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News of what happened in the ancient forest quickly spread like wildfire. In just a short period of time, there was a huge commotion, and Princess Mingfeng was doing her task with his old qualified disciple. She was ridiculed several times, and her words were filled with a sense of mockery and mockery.

That means your servants dare to provoke the Earth Immortal, doesn't that mean we will have to fight with the True Immortals?

When Princess Mingfeng heard this, she was naturally unhappy and wanted to find a chance to warn Qin Tian.

In a corner of the room, a shadow was trembling.

Qin Tian was wrapped in a bedsheet and curled up in a corner, shivering. Only his terrified eyes were exposed to the outside.

Facing Mo Ran's Earthly Immortal Expert, Qin Tian dared to challenge him.

At this moment, his eyes were bloodshot.

"I, I …" It has been possessed by demons and devils. "

When he returned to the hut, his head felt like it was about to explode, especially in his Holy Palace, it seemed as if there was a giant spirit inside, holding a giant axe in his hand, cleaving open the heaven and earth, as if he was going to split his head open.

"This is too painful!"

Qin Tian rolled on the ground, but he did not dare to let out a sound. His lips were bitten, and blood was seeping out.

All of this was because his arms were actually covered in scales.

The most frightening thing was that after seven days, a python-like tail suddenly rose up from behind him. That tail was covered with sharp scales, and was like a sword that could strangle and kill anything in the world. Qin Tian had the misconception that with the swing of the tail, it was enough to mince a human's body into minced meat.

Even Martial Saint was no exception.

Other than that, his strength had also increased by several folds. If it was said that an expert at the fifth stage of the flesh sage, the explosive realm, possessed three to four cauldrons of strength, and a sixth stage congealing stage, had an enormous strength of twenty cauldrons, then at this moment, Qin Tian felt that he had already surpassed the congealing stage in terms of strength.

In other words, his strength now exceeded 20 ding.

This strength was more than twenty thousand Jin.

What kind of tremendous strength was this?

A single punch was enough to turn a wild bull into a bloody pulp.

However, Qin Tian wasn't excited at all.

"I've been bedeviled, I've really been bedeviled. In just a few days of hard work, my strength has increased by a total of twenty times, and there is also the scale on my arm and that ugly tail, they want me to die! "

Qin Tian mumbled with a dull expression, "Senior Brother Dongfang said that the path of cultivation is long and arduous. It's impossible for one to reach the heavens in a single step!"

"Although my strength has greatly increased, I have been invaded by a demon, and have been possessed by a demon!"

"Since the Primordial Wilderness, both sides have never stopped fighting. Furthermore, I am still in Celestial Sect, if the disciples of Celestial Sect were to find out that I have become a demon, I would definitely die!"

After Qin Tian entered the Immortal Mountain, he broadened his horizons and knew that there was a saying that a demon possessed his body in this world.

It was said that once possessed by a monstrous genius, there was a high chance that one would die a violent death, and the temperament of the possessed person would also greatly change. Their behavior would become extremely savage, the same as having been possessed by a demon.

Even if he had been lucky enough to not have his body possessed, in this era where Immortals and Demons were inseparable, he would die without a doubt.

"Besides being possessed by a monstrous genius, it's impossible for my strength to increase to such a level in a short period of time."

In his panic, Qin Tian could not help but think of four words: "Archaic bloodline!"

These four words were Dongfang Changqing's judgement of the demon.

As one of the seventy-two Successor Disciples of the Cloud Sect, Dongfang Changqing's judgement should not be wrong.

"I've been possessed, could it be that Archaic bloodline went into the Divine Court?"

The "God's Court" was equivalent to a martial artist's Dantian, about three inches behind the Mortal Imprint Hall.

Naturally, the importance of it was self-evident.

Qin Tian had even heard that some True Immortals s, even if their bodies were minced into minced meat, as long as their brains were intact, had the chance to undergo rebirth and cultivate their flesh anew without being harmed.

As long as True Immortals protected the Divine Court well, it would be equivalent to half an immortal body.

"Today's demonification only lasted for the time it takes an incense stick to burn."

Qin Tian let out a long breath and wiped off the cold sweat on his forehead.

He had originally thought that if he was possessed by a demon, his body would definitely be possessed by a demon like the one in the legends, and that he would die soon. But he didn't expect that seven days had passed, and he was still alive and well.

On the third day, he demonized for two hours.

On the fifth day, he had been demonized at least two hours ago.

Tonight was the seventh day, and the time it took for an incense stick to burn had passed.

Qin Tian licked his lips. According to this trend, the duration of the Demonification was getting shorter and shorter. Plus, the Demonification time was already at midnight, so there was a possibility that he might not be able to do it.

Qin Tian was exhausted when he was demonized, but after demonizing, he became full of vigor and vitality.

