Everyone followed Zhong Xu to the training grounds, and saw that the City Lord's Mansion's training grounds were extremely grand, and was even larger than the Azure Essence Sect's, with Zhang Yan standing in the middle, appearing extremely insignificant, and everyone was excitedly standing at the side of the training grounds, quietly waiting for the two to fight.
Mo Ning said extremely arrogantly: "I originally only wanted to capture you, kid, and head back to Elder Feng's place to claim credit for your actions. It's just that I didn't expect you to actually propose a life and death battle with me, this is simply courting death! But I should thank you for that, without your support, how can you display my powerful strength and talent?"
Zhang Yan coldly replied: "You Azure Ghostdom Sect people are truly arrogant, do you really think I would be afraid of you? But you really should thank me, because I am about to send you out of this evil world, to let you relax completely. As for that Feng Elder, once I'm done with my things, I will go and find him in the Azure Ghostdom Sect, and when that time comes, I will send him off on his way. "
"Haha," Mo Ning laughed as he clutched his stomach, while pointing a finger at Zhang Yan, "These words are the funniest words I've ever heard. You're the same as before, not knowing how high the sky is and how arrogant you are, but here I will make you pay the price."
"Arrogant? I am only speaking the truth, I have always been one to speak. After all, it is as easy for me to kill a person like you as if I was slaughtering a dog, "Zhang Yan shrugged his shoulders and said very calmly.
"Brat, you're courting death, I'll let you die right now," Mo Ning was completely enraged by her words, and immediately revealed his own sword. The Spirit Energy in Mo Ning's hand surged, and in an instant, the entire sword was covered with a layer of frost, causing the temperature around Mo Ning to drop by a lot.
Mo Ning immediately used his full strength, because if he wanted to show his face in front of everyone, then he would have to use his most powerful move, the gorgeous move that defeated Zhang Yan, and that way, would be able to win cheers from everyone. Mo Ning's figure flashed, and instantly used his ultimate technique, the Silver Frost Sword Technique, and rushed straight towards Zhang Yan with a silver frost on his sword.
Seeing that, the eyes of most of the people outside lit up, and all of them nodded, they recognized Mo Ning's sword, one of them sighing: "I never thought that a small Azure Ghostdom Sect would actually have such a talented disciple, this brat's cultivation must be at the fourth level of Martial Master, seems like this brat does have some strength."
"That's right, the power behind this strike is still very strong, it seems like this Zhang Yan will be killed with one strike."
Looking on the stage, Zhang Yan leisurely took out his stone sword, and quietly stood at his original position, waiting for the arrival of Mo Ning's sword.
Someone on the side said, "Is this kid scared silly?" Why don't you just stand there? "
"That's right, look at that stone sword he's holding, it's really too shabby."
Before they could finish their discussion, Mo Ning's sword had already arrived in front of Zhang Yan, but at the same time, Zhang Yan suddenly moved, he unleashed his Azure Cloud Step to its limits and disappeared from his original position, following that, countless of sword images appeared in the sky, all of them were extremely quick and agile, thrusting towards Mo Ning from all directions, and that was Zhang Yan's Azure Essence Sword Art.
When Zhang Yan unleashed his Azure Essence Sword Art, the eyes of the people at the side lit up, everyone was extremely shocked, "This sword technique is powerful, to be able to produce so many Sword Qi in an instant, is this sword technique a Heaven Ranked Martial Technique?"
"Yeah, to be able to comprehend a Heaven Ranked Martial Technique at such a young age, this kid's talent is extraordinary!"
It was known that the higher the level of the martial skill, the harder it was for one to comprehend, and most of the warriors with Martial Master cultivations trained in Earth Stage s, so even then, they still needed a lot of talent. For warriors with Martial Master cultivations, Heaven Ranked techniques were extremely difficult to cultivate, and those with Heaven Ranked martial skills were all geniuses with high comprehension ability, which was why everyone was so shocked by Zhang Yan's Azure Essence Sword Art.
But at this moment, Mo Ning was completely stunned, he also did not expect Zhang Yan to be this strong. Not only that, at this moment, the strong Sword Qi surrounding Mo Ning made him feel the threat of death. Mo Ning was shocked, and immediately activated his Spirit Energy to its maximum, causing the temperature around Mo Ning to plummet even further. The frost Sword Qi started to spin around Mo Ning, wanting to use this to fend off Zhang Yan's Azure Essence Sword Art.
However, Zhang Yan's Azure Essence Sword Art was many times stronger than the Silver Frost Sword Technique, these cold Sword Qi could not stop Zhang Yan's Sword Qi, they could only see countless of Sword Qi slashing towards Mo Ning who was in the center from all directions, and just as they were about to touch his Sword Qi, Zhang Yan's Sword Qi suddenly disappeared, followed by a gigantic Sword Qi that was three times stronger that appeared above his head, and directly thrusted towards Mo Ning.
