Zhang Yan looked at the completed rune on the stone sword and could not help but nod his head in satisfaction. Without waiting for Zhang Yan to speak, Meng Hongwen walked to the front of Zhang Yan and grabbed the stone sword from his hands, then carefully observed it.
It seems that you are a genius that will rarely appear in ten thousand years in terms of the Spirit Mark Technique. No, it should be said that you are a genius that will rarely appear in a million years, I have never seen a warrior with such talent in Spirit Mark Technique. The five star Spirit Apprentice badge is belittling you too much, I will get someone to exchange it for your five star Spirit Master badge. "
This is the highest badge I can give you. After all, I'm only a 5-star Spirit Master, so no matter how high the badge is, I don't have the right to give it to you.
Zhang Yan heard and shook his head, "Just give me a 5-star Spirit Apprentice's badge, I don't want others to know my level. That would bring about a lot of trouble, I still need to train hard, what I'm most afraid of is trouble."
Hearing that, Meng Hongwen immediately nodded his head: "Since you've already decided, then I won't say anymore, only now won't it mean that I've wronged your identity?"
"It's fine, just give me a 5-star Spirit Apprentice badge."
Seeing Zhang Yan's insistence, Meng Hongwen did not say anything further. He merely took out a purple metal badge and handed it over to Zhang Yan, "This is the Spirit Mark badge representing the Spirit Mark Master.
Zhang Yan received the badge and glanced at the pattern on the badge. It was a purple circular badge with five stars printed on it. Zhang Yan knew that this signified that he was a five star Spirit Apprentice, and the back of the badge was engraved with Zhang Yan's name, so he didn't feel much towards this badge since he was only using them to buy Spirit Mark materials. Other than that, it was impossible for Zhang Yan to wear the badge on his chest like how others would, showing off like how he was, for fear that others wouldn't know that he was a Spirit Mark Master.
After Zhang Yan received the badge, he looked at Meng Hongwen who was still stroking his stone sword and couldn't help but ask: "That Grandfather Meng, can you return the stone sword to me? It's my sword, and I feel strange touching it. "
"I just wanted to feel the vibrations, you brat, you're too stingy," While saying that, he threw the stone sword back at Zhang Yan.
Zhang Yan retorted, "Am I stingy? I have let you all see the entire process of inscribing Spirit Mark, and now you all only need to comprehend the profound meaning of the [Vibrating Mark], you have already finished learning everything else, and you still want to say I am stingy? If you want me to say that the one being stingy is your Spirit Mark Master Association, then why would you give me such a small amount of benefits when I gave you all these high leveled Spirit Mark? Don't you feel ashamed? "
After hearing what Zhang Yan said, Meng Hongwen indeed felt that he had let Zhang Yan down a little. He could not help but laugh and say: "Alright, you brat, don't you want to scam for more materials? From now on, just use whatever materials you want to use to come and get them from us. We don't care if you want Spirit Stone or not. "
"Really?" Zhang Yan said excitedly.
Meng Hongwen nodded his head, "Of course it's true, but you must have some sense of propriety, don't empty my Spirit Mark Master Association."
"Of course not, you are such a big Spirit Mark Master Association, how can I move all of them?"
"But you have to promise me one condition," Meng Hongwen said after thinking for a while.
Zhang Yan rolled his eyes at his words, "I knew you would have conditions, and you say I'm cunning. In my opinion, you're the cunning old fox."
Watching Zhang Yan and the president bickering, Meng Yao couldn't help but cover her mouth and laugh tenderly, thinking that she had never seen Grandpa Meng so happy. One must know that normally, Meng Hongwen was an extremely unkind person, and had extremely high requirements for matters of the Spirit Mark Technique.
"Speak, what are your conditions?"
Meng Hongwen laughed when he heard this, "My conditions are not too difficult either, I just want you to teach my disciple Meng Yao a little. After all, I am old, and my talent in the Spirit Mark Technique cannot compare to Meng Yao's.
"That's it?"
"What is it? From the looks of it, you seem to be unwilling? " Meng Hongwen asked.
Zhang Yan was indeed a little unwilling, "But I still need to train hard, how can I stay by the side and guide her all day? Isn't that delaying my cultivation? "
Meng Yao could not help but stomp his feet in anger upon hearing this, thinking that the people who were chasing after him normally lined up to get closer to her, even more so forming a line of people. This Zhang Yan, on the other hand, is great, to actually look down on me, and if it wasn't for the fact that your Spirit Mark Technique is so powerful, I would have definitely let you know of my power, so when thinking of this, Meng Yao could not help but pout his mouth and ask, "Do you hate me for obstructing your cultivation?"
Hearing that, Zhang Yan immediately laughed: "Of course not, with a beautiful woman like Big Sister Meng Yao, asking me to guide you, I am not happy at all, it is just that I do not have the time."
"After all, you also know that the profound meaning of the Spirit Mark Technique is not something that can be comprehended that easily. But I really have something that I need to take care of in Fengdu City, I can't stay here forever," Zhang Yan said helplessly.
Hearing that, Meng Yao's eyes turned, and he immediately laughed: "Who said you have to stay here? If you have something to do, then go and do it yourself. I will follow by your side, and I will be your bodyguard, then you can continue doing your work, and I will also be able to study the Spirit Mark Technique, and if there is anything I don't understand, I can ask you, what do you think? "
"You mean you want to be my personal maid?" Zhang Yan asked in disbelief.
"What personal maid?" What you want is beautiful, I am just learning by your side, you brat, don't think too much, just be careful that I might beat you up, "Meng Yao's face reddened, and threatened with her fist.
Zhang Yan asked doubtfully after hearing this, "Are you sure you can beat me? Let me tell you, I'm very strong. "
Hearing that, Meng Yao laughed, although he was already at the second level of Martial Master, and was considered very strong, Zhang Yan was after all, younger than them, so his cultivation time was short, thus his cultivation was not as high as Meng Yao's. Hearing that, Meng Yao did not comment, and did not continue arguing with Zhang Yan, but in her opinion, Zhang Yan had only said that out of respect for her.
Zhang Yan did not speak further, and used the remaining spirit liquid to quickly inscribe a [Vibrating Spirit Mark Rune]. After finishing the inscription, he casually threw it to Meng Yao, "Then, don't say that I am not taking care of your subordinate, practice with this [Spirit Mark Rune], if there is anything you do not understand, ask me."
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