"Are you escaping from Cloud?"

When Qin Tian transformed into a demon, he panicked and tried to escape Cloud. After all, experts were everywhere in Celestial Sect and it was difficult for him to hide from the demons.

But now, he had to put his life on the line.

Qin Tian was lying on the bed, staring at the entry token in his hand.

That night, Qin Tian was sleepless as he kept tossing and turning. He got up as soon as dawn broke, washed himself, and trained for an hour. He was full of energy and went to look after the Spiritual Beasts.

Since crane fairy wasn't here, she must have followed Princess Mingfeng out on a mission.

Among the hundred over spirit animals he was looking after, the leader was the three-meter-tall black tiger. It was majestic and had the aura of an overlord, and if ordinary people were to meet this Great Black Tiger, they would not be scared to death. Luckily, Qin Tian had gotten along well with the spirit beasts and became familiar with them during this period of time.

Qin Tian took the opportunity to ask the other party to carry him to the climbing ladder after he had fed the Great Black Tiger with a large chunk of Bell Deer meat.

"No way!"

The Great Black Tiger passed through the 'scroll' and repeatedly rejected it: "Big Sister can also pass through the Great Mountain Protection Array. That climbing ladder, is protected by the Immortal Mask, if I were to forcefully enter the Great Mountain Protection Array, I would definitely be minced into meat."

"Mountain Defence Spell Formation?"

Qin Tian was speechless and frowned.

"That is the barrier of our Cloud, the Mountain Defensive Immortal Curtain. It is able to prevent foreign enemies from invading, and any demons that wish to enter the Immortal Curtain will be unable to hide themselves, although the 'Immortal Curtain' protecting the climbing ladder is not the strongest, but I have heard that there are eight sides of Demon Mirror Illuminator and one hundred and eight flying swords laid around the Great Defensive Formation."

"In that case, the climbing ladder cannot enter?"

Qin Han frowned as he asked.

"Not really."

Black Tiger shook his big head, and pointed at crane fairy: "Big sister can enter, she is the mount of the Celestial Sect's new disciple. All the new disciples have the Celestial Sect's medallion, it's like a key to opening the Mountain Guarding Immortal Curtain. "But you are impossible, you are just a servant. It is impossible for you to have a Celestial Sect Medallion …"

Through his conversation with Black Tiger, Qin Tian knew that Cloud was surrounded by a great protective magical formation.

climbing ladder were no exception.

And the reason why the disciples of the Celestial Sect s could freely enter and leave the Mountain Guarding Immortal Curtain, was because they had the Celestial Sect Token.

"What is this?"

With a flip of his wrist, the token appeared.

At first, Black Tiger didn't think so, but at this moment, his eyes were wide open: "Entry Token!"

"How did you get the Celestial Sect's entrance token? With the entry token, it will be easy to get started, and I will not be excluded by the Mountain Guarding Immortal Curtain, and the 108 Demon Slaying Swords will also not be activated. I will send you on your way, and send you to the climbing ladder. "

The Great Black Tiger's voice was loud and clear, exuding the aura of a tiger's roar within the forest.


Qin Tian smiled and jumped onto the tiger's back.

"Sit still. I don't care if you fall."

The Great Black Tiger's fur quivered vigorously with a sense of majesty. It was extremely fast, Qin Tian only felt his body tremble violently, then his ears were filled with wind, and he could barely open his eyes.

Qin Tian knew that this was because he had yet to cultivate his Astral Energy.

"The fifth stage of the flesh sage, the 'Qi Explosion' realm. To cultivate to this realm, one's body can form a cycle of astral qi, making it difficult for Wind Fiend, Sand Dust, and others to invade.

Qin Tian thought of something. His hands were tightly holding onto the tiger's fur to prevent himself from falling to his death.

The Great Black Tiger traversed over the mountain ridges with flowing water like it was walking on flat ground. Even so, it still took a full two hours.

Qin Tian had probably run nearly two thousand miles.

"Roar ~ ~

The black tiger roared, and finally arrived at the climbing ladder.

Qin Tian looked into the distance and the clouds faded away. There was a jade dragon like staircase leading to the heavens and the earth. The top of the ladder went into the depths of the clouds.

Looking at the magnificent scene in front of him, Qin Tian felt intoxicated.

"You should be a climbing ladder, I'll send you to here."

The Great Black Tiger said: "Demons specialize in hallucinations, so, in reality, this climbing ladder is the first threshold to enter the Celestial Sect, and also an illusion. The sect's disciples are usually recruited through three methods: First, report it to me, just like the woman who brought you into the mountain, and usually choose it from the seventy-two dukedoms, Wang Sun, and the children of the noble families. Second, the Celestial Sect will have a disciple who will enter the world to train after being bestowed with the title of an envoy. Some will behead demons and exterminate demons, while some will behead sweet rain.

