Although Zhang Yan had become the target of public criticism, no one knew who Zhang Yan was, and everyone was a little fearful. No one knew Zhang Yan's background, so no one dared to act rashly, and they could only guess, who the hell was this kid? He could actually make three beauties take the initiative to greet him? It seemed that the background of this kid was definitely not simple.
As the head disciple of the Azure Ghostdom Sect, Mo Ning would naturally be brought to this place to see the world, but because they arrived late, they had just arrived yesterday, and today, they had followed Long Tian, of the Azure Dragon Sect, to this place. When Mo Ning saw that it was Zhang Yan, he was extremely shocked.
He knew that Zhang Yan was not killed because of the great change that had occurred in the Azure Essence Sect, and the Azure Essence Sect was still trying to find out news of Zhang Yan from all over the place, while they were still trying to kill him. It was said that Zhang Yan had been severely injured by Elder Feng at that time, but Mo Ning never would have thought that Zhang Yan would actually appear here, and actually chat happily with three of the great beauties of the Fengdu City.
However, Mo Ning was not a reckless person, on the contrary, he was a very shrewd person instead. When Mo Ning, who was at the side, saw him, he gnashed his teeth in anger, and knew that there would be a good show to watch. Mo Ning came to Long Tian's side and said with a smile: "Senior Brother Long Tian, I know this person, his name is Zhang Yan, and he is a disciple of the Azure Essence Sect.
"Are you sure you're talking about him?" Long Tian was suspicious when he heard this, the name was not wrong, but Long Tian had fought with Zhang Yan before, he could feel that Zhang Yan was stronger than him, so how could she be the trash known as the Innate Stage cultivation? But Long Tian did not say anything about him fighting with her, and only expressed his doubts.
However, Mo Ning nodded and said: "I am sure it is this guy, our Azure Ghostdom Sect had fought with Azure Essence Sect before, and at that time, it was this guy who killed Elder Feng's grandson. Elder Feng had always wanted to kill him, but last time, when the Azure Essence Sect was in an unexpected situation, he was lucky to have let this guy escape, just that I did not expect him to come here."
"So you're saying that this kid is really that Azure Essence Sect's disciple?" Long Tian still didn't quite believe it.
Mo Ning promised again and again, "It's absolutely true. If you don't believe me, I'll go and expose his identity right now.
Mo Ning walked to the center of the crowd and shouted loudly: "Zhang Yan, I wonder if you still remember this old friend of yours?"
Mo Ning's voice was loud, and instantly attracted the gazes of everyone present. Everyone looked over, wanting to see what this brat was trying to do. Mo Ning also liked the feeling of being the center of attention, which made him show his face once.
Mo Ning pointed at Zhang Yan and said loudly, "Everyone listen to me, this brat is just an abandoned disciple of the Azure Essence Sect. Even now, the Azure Essence Sect is still chasing after him, and I am the head disciple of the Azure Ghostdom Sect.
"What is it? Don't you recognize me, Zhang Yan? Mo Ning asked with a cold smile.
Yan Luo and the others did not expect Zhang Yan to have such a background, and immediately asked: "What happened? It's like he said? "
Hearing that, Zhang Yan nodded his head, and laughed: "I am indeed a disciple of the Azure Essence Sect, but Great Elder colluded with the Azure Ghostdom Sect, and killed the Sect Leader of our Azure Essence Sect, and usurped authority to become the current Sect Leader. I have always had grudges with the Great Elder, so being hunted is normal."
However, Yan Luo did not look down on Zhang Yan because of this. Instead, he said: "It's alright, you will be a friend of our Yan family from now on. I'll see if Azure Essence Sect dares to touch you."
Meng Yao also said: "But you still have to teach me Spirit Mark Technique, whoever dares to go against you will go against us Meng Family, a mere Azure Essence Sect is nothing in your eyes."
Yan Luo and Meng Yao helping him like this made Zhang Yan extremely touched, but right at this moment, Zhong Xu scolded angrily: "This is my Zhong Family, everyone is a guest invited by me, Zhong Xu. What are you shouting so loudly for? Unless you want to cause trouble here? "
Mo Ning was immediately angered when he saw Zhong Xu, but he was afraid, after all, Zhong Xu was not someone he could afford to offend, but when Mo Ning wanted to retreat, there was a man dressed extremely extravagantly, and with an imposing manner, he raised his head as if he did not put anyone in his eyes, and spoke up for Mo Ning: "Brother Zhong Xu, please do not be angry, since there are grudges between the two of them, then we might as well let them settle it here, since there are so many of us here, there's no point in waiting, it would be more fun for the two of us, what do you think?"
