resources or more prestige.

Ordinary disciples only felt that large-scale missions were extremely dangerous, and that they also had to go deep into dangerous situations. They also had to fight with strong enemies, and if they were to be careless for even a moment, they would fall into an irrecoverable situation.

What he did not know was that this kind of mission was the chance to rapidly increase his strength!

Regardless of whether it was the demon territory or the eight forbidden areas, they were all rich in resources and fortuitous encounters.

In the law of the jungle, where the strong were respected, danger was always equal to opportunity.

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