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Qin Tian chatted with this Senior Brother for a while and reported their family name to him. It was only then that he found out this Senior Brother's name was Ma Ming Xun.

In the assessment five years ago, he had already been promoted to the inner sect, but unfortunately, his talent was limited, and he didn't advance for a long time.

When Ma Xun found out Qin Tian's name, he couldn't help but be shocked.

Naturally, after knowing Qin Tian's identity, Ma Xun did not stop him. He had already done the necessary work at the counter in the Contribution Pavilion for three to four years, so which one of the elites, or even the inner sect disciples, wasn't a young cultivator with eyes above his head, courage to challenge, and full of vigor and vitality?

The missions on the second floor of the Contribution Pavilion were indeed much more difficult and demanding. Most of them were related to demons, devils, ghosts, warlocks of the Demonic Cultivator.

And the ones who accepted these kinds of missions were usually teams formed by the Celestial Sect disciples themselves. Princess Feng Ming and An Rugong had formed a small team, but the five elite disciples still failed and returned home.

Qin Tian knew that their relationship in the Cloud was nothing more than that of Guo Bao and Ma Xun, it could be said that they did not have enough strength left in them. Senior brother Ma Xun also noticed Qin Tian's helplessness and suggested that Qin Tian go to the third floor to take a look.

"Yesterday, I issued a large-scale mission. It's to explore the Watchful Glacier in the extreme north and repair the formation."

Ma Xun whispered into Qin Tian's ear.

When Qin Tian heard this, his pupils constricted and he subconsciously asked, "Will the sect not worry and allow our group of flesh sage disciples to enter the Watchful Glacier?"

The Watchful Glacier was one of the eight forbidden lands of the Tian Yuan Continent, situated in the extreme north, stretching over a thousand miles. Legend has it that after the calamity that happened billions of years ago, the Human Cultivator Group sent their farewells to the Guardian, hence the name Watchful Glacier, meaning that the humans and the Guardian were watching over each other.

After a trillion years, the Guardian never appeared again. The Glacier Glacier had become one of the forbidden areas where demon beasts ran rampant.

The horde of demonic beasts wandering around the iceberg were at least at the flesh sage of the four directions. Legend has it that there are Snow Region Heavenly Wolves, Ice Elves, Ice Crystal Kylin Beasts, and Blue Dragons, which are comparable to peak Earth Immortal Realm cultivators.

"I've heard that the mission content is only for small-scale exploration and repair of formations. Two sect elders will accompany them, and although these two elders will not help in times of crisis, that is still a guarantee."

Then, Ma Xun concluded, "The sect's goal is to motivate these disciples who accept missions in order to ensure the continued existence of the Cloud s. It is naturally not to cut off one's own path of retreat."

When Qin Tian heard this, he suddenly understood.

"Then, thank you for your advice, Senior Ma."

Qin Tian smiled and pushed a Spirit Stone into Ma Xun's hand without leaving a trace.

Ma Xun had been standing guard in the Contribution Pavilion all year round. Naturally, he had seen a lot of this scene.

Sure enough, in the middle of the third floor, there was an ice crystal monument with words and patterns drawn in cinnabar. This was Ma Xun's large mission regarding the Glacier, as mentioned by Ma Xun. Below the monument, there were already dozens of signatures.

This brush and stone tablet were also refined into magic tools. Qin Tian only lightly described them, but there was a sharp edge to them that engraved the contents onto the stone tablet. Later on, it filled the cinnabar, making it exceptionally clear.

After that, under the guidance of the guard disciple, Qin Tian placed the entry token onto the stone tablet and swept over it. An azure aura drilled into the entrance token and it could be counted as a success in registering.

When the number of participants reached the required number of people, they would issue a command and gather the information before commencing the mission.

Qin Tian couldn't help but sigh at the power of this entry token, from entering the Celestial Gate, to authentication, to accessing contribution points, now the mission was also completed by the entrance token, presumably it was also a top-grade item, but he didn't know which of the four ranks it was in the Sky, Earth, Mysterious, and Yellow grades.

Qin Tian finally felt the weight on his chest. Just as he was about to leave after a short while, he was stopped by a group of three people.

Although these three were flesh sage Realm silk robe, the leader led them in full fury.

"Qin Tian, I didn't expect to meet you here."

That person clearly knew Qin Tian, and his words were filled with mockery and hatred.

Right after he said that, the two people behind him chimed in: "You little bastard, you made our Young Master Lu so easy to find! Kneel down and die! "

Half of Qin Tian's good mood was stirred up. He took a deep breath and suddenly threw out a punch. As expected, the cultivation of the two lackeys in the middle of the ruckus were not that strong.

Although he was about to use his protective qi barrier, he was still a step too slow. After taking this blow, he was forced to retreat.

Yet, he was "Master Lu".

Pushing it with one hand, he seemed to be able to dissolve three to four loads of power. Qin Tian immediately knew that he was in trouble.