"This," Zhong Xu heard this and found it difficult, but the person who spoke was the successor of the Burning Heaven Sect, Yan Ye, if it was not for him inviting him, Yan Ye would not even bother to participate in this banquet, after all, the Burning Heaven Sect was a land of the Burning Heaven Sect, and so whether it was the successors of the Sacred Land or the heirs of the dynasty, they were all lacking compared to the Burning Heaven Sect, so Yan Ye only came over to take a look at him due to giving face to the host, but now that Yan Ye had spoken, Zhong Xu could only look at him apologetically.
"It's impossible for you to capture Zhang Yan here, but I can make the decision to let you guys exchange pointers with each other here, and this will be treated as clearing up the grudge between you two. In the future, no one is allowed to bring up this matter, after all, Zhang Yan's matter with the Azure Essence Sect does not concern an outsider like you," Zhong Xu coldly looked at Mo Ning, and said with extreme dissatisfaction.
Mo Ning only wanted to show his true strength in front of everyone, so he laughed: "I don't care, I just don't know if Zhang Yan will accept the challenge, after all, he is such a timid and afraid person."
Zhong Xu turned to look at Zhang Yan, to his side, Yan Luo was also worried, after all Zhang Yan was two years younger than them, and his cultivation was lower too, so such a competition was not fair for Zhang Yan.
However, Zhang Yan had a smile on his face the entire time, not showing any respect for Ah Jing and Mo Ning. Zhang Yan said indifferently: "You are just a clown, do you really think you are anyone else? Which one of you here isn't stronger than you? You dare to come out and embarrass yourself? "
"However, since you insist on finding trouble, I will satisfy you. However, sparring is really too boring. Do you dare to fight to the death?" Zhang Yan had already made up his mind to kill. This Mo Ning had targeted him time and time again, and the matters of the Azure Essence Sect were caused by the Azure Ghostdom Sect, so sooner or later, he would go back and destroy them. He might as well exterminate them first, so he could teach them a lesson and take back some interest.
"Hahaha," Mo Ning laughed arrogantly towards the sky, and then pointed at Zhang Yan and asked: "Did I hear wrong? You want to have a life-and-death battle with me? "
"You didn't mishear me, why wouldn't you dare?"
"You don't dare? I think you're courting death! " Mo Ning's expression instantly became extremely dark and cold, and said coldly: "Since that's the case, then don't blame me. You're courting death."
Yan Luo and Meng Yao were also extremely shocked upon hearing this, they never thought that Zhang Yan would actually make a request for a life and death battle. However, after these few days of interaction between Yan Luo and Meng Yao, they knew that Zhang Yan was not a reckless person, and had always felt that Zhang Yan was extremely mysterious, giving off the feeling that everything was under his control. This guy's cultivation is not low at all. "
"Don't worry, I killed him as easily as slaughtering a dog. It's just that I'm afraid of disturbing Senior Brother Zhong Xu's banquet and ruining everyone's elegance," Zhang Yan said apologetically as he looked at Zhong Xu.
Hearing that, Zhong Xu laughed out loud: "How can that be? Everyone here is a cultivator of the Martial Dao, so this life-and-death battle is the most exciting. I believe no one wishes to miss out on such an exciting battle. "
Yan Ye also laughed out loud: "Only like this will it be interesting, you finally let me see a little bit of your morals, if not I would think that all of you Sacred Land disciples are just children playing house."
Zhong Xu laughed and said: "Since you want to compete, then let's go to our training grounds," as he said that, he brought everyone to the competition grounds, and all of them were extremely excited, most of the people here were the head disciples of the Sacred Land, so it was rare to see such a life and death battle between disciples of the Sacred Land, as they all headed towards the training grounds expectantly.
However, there were still a few people in the crowd who were clearly uninterested, these people were all veteran Sacred Land, or perhaps the descendants of the dynasty, ah, looks like for new born Sacred Land like Azure Ghostdom Sect and Azure Essence Sect, being too weak, there was nothing much for them to watch, their gazes were mostly focused on Meng Yao and the other two beauties.
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