Meng Yao received the rune from Zhang Yan and couldn't help but be overjoyed, praising: "I didn't expect you to be so sensible. Seeing that you're so good to me, I'll protect you in the future, if there's anything you need help with, please tell me, Sir Yan Luo will definitely settle it for you."
He is teaching you Spirit Mark Technique, what does it have to do with me? I don't care, "Yan Luo grumbled from the side," When you get together with this brat, there will definitely be a lot of trouble coming knocking on your door. You don't know how charming you are, when the time comes I don't want to offend everyone in Fengdu City.
Meng Yao rolled his eyes at Yan Luo, and said disdainfully: "You're still saying that he's your friend, and has already begun to retreat without waiting for anything, I truly despise you, I never thought that our famous Young Master Luo, would actually be afraid of offending people."
"It doesn't matter what you say, one yard is one yard. I can help him if he has any problems, but I don't care if you stir up trouble. After all, you're here, so why should I join in?" I won't do something as foolish as taking the blame. "
Zhang Yan laughed and said: Isn't it just teaching you Spirit Mark Technique? What could happen? If anything happens, I can solve it myself, you two can just watch by the side, I, Zhang Yan am not someone that can be easily bullied. "
Hearing that, Yan Luo exclaimed: "Then you don't know the charm of Meng Yao in the Fengdu City, there has never been a man who dared to walk with her, if you go out with him, you just wait for the people in the Fengdu City to kill you."
"Is it that exaggerated?" Zhang Yan asked in disbelief.
"What is it? Do you mean to say that you doubt my charm? " Meng Yao was displeased by her words. After all, any woman wished for her charm to be great, and everyone wished for others to praise her beauty. But now, Zhang Yan doubted her charm.
Zhang Yan also knew that he had said the wrong things, and immediately explained: "It's not that I doubt your charm, but you are indeed a rare beauty, regardless of whether it's your temperament or appearance, there's nothing wrong with you. It's just that I have seen beautiful women like you before, but it's not as exaggerated as you guys say."
Yan Luo said meaningfully, "You'll know when you go out together later."
"Alright, can you kids stop talking about useless things here?" Meng Hongwen, who was at the side, could no longer listen, and interrupted their conversation.
"Brat, can you please inscribe another Rising Tattooed Spirit Mark Symbol for me?" Meng Hongwen asked Zhang Yan with anticipation.
Zhang Yan laughed when he heard this, and said: "It's not impossible for me to inscribe one for you, but you have to give me something."
"What is it?"
"Soul Hating Stone!"
"Soul Hating Stone? What do you want it for? " Meng Hongwen said in a strange tone: "Soul Hating Stone s have no use towards our Spirit Mark Master, they completely restrain soul force and all other soul objects. Our Spirit Mark Master Association also does not have any Soul Hating Stone."
"You don't have Soul Hating Stone? "Then, forgive me for not being able to give you the rune talisman. Goodbye," Zhang Yan said as he turned to leave.
Meng Hongwen immediately blocked Zhang Yan's path, "Don't be in such a hurry to leave. Although we don't have any Soul Hating Stone, I know where there are Soul Hating Stone in Fengdu City, you will definitely be able to find them if you go there."
Zhang Yan immediately asked: Where?
"Give me the rune first, and I'll tell you where to look," Meng Hongwen said with a face full of pride.
Hearing this, Zhang Yan could not say anything, he could only curse in his heart, you truly are an old cunning fox, you can't lose out at all, but Zhang Yan was also not someone who would lose out, "However, all the materials have been used up, if you want to inscribe more, you have to prepare a new set of materials, you can't lose a single one."
"Don't go overboard brat, it's more or less enough!" Meng Yao said from the side.
Meng Hongwen did not say anything, but laughed and said: "Since I have the materials, why don't you quickly give me the rune."
Zhang Yan did not waste time talking, and quickly imprinted two lines on Meng Hongwen's body. After all, imprinting on the Spirit Mark symbol paper was much easier than inscribing on a weapon, and it really took Zhang Yan a moment to succeed, so he immediately threw the two to Meng Hongwen, "I'll give you two, treat it as the money for Qi Yu's materials. Can you tell me where the Soul Hating Stone is now?"
Meng Hongwen took the Spirit Mark talisman and asked: "Have you heard of the Ghost Street?"
"The Ghost Street of Fengdu City?"
"Are you saying that there are Soul Hating Stone inside the Ghost Street?"
Meng Hongwen nodded his head, then turned and sat in a chair, focusing on studying Zhenwen, no longer caring about Zhang Yan and the rest.
knew that Meng Hongwen specialized in studying Spirit Mark s until he became infatuated, so he didn't disturb Meng Hongwen anymore and followed Yan Luo and Meng Yao out of the Spirit Mark Master Association. When Zhang Yan and the others walked out of the room, everyone in the Spirit Mark Master Association looked over at once, and everyone looked at Zhang Yan with strange expressions as they discussed together with each other.
"Who is this person?" Why are you with Young Master Luo and Miss Meng Yao? "
"No need for that. He must be a disciple of some great family or a disciple of some big sect. Otherwise, how could he be walking together with those two?"
"Didn't I hear that people from the Burning Heaven Sect have come to our Fengdu City? This person may be the genius disciple of the Burning Heaven Sect. "
… ….
Zhang Yan did not bother with the discussion around him, and asked Meng Yao: "Do you know where the Ghost Street is?"
"Who in the Fengdu City doesn't know of the haunted streets? That is the most famous place in our Fengdu City, "Meng Yao explained to Zhang Yan," The so-called Ghost Street is the main street of our Fengdu City.
"Is this the place? I had thought that they would be in some extremely mysterious place, and after fighting for half a day, they should be at my feet, "Zhang Yan said with a face full of disappointment." Then do you know where there are Soul Hating Stone s? "
"The Soul Hating Stone is at the end of the Ghost Street, which is the main street leading to the Fengdu City. At the end of the road is the North Mountain, which is where the North Mountain is, and above the North Mountain is the Soul Hating Stone that you want, but the North Mountain is a little strange, it is covered in a black fog all year round, and it will only dissipate for two hours at midnight. Even if we, the local warriors were to enter, very few of us would be able to survive in the fog, and most of us would be lost in it, and die in it."
Yan Luo also said from the side, "That black fog is very special. No one knows how it was formed, but that black fog has extremely terrifying powers."
"Terrifying? Could it be that the black mist is poisonous? " Zhang Yan asked suspiciously.
Yan Luo shook his head, "It's even more terrifying than poison, the black mist can stop the souls of warriors and the moment we enter, the warriors' soul energy will lose its effect. Without any spirit energy to scout the direction and the path, we can only rely on our eyes to discern, and that place is already very dark, so when the warriors enter, they will be trapped. We can only take advantage of the black mist to disappear for two hours, and then, at the fastest speed possible, we will find the Soul Hating Stone in the North Mountain, regardless of finding it, we will run out within an hour, or we won't be able to return.
Zhang Yan just realized the danger involved, but Soul Hating Stone s were extremely important to Zhang Yan, so he had to obtain them.
After looking deeply in the direction of the North Mountain, Zhang Yan said with a smile: "Tonight, I'm going in to take a look, I wonder which one of you two can accompany me?"
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