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C1 Vegetative Man

Tian'an City, Jiangnan hospital, in the intensive care unit for vegetable people.

Looking at the incomparably thin and scrawny body in front of him, one could see with the naked eye that each of his ribs were extremely protruding out of his chest. It was practically no different from a dying person. Liu Xuan could not help but let out a bitter laugh.

He was the Invincible Celestial Sovereign of the Immortal Cultivation Realm, and had swept across the entire Immortal World. Even the unrivalled heaven's pride level expert wouldn't dare to say a word of no to him, oppressing him, and he never thought that he would be in such dire straits the next time he came back.

Lifting his finger, he realized that he couldn't even move his arm. The bitter smile on his face deepened. From head to toe, the only thing he could move was his head.

However, his thousands of years of hard work and dreams had finally come true!

He had returned to Blue Water planet!

He looked around and saw blue and white decorations. The strong smell of disinfectant indicated that he was in the hospital.

"It shouldn't be that many years. Fortunately, my physical body is still preserved. Otherwise, I would have returned as a lonely ghost, right?" Liu Xuan said to himself. As the saying goes, disaster and good will go hand in hand, even though he had become a vegetable, he was still fortunate to have returned to his own body.

"It's just that the situation with this physical body is a little terrible."

Liu Xuan could not help but laugh bitterly once again. Although he was once a deity, he did not bring back a single bit of his cultivation. He could only try and see if the earth could gather any more spiritual energy.

However, he was still very happy at the moment.

Every single time they fought in the Immortal Cultivation Realm, every single time they climbed out of the mountains of corpses and the ocean of blood, it was all for the sake of her wife, Ye Qingqing.

After transcending the tribulation, he did not enter the Immortal World. Instead, he took the opportunity to tear open the space and return to this barren world.

He turned his gaze around the room and caught a glimpse of the calendar beside him. After slowly shaking his head, he saw the entire calendar reflected in his eyes. "Year 2018, July."

"It's only been five years." Liu Xuan was shocked, a huge surprise surging in his heart.

"I actually transmigrated into the Immortal Cultivation Realm for a few thousand years, and spent a few thousand years worth of time. I never thought that the Immortal Cultivation Realm would actually be different from the time flow on Earth. It's only been five years since then."

Thinking like this, Liu Xuan felt that all his effort from thousands of years ago was worth it.

"This time, when I return, I will definitely make her the happiest woman in the world!"

Ye Qingqing, his wife, was already a school beauty in university. As long as it was a heaven-defying male, they all had a crush on Ye Qingqing, and she was not the lucky one from her previous life, but she had gotten lucky recently. One was the president and the other was the vice president of the student union, after spending a long time together with him "using power to steal from him", the two of them had fallen in love.

Furthermore, she was even from the provincial capital's Ye Family, a high and mighty family. The moment her family heard that Ye Qingqing wanted to marry her, a poor brat, they used their relationship to almost force her to drop out of school before she had even graduated.

Later, Qingqing forced him to do so with his death and they both broke off their relationship due to Ye Family, which was why he came to Tian'an City and built this small house together.

"However, no matter what Ye Family you have, since I've returned this time, if you dare to stop me from being together with Qingqing again, I will definitely step on them!"

Liu Xuan secretly swore.

Closing his eyes, he silently felt the extremely barren spiritual energy between heaven and earth. The Heaven Stealing Technique activated without any help. The next moment, his body seemed to be enveloped in a warm wave of gas.

As time passed, he could feel his weak body gradually recovering its strength. The slight trace of spiritual energy was changing his body.

In the next moment, he effortlessly lifted up his hands that were as dry as tree branches. A trace of pleasant surprise appeared in his heart.

However, thinking about it, it made sense. After all, he had never been in a body modified by spiritual energy before. The effects of spiritual energy was even more useful than immortal pills and elixirs.

He silently calculated in his heart that with this speed, he would be able to recover in a month if he added on the body recovery and went back to Qi Cultivating Stage.

However, if he wanted to advance further and reach the Xiantian or even the Core Formation stage, he would have to rely on hard work. In the end, Earth was too barren and lacked spiritual energy. In the Immortal Cultivation Realm, even in the wilderness, the spirit energy was denser than on Earth.

However, he didn't regret it. Without her, he wouldn't have been happy in the slightest even if he became an immortal that lived together with the heavens.