Mo Ning wanted to use his sword to block Zhang Yan's sword, but when the two swords clashed, the sword in Mo Ning's hand was instantly sliced into two, the Sword Qi slashed at Mo Ning as though it was cutting through dry weeds, causing Mo Ning's eyes to reveal a hint of fear, and also a trace of disbelief. He never thought that he would actually lose to Zhang Yan, but the situation before him was no longer something he could think about, he could only rely on his own protective Spirit Energy Shield to preserve his life, thus, Mo Ning desperately and crazily activated his own Spirit Energy, wanting to block Zhang Yan's sword.
However, the moment Mo Ning's protective Spirit Energy Shield touched it, it was broken. Zhang Yan's sword easily crushed Mo Ning's protective profound beast, and in the next moment, a sword light flashed, and Mo Ning was instantly cut into two, as he fell to the ground and died.
After Zhang Yan killed Mo Ning, he sheathed his sword and said expressionlessly, "I told you this a long time ago, I'll kill you like I killed a dog."
"Walla ~"
At first, everyone thought that Mo Ning would completely defeat Zhang Yan, and even if he was unable to, the two of them would still be in a difficult situation. However, no one expected that the situation would suddenly turn around, and the two of them only used one technique, and Zhang Yan had already killed Mo Ning, and his movements were extremely experienced, and did not show any mercy at all. Furthermore, with Zhang Yan's talent, everyone had a whole new level of respect for Zhang Yan.
Even the eyes of Yan Ye, who had never been interested in anything, lit up when he saw Zhang Yan walk down, which was rarely seen by Yan Ye, "Not bad, your strength is not bad, you have the qualifications to be a subordinate of me, what do you say? "Join our Burning Heaven Sect as my subordinate, I will definitely not treat you unfairly," Yan Ye's tone was extremely haughty, as if she was giving him a type of charity. It was as if being able to join the Burning Heaven Sect was the greatest honor of Zhang Yan, and she should kneel down and thank him.
Some of them even revealed an envious expression. After all, this was the Burning Heaven Sect, the inheritance of the Divine Kingdom, and in the Eastern Chaos Region, there were not many powers that could compare to the Burning Heaven Sect, and the Sacred Land that Zhang Yan belonged to, was simply an ant in front of the Burning Heaven Sect. Who would reject such a good opportunity?
However, Zhang Yan said indifferently: "I'm sorry, I'm not interested." After he finished speaking, Zhang Yan did not pay any attention to him and directly walked to the side of Yan Luo, leaving the stunned Yan Ye standing there. This sudden turn of events caused him to not know how to react, as no one had ever dared to refute Yan Ye's words before.
Everyone around them was shocked, they thought that they have a bad ear, or maybe Zhang Yan's brain was damaged, such a good chance to join the Burning Heaven Sect, he actually rejected? Wasn't this a screw loose? And this brat rejected Yan Ye in front of so many people, wouldn't this cause Yan Ye to lose face in front of everyone? Would he still be able to live after offending Yan Ye?
Sure enough, after Yan Ye was startled for a moment, he said angrily: "Brat, do you know who you're talking to? You dare to reject me? You are courting death! "
Seeing that Yan Ye was angry, Zhong Xu immediately stepped forward to help him, and said smilingly: "Senior Brother Yan Ye, why do you have to lower yourself to Zhang Yan, he is after all young and inexperienced, and also came from a remote Sacred Land like the Azure Essence Sect, I'm afraid that I have never even heard of him before, if he knew how powerful Burning Heaven Sect is, he would definitely plead to join us."
Yan Ye snorted and said: "There is only one chance, even if I have to become his subordinate now, I will not take him in."
The surrounding people were still trying to please Yan Ye, "That's right, for a super sect like the Burning Heaven Sect, it's his honor to take a fancy to this brat, and he actually doesn't know what's good for himself. It's really too funny."
"Yeah, Senior Brother Yan Ye, what do you think of me? I am much stronger than this Zhang Yan, I am willing to be by Senior Brother's side to help you. "
"Me too!"
"Me too!"
However, Yan Ye did not even glance at them, and only frowned as he said to Zhong Xu: "It's really too boring here, our Burning Heaven Sect is about to leave, I'll be going back first." As Yan Ye spoke, he turned and left, but before he left, he gave Zhang Yan a deep look, and his eyes carried a tinge of killing intent.
Zhang Yan also could not be bothered to care about Yan Ye, he only thought in his heart, Is this man sick?
Yan Luo, who was at the side, laughed and said: "I didn't expect you to be so powerful, that Mo Ning is actually very strong, to actually be killed by a single slash from you, I was even worried for you earlier, seems like I underestimated you."
Meng Yao also said: "I never thought that not only are your Spirit Mark Technique powerful, your cultivation is also so strong. I really wonder how you train yourself?"
Zhang Yan said half-jokingly: "Don't you know that there is a type of person called a genius in this world? "It's obvious that I'm that person." Saying that, she laughed out loud herself.
Meng Yao rolled his eyes at Zhang Yan, "If you don't brag, you will die? Do you want to compare yourself with Zhong Xu and see if you can do one under him? "
Zhong Xu hurriedly said: "Little Brother Brother Zhang Yan is so strong, I'm only a little bit more skilled in cultivation, my cultivation is just a little higher. In terms of talent, I'm still inferior to Little Brother Brother Zhang Yan."
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