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"I can't accept this! I can't die!"

Countless scenes appeared in his mind, one by one, Qin Tian was left behind in his childhood misery, his parents died early, and there was a war and drought. Qin Tian left his hometown with the refugees, and who knows how many times he had wandered to the edge of life and death. He had fought with the dogs for food. In this chaotic world, human life was like grass and even dogs were inferior to him.

Hungry dogs eat corpses with red eyes.

By chance, Qin Tian fainted at the backdoor of the mansion. The one who saved his life was Mother Wu, so he also entered the mansion. As the saying goes, once in a while, you will have luck.

Princess Mingfeng had kept a horse for three years before she finally entered the Immortal Mountain.

When spiritual birds taught martial arts, everything seemed to be better … How could he be willing to die?

How could he be willing!

At this moment … In the dazzling night sky, there seemed to be a shooting star streaking by. The flying star pierced through the clouds. It was actually a beam of sword light.

It was a peerless sword beam. As the sword beam slashed down, it pierced through the sky. Wu Mu's palm was instantly sliced into pieces. Terrifying sword qi gathered in all four directions in the night. A green sword Qi lotus bloomed in the sky.

"Insolent demon, you dare trespass into my Cloud."

"Reckless …"

At the same time, a majestic voice pierced through the darkness, shaking the entire area. Even the ghosts and deities were taken aback.


Qin Tian escaped death. After hearing the deafening sound, many thoughts flashed across his mind.

"No wonder Wu Mu became so powerful all of a sudden. So it's because he's possessed by a monster."

Just when Qin Tian was thinking about it.

The next second, a dozen or so shooting stars streaked across the night sky like rays of light, and landed above the bushes. All of these people had the air of sages, they were actually all experts of Earthly Paradise.

"Master Immortal Mo Ran? That is the Emissary, Feng Ling. "

More than ten Earthly Immortal Expert descended.

"Immortal Ascension!"

Qin Tian raised his head and shouted.

He was overjoyed.

Feng Ling is the successor of the High Lord, and is well-known among all Earthly Paradise experts.

However, at this moment, Daoist Feng Ling, who looked like a deity, was bowing with his hands folded behind his back. However, at this moment, Daoist Feng Ling, who looked like a deity, was bowing with his hands folded behind his back.

"Welcome, Senior Brother Dongfang!"

Feng Ling's voice was very loud and clear, shaking the jungle and causing the birds and beasts to scatter.

At the same time, Mo Ran and the rest of the Earthly Immortal Expert exclaimed in unison, "Welcome, Senior Brother Dongfang, the Venerable One's arrival …"

The night sky split open, and only one sword Qi lotus slowly rose up.

Each lotus leaf was made of fire tree silver flowers, proud and unparalleled Sword Qi, soaring into the heavens. The sword Qi transformed into lotus flowers, tearing through the heavens, and had the feeling of cutting through all living things. Even a slight rotation would be enough to shatter the spatial barrier into pieces.

The Hoyono looked at the green sword lotus in shock and fear, each of them turning paler than the last.

"Good heavens! An existence more powerful than Earth Immortals, could it be an Inner Sect disciple of the Celestial Sect, a True Immortal has arrived? "

Qin Tian's pupils also slightly contracted as he looked up at the Green Lotus Sword Flowers in the sky in a daze.

In the next moment, the sword lotus bloomed.

In the middle of the Sword Qi Lotus stood a calm looking man, he was dressed in loose hemp clothes, with long silver hair that flowed down to the back of his head, reaching his waist, his body did not have any sharp aura, instead, it was extremely simple, giving people the feeling that he was back to his original self.

"True Immortals?"

Qin Tian looked up at the silver-haired man, his blood boiling.


Wu Mu's face was badly mangled and badly mangled.




Wu Mu's face started to crack from the beginning to the end of his body, revealing his hideous body. The green liquid on his body wiggled and demon qi soared to the sky. The situation was extremely strange.

In the end, the liquid and demonic energy condensed into a humanoid monster.


He was truly perfect like water, as if nothing in the world could change his mind and thoughts. His aura was ethereal and his tone was even more flat: "Why do you covet my Cloud? Do you know the punishment for death! "

"Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk ~ ~ I never thought that I would actually alarm the inner court disciples of the Cloud Sect."

The other party's laughter was cruel, as sharp as if he was cutting through metal.

Qin Tian looked over … It was a green giant, with a spiral-shaped horn on its head. It was extremely sharp, and its entire body was covered with the thick muscles and veins of a horned dragon. Its shoulders and arms were covered with pitch-black scales, and its fangs were dense.

The demonic energy on his body intertwined with each other as he continuously roared and roared like a cat crying its grave.

Demons, this was a real devil.


However, at this moment, Daoist Feng Ling, who looked like a deity, was bowing with his hands folded behind his back. However, at this moment, Daoist Feng Ling, who looked like a deity, was bowing with his hands folded behind his back.

However, at this moment, Daoist Feng Ling, who looked like a deity, was bowing with his hands folded behind his back. However, at this moment, Daoist Feng Ling, who looked like a deity, was bowing with his hands folded behind his back.

He had also heard many shocking legends regarding the fiendish demons. Death was not the most frightening thing, what made people's heart palpitate was that it was better to die than to live, it was said that the devil ate people without spitting out their bones, and the person who was killed by the fiendish demons could not be reincarnated.