"That's all?"

Master Lu smiled contemptuously: "Although my junior brother is not a good person, he has been practicing for seven years and this bit of power is more or less enough to tickle him. I really don't know how you hurt him."

With this said, Qin Tian understood a little bit. Before the match with Jia Liang this morning, he had heard the surrounding disciples whispering a name called Lv Guan. It was obviously this Young Master Lu.

"If you want to try, come find me at the training hall in three days. I'll send you back to reunite with Jia Liang."

Qin Tian was determined to be the enemy and did not stand on ceremony with him. He coldly snorted and was about to leave.

Lv Guan stretched out his arm to block Qin Tian, and said: "I don't have the time to be angry with you, I just want to advise you. If you want to participate in this mission, I'm afraid you will have to die in the Watch Glacier! This contribution point is something that you can take with your life, but spend it with your life! "

Lv Guan smiled, but his words were bone-chilling.

The two lackeys immediately agreed. "If you've offended our Master Lu, you should kneel down and beg for mercy. Otherwise, when it's time for you to beg for death …"

"Shut up!"

Qin Tian interrupted them abruptly.

However, they didn't use their mouths, but ferociously threw out another two punches. This time, although the two of them were prepared, they didn't react in time and were hit in the mouth by Qin Tian's furious punch.

Blood spurted out of his mouth, and he spat out a few white teeth.

Qin Tian then smiled in satisfaction as he casually wiped off the blood on his finger and said, "Lv Guan, I've heard of your name before. Qin Tian then smiled in satisfaction as he casually wiped away the blood on his finger and said," Lv Guan, I've also heard of your name.

Lv Guan originally only wanted to participate in this large-scale mission, but unexpectedly, he met Qin Tian here. The so-called hatred was not as deep as he said it was, and there were hundreds of thousands of outer court disciples in Cloud, and there were only about a hundred members in Elders Guild. Although Elder Fang was not one of the core members, he still remembered thousands of names.

The reason why he stopped Qin Tian and shared the same thoughts as the other disciples was because he wanted to use this opportunity to curry favor with Earthly Immortal Ink Dyeing.

However, Qin Tian's reaction far exceeded Lv Guan's expectations. After a moment of shock, Lv Guan laughed out loud. Under Qin Tian's gaze, he picked up the blue pen, dipped it in ink and wrote down a name on the monument.

"See you at the Glacier!"

Lv Guan walked away.

The two lackeys covered their bleeding mouths and wanted to say a few more harsh words, but when they met Qin Tian's eyes, they were like mice that saw an old cat and hurriedly followed Lv Guan.

At this time, there were still over a dozen people on the third floor of Contribution Pavilion who were praising Qin Tian non-stop and guessing the method in which Qin Tian had been killed by Lv Guan.

Qin Tian did not pay attention to these people as he calculated in his heart, "Although this Lv Guan is a six sided flesh sage cultivator, his aura is much sharper than that of ordinary congealing stage cultivators. He is probably already at the peak of the 'Phantom has a spirit' realm, so I still need to quickly raise my strength to face this big mission!"

Afterwards, Qin Tian went to the Cultivation Technique Pavilion again. Deacon Jiang thought Qin Tian had come to cause trouble and pretended to be busy, not caring at all.

But after a long moment, he could not help but raise his head to take a peek. He found Qin Tian wandering between the bookshelves and was wholeheartedly picking out the books.

"Humph, how much benefit does this kid have?" I'll make things difficult for him again later. In the future, when I go to Brother Mo Ran's side, there will definitely be a huge reward! "

Deacon Jiang made up his mind.

Qin Tian walked around for an hour and finally picked out three books. First, it was the《 Dragon Tiger Art》, one of the Cloud's three great basic cultivation techniques.


This was because before hallucination, although cultivators could borrow the congealing force to unleash the edge of the spirit energy, they couldn't touch the secret technique of the talisman. Qin Tian chose another《 Killing-Breaking Knife Technique》 and used it to unleash the might of a condensing weapon.

And the last one was called "Huang Shang's Prose".

This was an essay written by a human cultivator called Huang Shang from tens of thousands of years ago. Qin Tian had searched through the entire Cultivation Technique Pavilion and only this book had a few words about the [demonic disintegration].

Although the Great Black Tiger and crane fairy had confirmed that the demonic disintegration cultivation technique was written by the animal language, Qin Tian still had to be careful, so as to not leave any traces for the sect elders to discover, confiscating this mysterious technique would not be worth it.

"Deacon Jiang, you are truly devoted to your duty. You are still sticking close to your post even at this time of the day. This kind of sentiment really makes Junior admire you very much."

Qin Tian snorted coldly. There was a hint of ridicule in his tone.

Deacon Jiang was not a good person. He took Qin Tian's filial piety and deliberately made things difficult for him. This was a coincidence, but it did not stop Qin Tian from hating this person.

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