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The night wind was blowing softly. Senior Brother Dongfang stood proudly on the night sky. His hair was lightly fluttering in the wind and his body was no longer as sharp as before. His momentum had been restored to the state of an ancient well.

The fierce and bloodthirsty devil was killed by that sword attack, and all the devil qi was also completely exterminated.

If it wasn't for the broken pieces of wood and the potholes on the ground, as well as the evidence of that earth-shattering battle just now, it would have been as if all of this had never happened.

The forest regained its tranquility, and even had a sense of desolation.

"Senior Brother Dongfang's skill is limitless. Once the Blue Lotus Sword Art is unleashed, it can sweep away demons and turn them into an unstoppable force."

Mo Ran and the other Earth Immortals quickly surrounded him, flattering him, "Senior Brother Dongfang is invincible. With you, Senior Brother, in charge of the sect, the demons will come and kill one, destroying the waves one at a time."

At this moment, Qin Tian also looked up at the figure under the moonlight and was shocked.

"Senior Brother Dongfang …"

Feng Ling flew back.

Feng Ling, who was in the middle of the air, looked a bit bedraggled. The hairpin had fallen off, and her hair was loose. Her Daoist robe was torn and tattered, and it was stained with a lot of blood.

"Senior-apprentice Brother Feng Ling, are you alright?"

The various Earthly Immortals asked with concern.

"Sigh!" "Senior Brother Dongfang."

Feng Ling looked ashamed and sighed with her head lowered, "My mana is not good enough, to the point where I have disgraced myself and weakened the prestige of Celestial Sect."

"Junior Apprentice Brother Feng Ling, this isn't your fault."

Senior Brother Dongfang pursed his lips into an arc: "It's not that Junior Feng, your magic power is too weak, it's just that this demon is strange."


Everyone raised their eyebrows and looked at him.

"From the ancient era onwards, the sages of our human race have risen in power. Until now, it was even rarer to find a demon that could go berserk. This devil could quietly avoid the 'Great Mountain Defense Formation' and infiltrate into the sect. I had thought that it was strange initially, but after it went berserk with its magic transformation, I determined that this devil definitely had a 'Archaic bloodline' on him … "

Senior Brother Dongfang said in a deep voice.

"What!?" Archaic bloodline? "

The Earth Immortals all cried out in alarm, and Feng Ling's eyes lit up.

"If that demon really does possess a Archaic bloodline, then my defeat at its hands would not be unjustified."

As an expert of Earthly Paradise and an elite disciple of the inner sect of Cloud, he naturally had heard of the rumors regarding the 'Archaic bloodline'.

A moment ago, he was still ashamed of being defeated by the devil in one move.

At this moment, he felt somewhat pleased with himself.

"The demons that possess Archaic bloodline have a high chance of advancing into an ancient Giant Demon!"

"Ancient Giant Demons, every single one of them were existences that could split heaven and earth apart. Even in the ancient desolate lands, any ancient Giant Demon would bring unimaginable destruction to the world, possessing the power to destroy the heavens and destroy the earth …"

"If the ancient Giant Demons were to appear and massacre all the living creatures, I'm afraid it would be Sect Master, no! "I'm afraid, I'm afraid that even you will find this difficult to deal with!"

"As far as I know, any devil with Archaic bloodline s would have an extremely prestigious status within the demon race. They were honored as the Holy Son of the Demon Race by hundreds of thousands of demons."

"That's right!" It is said that Lord of the Seven Nights, because she has a Archaic bloodline, has a high position in the demon race … "

As the Earthly Immortal Expert were conversing with Senior Brother Dongfang, and did not hide anything, Qin Tian could hear everything clearly below.

"Archaic bloodline?"

Qin Tian's heart throbbed when he heard the legends of immortals and devils.

"The devil race possesses Archaic bloodline and can transform into a demon race. After transforming into a devil race, their combat power will be ten times, or even a hundred times stronger than their own. This is the terror of Archaic bloodline s."

