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The territory of the Cloud Sect was vast and bountiful.

After Wu Qingya became an inner disciple, she was given a palace. The rest of the followers all had their own palaces. For an outer disciple, the sect gave them a residence area of no less than ten kilometers.

And in the Cloud Sect, there were at least twenty to thirty thousand disciples that had entered the sect.

In addition, there were tens of thousands of outer and inner court disciples.

There were a total of 72 inner court disciples.

It was not hard to imagine how powerful the Cloud Sect was.

Wu Mu was on the way back to the hut, accompanied by the slave.

"Master Mu, you're really letting that brat go?"

When these rich slaves were at the Duke's Palace, they had already become brothers with Wu Mu. Not only was Wu Mu's cultivation stronger than theirs, but he also had the identity of a distant relative, so he naturally became the target of praise.

"Let him go?"

Wu Mu's face twitched, a trace of malevolence flashed in his eyes: "Forget about Qing Lian, that little bastard dares to sit on the same level as me? Lowly slave, humph! "My cousin is wholeheartedly pursuing the path of immortality. We can't let that little bastard jump into the tiger's mouth for the time being."

The Hoyono was surprised and disappointed that he did not get the chance to pay attention.

"Bai Lang, Zhao Er, you two keep an eye on that kid."

The two of them, who were among the servants, became spirited when they heard this and grinned maliciously: "Grandpa Wu, don't worry. After this gust of wind blows, how do you want to knead that little bastard?"

"Bind it with blood?"

Qin Tian was reading the scroll back and forth.

There were more than a hundred spirit creatures in this place. There were a variety of colors, and there were snakes spitting out tongues, and apes chasing and jumping about. If one looked carefully, one would see that while these apes were playing, they were actually faintly revealing the trajectory of their fists.

"Roar …"

There was a king of beasts roaring like a king patrolling the mountains. It was a black tiger.

"I, the young master, raised wolves in the county prince's mansion. I never thought that after entering the immortal mountain, I would still raise animals. It's just that the animals I raise are of a higher grade. I have more prestige than I did in the secular world."

Qin Tian stared at the Spiritual Beast and felt slightly disappointed. He originally wanted to enter the Immortal Mountain, but who would have thought that he would still have to do the same thing.

Although Qin Tian was a little disappointed, he still bit his finger and dripped his blood on the scroll.

"Tai! "A hairless bird man dares to blaspheme his aunt is a beast!"

Right when Qin Tian was about to sacrifice his blood for the sake of the scroll, a cold shout exploded in his mind. It was the voice of a woman; it was a bit young, yet it sounded very old.

"Who is it?"

Qin Tian was shocked and looked around.

"You hairless birdman, are you blind? Isn't my grandaunt by your side?"

That voice was extremely displeased. Qin Tian turned around and saw that the one beside him was the princess' mount, the Immortal Crane?

"Were you the one who spoke just now?"

Qin Tian stared at him fiercely.

"Nonsense!" This is the medium, which the immortals use their great mana to refine. Through the scroll, you can transform the voice of the grandaunt into a word that resonates with the language of the humans, so of course you can understand the words that the grandaunt is saying. "

"So that's how it is!"

Qin Tian flipped through the scroll. The conversation with the Spiritual Beast made him feel a sense of novelty.

"This red-crowned crane understands the language of humans, understood the human world, opened the wisdom acupoints, motherf * cker, she really became smart."

When Qin Tian was at the Duke's Palace, he had heard many stories about monsters and ghosts. Some of the monsters could even transform into human forms to confuse scholars and dig out their hearts and eat them. Just thinking about it made one's hair stand on end.

However, this was the Celestial Sect, so the spirit creatures raised here were naturally not demons.

"Aiyo, grandaunt has been flying for a few hours, I'm really tired."

That crane stretched its wings like a person stretching his muscles and bones. An idea suddenly occurred to Qin Tian, and he immediately flapped his wings at the crane.

"Mmm mmm mmm, comfortable ~ I'm so comfortable, damn grandaunt ~ ~"

The crane narrowed its eyes, seemingly enjoying the show.

"Hehe!" "This one specializes in massage. Comforting your muscles and stimulating your blood, I'll make sure that you're satisfied …"

Qin Tian gave a silly smile as he tried his best to make the crane moan in a comfortable manner. The crane lazily said: "You hairless bird person, your martial arts are really good. It feels so good … "Aunt is so good!"

"He took the bait just like that?"

Qin Tian licked his lips and sighed deeply, "Ai!"

"You hairless bird man, what are you sighing about?"

The crane asked in confusion.

"Little one is afraid that I won't be able to serve you for long …"

Qin Tian's face was full of sadness. He described his current predicament vividly and vividly. He was really sad. Those who heard his words would cry and those cranes would flap their wings in the wind. They seemed to be very angry.

"How dare he, the other party is merely from the Shen-Yong Realm. A single wing from his grandaunt would be able to kill him."

The Immortal Crane raised his head with a look of disdain, and then cried out with difficulty: "But I beat up this little one, and came to support him. Aunt Wang, you said that woman, is a disciple of the Celestial Sect, although she is just a beginner, aunt cannot afford to offend her, if we injure her, Celestial Sect's punishment will be very severe!"

The woman she spoke of was naturally Princess Mingfeng.

Qin Tian couldn't help but be disappointed when he heard this.

"Don't worry!" "Among all the featherless bird people, my aunt only likes you. I'll have them teach you. When you're done with your training, start it yourself and give it a good beating …"

Qin Tian was confused by the crane's words, but very soon, his eyes lit up and his blood started to boil.

"Watch carefully, that's the Spirit Serpent Walk!"

The Spirit Serpent was extremely ghostly.

That red-crowned crane was actually the big sister of this group of Spiritual Beasts?

She arrogantly raised her head, looking as if she was pointing at a mountain, "Look, that's a spirit ape jumping down a river … "A jump, a distance of seven or eight meters. Little stupid turtle, your slow and recuperating body really is a scammer. Heeheeheeheeheehee ~ Big cat, show him that skill of yours, 'Black Tiger Meat' …

No one would have thought that the people who would guide Qin Tian in his martial arts would be a group of Spiritual Beasts.

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