It was just like how, when transcending the great tribulation of Immortal Ascension, he had decisively chosen to return to Earth, and not step foot into the legendary Immortal World!

Although the name was low, it did have a great history. It was a technique of the Immortal Cultivation Realm Ancient Immortal Sect, the Heaven Stealing Sect. After entering the realm of an Immortal Sovereign, he borrowed it to read. In just 10 short minutes, all the spiritual energy around him had been completely devoured.

At this moment, he could finally rely on the spiritual energy in his body to stand up from the sickbed.

At this moment, the door to the ward suddenly opened.

A little girl with two ponytails and an old Popsicle walked in.

The little girl was extremely cute. She was carved with jade like a doll, but her dress was indeed a bit old. It was washed until it was white. The old ice stick in her hand didn't dare to bite it off, only occasionally licking it.

When the little girl saw Liu Xuan, she blinked her big eyes and suddenly said, "Wah, uncle, you're finally awake! You're really lazy, sleeping for so many years and making your mother worry every day."


Liu Xuan's heart suddenly shook, the Profound Spirit Qi in his entire body was taken away in an instant, his face became extremely pale, his legs trembled, and he almost fell to the ground.

In his heart, he was a celestial sovereign who had cultivated for thousands of years. However, when the little girl spoke, her voice was the same as Ye Qing's, and their faces and eyebrows were the same. Her daughter!

He remembered that when he went out to explore the city, he never heard that she was pregnant before the incident.

That's right, he had become a cripple in the past five years, so it was reasonable for him to find a man he could rely on. Unexpectedly, after five years, she already had her own home.

If he did not have the soul to pass through the Immortal Cultivation Realm, he probably did not have the strength and courage to nurture a cripple for five years. In this world, although it wasn't as strong as the Immortal Cultivation Realm, once one's class was solidified, it was extremely difficult to earn large amounts of money, and even more difficult to stand out!

Furthermore, she had brought her daughter to visit him frequently, and it was already extremely benevolent of her to do so.

Just then, the little girl took a sip of ice water and spoke to Liu Xuan: "Uncle, my name is Ye Zi, I still don't know your name."

Liu Xuan laughed bitterly: "Ye Zi, my name is..."

Suddenly, the sound of something dropping on the ground sounded out from outside the door, and the figure of a beautiful young married woman entered his sight. With a beautiful and exquisite face, sexy figure, and that kind of temperament, all of them indicated that this was his former wife, Ye Qingqing.

It was only a comparison of five years. He was now wearing a pair of short white sleeves and a pair of washed shorts. His face no longer had any makeup on, and his face looked much more plain and simple.

Looking at Ye Qingqing, although she was still as beautiful as ever, she was still a fragmented leaf after a storm. After being tempered by time, she had somewhat withered.

But at this moment, Ye Qingqing was staring at him with eyes that surged with overflowing emotions.

In the next moment, two streams of clear tears gushed out from her eyes.

"It's you …" "Is that so?" Liu Xuan was the first to speak. His voice was like the sound of a saw-head. It might have been the degenerate leaves of the vocal cords, it might have been the sadness of the heart. He really did not expect that after five years, she had already remarried.

However, just at this time, Ye Qingqing suddenly used all her strength to run over. She was completely different from the noble young ladies before, she directly threw herself into Liu Xuan's embrace.

For five years, she had done her best. For him, for this family, she had suffered through hardships she had never experienced in her entire life.

"Is that you? You're finally awake!" Ye Qingqing's voice was filled with tears!

"Little fool, you've already married into a mother. You have to be careful of yourself …" Liu Xuan gently caressed Ye Qingqing's hair. His eyes showed an uncontrollable gentleness.

He could only silently sigh in his heart. What a good girl. He had already missed her in these five years …

Ye Qingqing struggled out from Liu Xuan's embrace, her face was full of smiles, her eyes had a strange look, as she said happily.

"Aren't you the one who married mother? I've already been married to you for many years. Have you forgotten all your memories before you fell ill? "

"Lie still. When you wake up, you can't run around. I'll go get a doctor.

Oh yeah, Ye Zi has to be obedient, quickly call me daddy. "

When these words came out, Liu Xuan was almost petrified.

Ye Zi... Was it her own daughter?!

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