When Senior Brother Dongfang said this, his eyes were filled with fear: "This is also the reason why the Demon Lord, who is only a low level Demon General, could easily defeat Feng Ling, who is at the seventh level of the Earthly Immortal Stage. What a pity! If we do not capture this demon alive, I'm afraid we will be able to uncover some secrets. "

"Senior Brother Dongfang killing this demon is already a great achievement."

All the Earth Immortals praised him.


Senior Brother Dongfang placed his hands behind his back and said with eyes like a pool of autumn water, "There's no need to say that much. I originally wanted to train in this world for three years, but it's only been a year or so and I've received the sect head's summons. Let's not talk about the demons hiding in the 'Thousand Goblin Kingdom'. Just the demons themselves have already established the 'Demonic Palace' in the past seven nights, sealing themselves as the Demon Lord and bringing calamity upon the people under their hands. I am afraid that it will bring about a great calamity for the human race, so if my fellow junior brothers want to survive this calamity, they will have to put in great effort in cultivating their cultivation and accumulate a great deal of merits. "

"I will remember Senior Brother Dongfang's teachings!"

All of the Earthly Immortals were listening in on the order.

Senior Brother Dongfang gave a few words of advice and then left while riding the wind.

"Senior apprentice-brother."

Just at that moment, Mo Ran suddenly spoke. He swept his gaze over Qin Tian and the others. His disdainful gaze was like he was looking at a few ants: "How should we deal with these people?"

Senior Brother Dongfang stopped and looked at Mo Ran in confusion.

"These people are weak in vital energy and blood, and wore mortal attire. Most likely, these are the new disciples of the Celestial Sect, and they are brought into the Immortal Mountain. They are slaves, and none of them are in the Qi Explosion Realm. If some of these servants were to be infected by the demonic energy, I'm afraid they would sully Celestial Sect's holiness. "

"Master and disciple Mo Ran are right. Celestial Sect's sect must not be contaminated by demonic energy."

"I would rather kill a wrong person than let him off!"

After Mo Ran spoke, a few other Earthly Immortal Expert members followed suit. They were unscrupulous in deciding the life and death of others, and in their eyes, Qin Tian was nothing more than a piece of fish on the chopping block.

"In order to not let the demonic energy sully the Celestial Sect, let them die here!"

"Being able to die in the Immortal Mountain is their good fortune!"

"..." Mo Ran and the other Earthly Immortals were unscrupulous. With just a few words, they had decided the life and death of Qin Tian and the others.

They wanted to kill everyone.




With just a few words from Earthly Immortal Expert, he actually wanted to kill all of them?

He simply could not decide for himself.

Mo Ran and the other Earthly Immortals were discussing. In their eyes, the lives of Wu Tie and the others were not any more valuable than those of ants. Even the descendants of noble kings could be killed without batting an eye.

What about servants like Qin Tian?

Life, as thin as a blade of grass!

Senior Brother Dongfang slightly frowned, with his cultivation, he had long since trained to the point where he did not feel sad nor happy, although he was unhappy with Wu Tie and the others recklessly killing people, in the end, mortals were still ants, and in the eyes of an Earth Immortal, it was already so, not to mention a True Immortals like him.

If I want to trample an ant to death, don't tell me I have to negotiate with an ant?

"Cluck, cluck, cluck …"

Qin Tian's teeth were about to shatter. Facing death, his heart was not filled with fear and despair, but with hatred and unwillingness. His thoughts changed drastically: "I cannot die, I must not die! "Even in the face of such a vicious devil, I still survived. This proves that I was still lucky. How could I die in the hands of humans …"

Only Qin Tian was still struggling. A few of the slaves were cowering and trembling, waiting for death to befall them.

"In that case, let's accept the judgement of destiny!"

Seeing that Dongfang Changqing did not say anything, Mo Ran turned his head and looked down at Qin Tian. With a flick of his finger, his eyes filled with killing intent.

Not to mention, Qin Tian's mere Shen-Yong Realm was Martial Saint, so what about it?

The difference between each word was like the difference between heaven and earth.

Once Mo Ran attacked, he would definitely die.

