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The night was as cold as water, the maple leaves were autumn yellow.

Although the Cloud and the Celestial Sect were immortal mountains, they were still unable to stop the flow of time. Spring, summer, autumn and winter, with the four seasons changing, the scenery around them would naturally be different.

"Swimming Spirit Serpent Steps!"

Under the moonlight, the atmosphere was tranquil and distant. Under the moonlight, a figure nimbly circled around an ancient tree, leaving afterimages. The figure was like a leopard and with a few climbing movements, it landed on the treetop.

"This move, 'Ape Spreading', is really formidable!"

This figure, needless to say, it was Qin Tian. Amongst his group of Spiritual Beasts, crane fairy was the oldest. With crane fairy's order, those Spiritual Beasts did their best to guide Qin Tian in his martial arts.

"Black Tiger Body!"

Qin Tian somersaulted and landed steadily on the ground. He squatted down immediately and a violent aura surged from his body. His hands formed claws, and ten fingers like fangs from a tiger's mouth ruthlessly clawed at the ancient tree.

With a single step, his imposing manner of a tiger could be felt!

Qin Tian was leading a fierce tiger on his way down the mountain. He had the aura of an overlord patrolling the border and dominating the whole world.


A large piece of the ancient tree's bark was instantly torn off. It was an inch deep, and that piece of tree bark was quickly turned into fine powder in Qin Tian's palm.

"A spiritual bird's martial training is indeed no small matter. In this short period of over a month, I have gained quite a bit of strength."

Qin Tian licked his lips excitedly as his eyes shone like the stars.

Originally, he couldn't train like a demon at all, and his physique was weak. His strong body also couldn't keep up with his training. However, crane fairy gave him saliva and three days of snake gall. That snake core came from the "Golden Crow Crown Python".

A single snake gall was worth more than a hundred days of cultivation.

With so many people, it was equivalent to building a foundation for Qin Tian.

A thousand pounds of strength was equivalent to a cauldron.

In other words, in less than a month's time, Qin Tian had already reached the Shen-Yong Realm realm in all four directions.

If this were in the ordinary world, it would simply be unimaginable.

"What do you mean, 'the difference between mortals and Immortals'?"

Qin Tian was only a Spiritual Beast that was teaching him martial arts, yet it had already improved so quickly. If it really was an immortal that was teaching him Tao techniques, how terrifying would it be?

"Rumor …" There are true Immortals in this world, and all living beings below that are true Immortals!

This was what Qin Tian heard the most.

"The flesh sage realm is divided into ten directions, which means that there are ten levels. The experts of the great complete realm of the ten directions are called Martial Saint, which is already the limit of what mortals can reach at the peak of the flesh sage. However, if Martial Saint were to take a step further, he would be able to shed his mortal skin and become an immortal. He would no longer be a mortal, but an immortal. A person like this is honored as an 'Earthly Immortal' … "

In the eyes of an Earthly Immortal, the Marquis Wang was already an ant.

"Then, what about the legendary true Immortals?"

Qin Tian didn't dare to imagine.

"While Wu Jingqin was training …" "Master Mu …"

A group of people gathered together. The one leading them was Wu Mu, who had a black mole. He was surrounded by many stars, flattering his followers, including Bai Lang and Zhao Er.

"How is it?"

Wu Mu was eating tea with a purple clay teapot.

"That lowly servant is practicing martial arts."

"Haha, how many tricks do you have up your sleeve?"

"Let's kill him …"

"What did my cousin say?"

"Master Mu, don't worry. It's been more than a month and the princess has only come out once. I heard that the Celestial Sect's new disciple has been given a Fasting Pill by the sect. One day after the princess came out of seclusion, she went back into seclusion. It seemed like that lowly servant was trying to use the princess' tiger skin to intimidate her. "

Bai Lang had a pair of triangular eyes and a thin face that gave off a feeling of elegance: "If you cripple that brat, even if the princess comes out of seclusion, she definitely won't say anything."

"Right, cripple that kid!"

"That slut is courting death!"

All the servants around Wu Mu waved their fists.

"Martial arts practice?"

Wu Mu laughed.

His smile was sinister. He was merely a servant that raised horses, the lowly servant of the Duke's Mansion. What right did he have to be on equal footing with him? What right did he have to be raising spirit animals?

In Wu Mu's heart, this was an insult to him.

"Let's go, let's see to what extent he has practiced."

Wu Mu stood up and stretched his muscles. His face was full of hostility and killing intent as a hint of ridicule emerged from the corner of his mouth.

"It's only been a little more than a month, what level can he reach?"

Wu Mu snorted in disdain.

When Wu Mu's group of people wanted to find trouble with Qin Tian, Qin Tian was preparing to return. His ears suddenly twitched a few times like a leopard cat and his face became even more serious.

A trace of killing intent was emitted from the forest.

"Haha, it seems like this lowly servant is still on guard. These days, he has been diligently training in martial arts. It seems like he has gained some good fortune."

In the jungle at night, a mocking voice was transmitted over. Through the moonlight, Qin Tian found himself surrounded by a group of people.

"Wu Mu!"

Qin Tian squinted his eyes and retracted his aura at the same time.