Qin Tian thought about it and waited for a while, but Black Tiger still didn't say anything.

"And the third way?"

Qin Tian asked.

"Take the back door …"

The Great Black Tiger passed the scroll to his brain and spoke in a disdainful voice.

"Mang ~"

This was the name Qin Tian gave to Black Tiger, "Since I'm already at the climbing ladder, I have the Celestial Sect Token, so I won't trigger the Mountain Defence Spell Formation.

The Black Tiger was moved by Qin Tian's words and stepped onto the climbing ladder together with him.

"The climbing ladder has started!"

The Black Tiger was somewhat nervous.

Qin Tian and the black tiger passed through the glazed barrier that surrounded them. Suddenly, a black and white light, which was rotating between Yin and Yang, shone on their bodies. Qin Tian's body trembled slightly as if the Archaic bloodline in the God's Court had a reaction.

"Illuminating Demon Mirror?"

Qin Tian knew that it was the mirror used to identify demons.

Fortunately, the Archaic bloodline soon went into hibernation.

They had finally reached the top of the climbing ladder.

"..." "What is this?"

The Black Tiger sighed.

"Too gorgeous."

Qin Tian gazed into the distance and was extremely shocked in his heart.

That was the Immortal City.

Wherever he looked, the ground was covered in white jade. It was a place where the ground was covered in a mystifying color. From time to time, it would shine with a neon light that resembled a rainbow.

Fairy music began to fill the air.

In addition, on the two sides of the streets of Immortal City, there were many other buildings, pavilions, shops and shops, all of them releasing a faint multicolored light. Qin Tian saw that in the air above the Immortal City, there were Blue Luan, Immortal Crane, and other flying beasts.

On the backs of these spirit birds, the young men and women all had long auras, extremely arrogant and free bodies. These men and women were all experts of the flesh sage, and were all disciples of Celestial Sect.

If he were to go to a mundane kingdom, becoming a great general wouldn't be a problem.

"Let's go in."

Qin Tian had never thought that one day, he would be able to step into the Immortal Mountain, or even become a disciple of Celestial Sect.


At this moment, Qin Tian was stopped.

Not far from the climbing ladder, there was an open area covering a hundred acres of land, right at the entrance of Immortal City. On the right side stood two golden-armored puppets, they were at least twelve to thirteen meters tall, their bodies were as sturdy as walls, and their hands and feet were as pillars.

"These are golden-armored god puppets, and each one of them is equivalent to Earthly Immortal Expert."

The Black Tiger sent a panic-stricken sound transmission.

"A puppet equivalent to Earthly Paradise?"

Without waiting for Qin Tian to come back to his senses.

"You don't even know the rules for entering the Immortal City?"

Three men and one woman gathered around. A man and a woman dressed in robes, this was the attire of the disciples of the Cloud Sect.

The youths all looked at Qin Tian. When they saw his shabby clothes, they slightly frowned. Even the horse-faced man raised his eyebrows at the woman.

"Seniors, Seniors …"

Qin Tian smiled along, and was about to take out the Celestial Sect Badge.

"Who's your senior sister? Are you even qualified?"

The woman had a petite body and a round face with a few freckles on it. Her facial features looked normal, but her temper was a bit off. Qin Tian estimated that the mirror in her hand was the same as the Demonic Mirror.

"Junior Sister Ling Que?"

The horse-faced man looked at her.

The girl with freckles couldn't find fault with him and helplessly nodded.

"Take him to see Deacon Wan."

The horse-faced man glanced at Qin Tian's poor look. Seeing that there was no oil, he impatiently waved his hand.

The ones guarding the entrance of the climbing ladder s were three Martial Saint experts.

The hair on the temples of these three people looked to be over a hundred years old, and their hair was frosted white, especially the old man in the middle. He had the hair and skin of a crane, and the wrinkles on his face made him look to be at least seventy or eighty years old.

"Sir, a new student has registered and created a book."

The man who brought Qin Tian was very impatient.

"Disciple greets Your Majesty."

Qin Tian came forward and bowed. He did not know the level of the Cloud Sect either, nor did he know their status. However, seeing that the three people in front of the table were all wearing Cloud robes, their status should not be very high.

They were used to working together, so they knew there was no point in looking each other in the eye.


One of the deacons pointed his finger impatiently. "Sign there."

"These snobbish people."

Qin Tian cursed in his heart. Thankfully, when he was at the Duke Mansion, besides raising horses, he had also learned the basics. After that person took a look at the register, he suddenly blinked his eyes.


The jade slip in that person's hand fell onto the table.

"Ma Tao!"

The unconscious old man muttered: "Calm down! "Calm down …"

"Sir, he is Qin Tian. He is Qin Tian!"

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