"Hold on …"

Under the stimulation of death, Qin Tian could no longer suppress his natural instinct. His will to live caused him to be faced with the pressure of many Earthly Immortals. He actually stood up shakily and glared at the crowd.

"Eh? This little guy is interesting! "

The gazes of the various Worldly Immortals swept towards him.

In an instant, Qin Tian felt as if he was struck by a hammer. He spat out a mouthful of blood and his face became as pale as gold leaf.

"He was actually able to struggle to stand up under the pressure from us. His willpower is truly tenacious."

"Even a dying frog has to jump up and down a few times!"

"An ant is an ant after all. Don't tell me that you can choose how you want to die?"

The Earthly Immortals spoke loudly and mocked him wantonly.

"Everyone! All of you are great masters of martial arts, sages of the world, you shouldn't harbor the world in your hearts. All of you are great immortals, all of you are great masters of martial arts, all of you shouldn't harbor the world in your hearts. Could it be that just because of his high cultivation, he treated human life like grass? Your actions are no different from that of a devil! "

Qin Tian's voice was especially sonorous in the deathly dark forest.

"How dare you!"

Mo Ran's brows twitched: "You ant-like guy, are you teaching us a lesson? Kneel down! "


A piece of land collapsed above Qin Tian's head. With his unyielding will, he was unable to withstand the pressure of the Earthly Immortal under his rage.

"I refuse to accept this!"

Qin Tian raised his head and roared madly, his voice filled with blood, "How are your actions different from those of fiendish demons, Senior Brother Dongfang!"

Senior Brother Dongfang, who was dressed in hemp, had a smile on his face as he said, "Interesting."

"You dare to blaspheme against us before you die? You're courting death!"

Mo Ran was filled with rage. This time, he really wanted to kill. He aimed at Qin Tian's head and smacked down with his palm, wanting to smash Qin Tian to pieces.

Qin Tian's eyes were wide open, and his unyielding gaze was mixed together.

Facing death, he still struggled to get up.

A good man would never submit, even if it meant death!

Mo Ran's palm was like a dragon elephant. With a million pounds of strength, it was enough to blast a huge pit in the hill. Not to mention, Qin Tian's physical body was ordinary.

However, the palm did not land on Qin Tian's body and was directly blocked by a force.

"Senior Brother Dongfang?"

Mo Ran turned his head and looked at the silver-haired youth in shock.

"There is good fortune in the heavens, and what he said is correct. Indeed, people from my generation should not randomly kill others, or else wouldn't they be no different from fiendish demons?"

Senior Brother Dongfang rolled his sleeves and looked at Qin Tian with an indifferent tone, as if he was not surprised by the honor and disgrace.

Mo Ran grinded his teeth a few times before he unwillingly bowed: "I will follow Senior Brother's teachings."

"Greetings, exalted Immortal Dongfang."

Under the gaze of the other party, Qin Tian's back was drenched in cold sweat. Although Senior Brother Dongfang was amiable and harmless, but he knew that this was a true powerhouse, moving mountains and overturning the seas, carrying mountains and chasing the moon, all came at will.

He knelt down and kowtowed to Senior Brother Dongfang willingly.

"You're quite bold and smart."

Senior Brother Dongfang's voice was very amiable, but when it entered Qin Tian's ears, it caused his ears to go deaf, "How could Immortal Hero of my generation be compared with the Demonic Dao of Demons? From the start of the Wilderness, Immortal Heroes and Demonic Beasts of my generation were irreconcilable in life and death. However, in the eyes of Earth Immortals, mortals are indeed nothing more than ants. "

Mo Ran and the rest looked at Senior Brother Dongfang strangely.

In fact, among the seventy-two inner disciples of Cloud, Senior Brother Dongfang was someone with an indifferent temperament!

How could he say so much to a lowly servant tonight?

"Mortal ants, mortal ants!"

With bloodshot eyes, Qin Tian spoke word by word, "If Eastroad Immortal is willing to grant this lowly one a bit of good fortune, then even if it was for a period of three years, Mo Ran would still be a piece of cake!"

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