He already knew that the princess' tiger skin could not intimidate the other party for long. However, he didn't expect that Wu Mu and his gang of heroic slaves would cause trouble for him a little later than he had expected.

Courage in the martial way, courage in the heart.

After a period of hard training, Qin Tian finally made some achievements in the flesh sage Martial Arts. It could be said that he had achieved a certain level of mastery. Once he grasped power, he naturally became courageous.

"Bai Lang, Zhao Er, looks like you two are right, this kid is really practicing martial arts."

Wu Mu's faint words made all the Hoyono sneer.

"What do you want to do?"

Qin Tian roared.

For some reason, Qin Tian gave Wu Mu a strange feeling. Thinking about it, he finally understood why this feeling was so abnormal.

Just a lowly servant, a lowly servant who raised horses. Why wouldn't he bow and kneel to him?

In his mind, Qin Tian should be kneeling and begging for mercy in fear.

"What do you want?"

Wu Mu threatened Qin Tian with a savage look: "Kneel! You lowly servant, lowly servant, what right do you have to be on equal footing as me, hand over the Spirit Communication Scroll, and then kowtow three times.

"Hand over the Spirit Communication Scroll?"

Qin Tian replied in a deep voice, "The princess gave this scroll to me. You guys forcibly snatched it away. Aren't you afraid that the princess will be held accountable after she comes out of seclusion?"

"Hahahaha …" "Hahahaha ~"

Hearing this, Hoyono laughed unbridled.

"What an idiot. Who are you and who is Master Mu? The princess will pass the scroll to you, but on a whim, do you really think that the princess will be concerned about your life and death? "Master Mu is a cousin of the princess. Below the princess, Master Mu is the biggest. Even if we cripple you tonight, you will still die like a bug …"

Hoyono mocked Qin Tian and praised Wu Mu, especially the ones who shouted the most wildly were Bai Lang and Zhao Er.

"How laughable …"

Unexpectedly, Qin Tian licked his lips and laughed.

"What are you laughing at?!"

Servant Hao's face darkened.

"You, and you, you, you, several people! I thought you were just a dog, a dog that was wagging its tail in pity. Who would've thought!"

Qin Tian raised his head and sighed gloomily. Under Hoyono's confused and confused gaze, Qin Tian spat out a few words that pierced the heart: "Even dogs can't compare to this!"

"What? Brat, you're courting death!"

The heroic slaves who were called out all felt their blood boiling, and their faces trembled.

Crazy, that kid must be crazy!

"Brat, at first, I only wanted to give you a lesson. But now, I've changed my mind and I'm going to give you a fierce lesson. I'll break your wrist."

Bai Lang took a step forward and laughed sinisterly. His five fingers crossed in the air and a tearing sound could be heard in the air. He was extremely sharp: "I'll let you witness' Wolf Teeth Crazy Fist '."

Seven steps, distance.

Qin Tian did not move. He stood tall and proud and seemed to be looking at the small mountains.

Three steps.

With this grab of his, it was certain that he would break Qin Tian's wrist. At this critical moment, he suddenly let out a wild roar and it immediately exploded in front of his ears. A short vacuum whirlpool even formed in front of him, and when the sound wave fiercely collided, Bai Lang's chest felt like it was hit by a hammer, and several of his ribs were broken.

"This is bad!"

Bai Lang turned pale with fright. He wanted to escape, but it was too late.


Qin Tian dashed forward, causing Bai Lang's vision to blur. The shoulder blade on his right hand seemed to have been torn apart as his flesh became mangled and his right arm was emaciated. He was obviously crippled.

"You want to break my wrist? I'll cripple one of your arms. "

Qin Tian's tone was light, but hearing it, it sounded like he was bitten by a venomous snake. Everyone present was dumbstruck. No one thought that in their eyes, those lowly servants who were like chopping plates would cripple Bai Lang in one move.

Although Bai Lang had practiced a few moves, it was only a crop handle movement.

How could he be a match for Qin Tian?

"Satisfying …"

Qin Tian narrowed his eyes and savored the taste. "The feeling of possessing power is really refreshing. Life and death are up to no good. With a single thought …"

It was not bad to say that he was a petty person, since Qin Tian felt so good that his pores were about to explode.

Hoyono looked at me. I looked at you in fear.

"Two months ago, you were nothing but a horse servant. You really were worthy of respect. I didn't expect that in a short two months, you would be able to cripple Bai Lang. He really is a trash."

Wu Mu shrugged his shoulders as his muscles and bones exploded. Then, with a look of looking like he was looking at a dead man, he stared at Qin Tian and said, "It seems like you also have a secret on you. I guess it has something to do with the Spirit Communication Scroll." Today, you have no way to survive. Hand over the scroll, pass on the secret, and then commit suicide. Originally, I just wanted to teach you a lesson, but you crippled one of Bai Lang's arms, so I could only use my life to fill it in. The only gift I have is to let you die a bit easier and leave you with an intact corpse. "

"Motherf * cker, are you done with your nonsense?"

Qin Tian opened his eyes when he heard Wu Mu. He looked at Wu Mu like a clown. His tone was bland and even had a hint of ridicule: "Do you believe that I won't slap you?"

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