"They died without a complete corpse, and they can't be reborn?"

Thinking about that, Qin Tian also felt goosebumps.

"I have entered the world to train for three years. I didn't want to meet one right after I returned to the sect. Since you don't want to explain yourself, then use your life as a sacrifice to my sword."

Senior Brother Dongfang was at the center of the Sword Qi Lotus and when he opened his mouth to speak, he did not look down on everyone, nor did he appear to be compassionate or compassionate. His tone was calm, but no one could doubt it, as if what he said was the truth, the decree, and the truth.

"Senior Brother Dongfang!"

At this time, Feng Ling stepped forward and bowed.

The silver-haired man looked over.

"Demon who doesn't know how high the sky is and how deep the earth is. Senior Brother Dongfang, how could you possibly be disturbed by this demon after you returned from your training? How about you let junior do it for you?"

A light flashed through Feng Ling's eyes as she cupped her hands in greeting.

"Junior Feng, you've already reached the small success stage of the Spirit Sealing Method. You can do it yourself."

The silver-haired man pondered for a moment before nodding.

When Feng Ling heard this, her face lit up with joy. "Many thanks to Senior Brother for fulfilling my wish!"

One had to know that there was a difference between Immortals and Fiendgods. From the moment the human race had risen until now, Immortal cultivators and fiendish demons had sworn that they wouldn't fight each other. They had no other choice but to fight to the death.

Therefore, for disciples who could behead demons and exterminate devils, the Celestial Sect would bestow a generous amount of merit.

The more karmic merit an Immortal cultivator accumulated, the more beneficial it would be to their cultivation.

And now, a devil had actually trespassed into the Celestial Sect?

One had to know that the Celestial Sect had a great protective magical formation.

To Feng Ling, this was simply something she had obtained for free. As long as she could kill this demon in front of her, the Celestial Sect would not be stingy with her rewards, not to mention 'Senior Brother Dongfang' pressing on the line.

Mo Ran and the other Cloud disciples looked at Feng Ling with envious eyes.

"Since you have already revealed your true body, then I don't need to waste any mana to use the Heaven's Eyes."

After obtaining Senior Brother Dongfang's permission, Feng Ling took a step forward and a hint of excitement flashed across her eyes: "If I kill you directly and don't have much merit, I'll use the Spirit Sealing Method to seal you."

While they were talking.


In the blink of an eye, the runes were linked together into chains, and the lightning on them flickered without end. Hundreds of lightning chains crossed each other, forming the word 'well', and suppressed the demon like a cage.

"Tsk tsk, I will tear you apart alive."

The devil raised his head and roared, causing the heaven and earth to shake.


The Demon's body suddenly swelled up as he let out a tyrannical roar. His demonized hands weren't afraid of the lightning chains at all, instead, they directly tore the chains apart. The violent power caused the ground to crack, and many tens of meters tall shrubs were directly uprooted.

"What's that?"

Especially his opponent's scale-covered hands, which had the power to move mountains and overturn seas. He grabbed onto the thunder chain and directly twisted Feng Ling, causing her to fly away. He had broken dozens of shrubs in a row.

"How terrifying! Highest Immortal Feng was sent flying!"

At this moment, everyone's heart felt like it was being tightly held by a big hand.

Qin Tian felt suffocated.

"Tsk tsk, useless Earthly Immortal. You aren't even close. Tonight, all of you will die."

The devilish qi twisted like a dragon, roaring and roaring. It waved both of its hands towards the blue sword lotus, like two flood dragons emerging from the sea of anger. Its terrifying imposing aura twisted the space, causing a large number of cracks to appear.

"Demonized Berserk?"

Senior Brother Dongfang lowered his head and muttered to himself.

He continued to mutter until his opponent's evil, serpent-like demonic arm was about to land on his head. Suddenly, his body flashed with a bright light as his firefly like thoughts converged to form a sword. At the same time, he muttered softly … At this moment, only his voice resounded throughout the entire universe.

"The sword lotus blooms by itself, the one leaf kills the cripple, the green water is untainted, all demons are slaughtered."

Senior Brother Dongfang stood at the center of the lotus as it bloomed with many green lotuses in the air. He stood upright in the darkness as the green lotuses bloomed, exterminating all the evil spirits.

Each azure lotus was formed from nine streams of sword Qis, while the blooming lotus flower in the air had a total of ninety-nine.

"Return to One, go!"

Senior Brother Dongfang Ning raised two of his fingers.

The next moment, the devil roared.

Both of his arms had been cut off.

"Roar …"

"True Immortals have made their move, I'll let you all live for the time being. When Lord of the Seven Nights descends, all of you will die, including your birds and animals, as well as your chickens and dogs …"

"Did he promise to let you go?"

Senior Brother Dongfang's silver hair wiggled in the night wind. With one step, he appeared in the air, layer upon layer. He seemed to ignore the distance of space as lotuses appeared under his feet and he gently slashed his sword.

"Boom …"

Wu Tie's eyes widened. That domineering devil, when facing Senior Brother Dongfang's Sword Qi Lotus, was instantly minced into meat paste. This fight happened in the blink of an eye.

"So this is the power of a True Immortal?" It's scary! "

Qin Tian looked up at the night sky and looked at the silver-haired figure in linen robes. He felt as if his blood was boiling and about to burn.

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